Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Honestly, I didn't know that this existed until Leecher gave it to me in an attempt to cheer me up from my work ...

I always love the chocolate flavour and it's a staple snack in the office - yes, I can't function w/o eating pocky >_< I did a Google search and realised that November 11th is known as Pocky's Day and there's a large variety of Pocky Flavours avaliable ...
There's even Pocky for Men - just like normal Pocky but not as sweet. Think I could get this for Leecher, so that he can snack and yet, not put on much weight, wa ha ha.
Can't wait to get my hands on those flavours ~ I am sure it will be nice!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wallet bleeds again

Hi all, remember I was engaged in a battle of "Chop Carrot Head" with Blamer? We went for lunch one day and since it was nearing the end of the week, we thought of giving ourselves a little treat, decided to try out:

I was thinking inside my head that I'm in for a treat this time, hence happily flipping thru the menu..

Blamer further led me to believe I will be walking away with a free lunch by asking me to just order anything I want to eat, cos she has tried out this restaurant b4 le.

Sushi Tei, so sure must have some sushi rite?

Next is some beef wraps, Blamer liked this the best.

My fav was this, baked scallops with miso sauce I think. Some might find it a tad too salty though.

This was the worst dish. Salmon in cream sauce. Think the chef forgot to add his seasoning. Tasted so bland. Think Blamer can cook better, wa ha ha ha.

But the ultimate heart-break came after the meal. Notice the grin on Blamer's face, b'cos


I'm the one with the bill.... : (

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Asian Kitchen

Chinese has a saying, 怨怨相报何时了?but seems like Blamer do not understand the meaning of this and decided to chop my carrot head back.

Tired of the normal hawker fare and those western or Jap cuisines, we decided to go for Vietnamese food this time at Asian Kitchen.

of cos, a glimpse of the menu,

I do understand that whenever one visits a Vietnamese restaurant, one shld try out their pho (aka rice noodles) and always try out their beef version. Like this one below,

The soup stock is really tasty, but I find that their stir fried black pepper beef with garlic tasted better than the beef slices in the soup.

Actually, one more must order dish is the rice spring rolls however, they were sold out hence we replaced it with Vietnamese fish cake which Blamer concluded is the best dish of them all.

I think every once in a while, there would be a totally cannot make it dish. This "honour" goes to

Sugarcane prawns. See the greenish sugarcane in the middle? Seriously, the sugarcane is too hard to be consumed and the prawn meat was virtually tasteless. Never ever order this dish, though I think it is in one of their chef's recommendation list.

Oh I need to flash the beef noodles pic again b'cos I forgot to mention that they actually served raw bean sprouts and lime together with the noodles. I watched the 美食大三通 and there was once the host went to Vietnam, he discovered that this is a popular way the locals like to eat the noodles. But I still like the original better.

Blamer very happy that I will be paying this time

Hee hee, me plotting my next attack on Blamer...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Donuts Affair

I was craving for donuts and decided to drag Leecher to Munchy Donuts @ Raffles Xchange.

I ordered the bittersweet chocolate

Leecher ordered the Creme cheese donut with ginger lime tea (seriously, what sort of tea is that - it sucks totally)

I was happily anticipating my donuts and couldn't wait to eat it ....

but when i sink my teeth into the donut, whatever anticipation that I had earlier evaporated immediately. In replacement, I felt "cheated". The donut is cold (yes, it might be cold, but I didn't expect it to be that cold)

Leecher eating his donut


and feeling moody/sad for the creme cheese donut sucks big time. I think its a pretty lame attempt in trying to copy donut factory's spicy cheese donut.

Their slogan "One is not enough", but to me, i think its totally enough and I doubt I will ever patronise the shop again for donuts. Huge disappointment :(

Just when I was feeling sore abt the donuts, Leecher surprised me with my fave donuts when he came to my place over the wkend ... YUMMY!

I love Donut Factory donuts - I think they're the best in town (no arguments abt that)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Significant Day

WHOA HO HO!!! Today marks a very significant day for me, b'cos...

Ha ha I got to chop Blamer's carrot head. Ke ke... Went to

for dinner. Actually I have long wanted to try their 小笼饱 but think that their dishes are over-priced. However, since Blamer stuck out her carrot head today... wa ha ha ha.

A glimpse of the menu... Initially I wanted to try everything that's on the chef's recommendation list, but seems to me that once age catches up with u, ur appetite drops too. So in the end, just ordered 4 dishes.

First up, very tasty chicken soup. Great appetizer to whet ur taste buds before the actual meal. But u can skip the chicken meat.

Chef's recommend noodles. Fried beancurd with mince pork, but so-so only leh.

This dish that Blamer's holding is superb! Fried pork chops. The meat is very tender, more like grilled than fried to me. Very nice! A must order dish.

Lastly the highlight of the day, 小笼饱 but wat a letdown, dun really find anything special abt this dish though. Taste almost identical to the ones we had at Crystal Jade.

Hee hee the bill...

Excitement fills me up while Blamer foots the bill...

Blamer who resigns to her fate of kena chopped. Hee hee hee...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Japanese Food

The usual gang had our lunch at the Kyo-Nichi Japanese Ramen restaurant -the Japanese eatery with its signature delicious ramen cooked in the special collagen soup, which is apparently good for your health.

Sandy and Cheryl

Dennis and Me

My favourite - spicy chicken ramen. I will always order this everytime, much to Leecher's amusement for he can't understand how I always ended up with the same food. Boring is the term, he says.

Cha Siew Raman

Must drink more of the soup, since it will do wonders to your skin :)

Funny that we're taking pictures outside Sushi-Teh when we didn't even dine there once >_< Another Jap restaurant that serves relatively good food (and I frequent there quite often since Ivy/Sandy knows the chef) is located opposite 1 George Street.

The specialty (we specifically requested for this from the chef) - chicken + mushroom ramen

The chef even knows our preference by now, since he put the chicken on a side bowl for us - to prevent it from turning soggy if its left in the noodles.

Soft-shell crab - drool drool

It's time to head out for lunch after posing all these pictures!
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