Korean Dramas, 2013

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a collection of the dramas that I have watched 
My Love from Another Star 별에서 온 그대
Jun Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi
Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
Park Hae Jin as Lee Hwi Kyung  
Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi 

Do Min Joon is an alien who came to earth in 1609 and lands in the Joseon era, then lives through the next four hundred years to the present day where he works as university professor and falls in love with a haughty top hallyu actress, Chun Song Yi.

My Thoughts 
Need I say more? This show is the best drama of 2013 - the chemistry of Jun Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun just blew my mind away. I basically changed my whole itinerary to Korea in April, so I can visit the shooting locations for this show. After 3 times of re-watch, I'm still so mesmerized by the drama! 
Good Doctor 굿 닥터
Joo Won as Park Shi Ohn
Moon Chae Won as Cha Yoon Seo
Joo Sang Wook as Kim Do Han
Kim Min Seo as Yoo Chae Kyung 

Park Shi Ohn is autistic disorder and a savant syndrome. Although he has the mentality of a 10 year old, he has amazing ability of 3D visualisation of the human anatomy and memory of everything he reads. His ability gives him the exceptional skills as a paediatrician specialist however due to discrimination by society, he has to overcome all these to succeed. He was also abused by his father and abandoned by his mother. Worse is he also feels at fault that his brother died. Will he overcome all these discrimination? Will he also find love? Will he find acceptance?

My Thoughts  
The best performance by Joo Won thus far. I couldn't stand his over-the-top acting in Bridal Mask, but he definitely gave it all in Good Doctor. A touching plot that brought tears, as we witnessed how Shi Ohn fought against all odds to become the good doctor that he always wanted to be.
Gu Family Book 구가의 서
Lee Seung Ki as Choi Kang Chi  
Bae Suzy as Dam Yeo Wool  
Yoo Yun Suk as Park Tae Seo
Lee Yoo Bi as Park Chung Jo  
Sung Joon as Gon
Lee Sung Jae as Jo Kwan Woong
Jo Sung Ha as Dam Pyung Joon

A melodrama epic about the great deal of trouble Choi Kang Chi, born as a half-human-half-mythical-creature, who goes through in order to become human and a story of Choi Kang Chi's journey of struggling in order to live more like a human than anyone else despite not being able to become human. Choi Kang Chi is the son of Gu Wol Ryung, the guardian spirit (werefox) of Jiri Mountain, and Yoon Seo Hwa, his human mother. He was raised by the Park family after having been picked up from the river. Due to customary restrictions of the era he is adopted by manager Choi instead, however Park Moo Sol takes on the role of being Kang Chi's main father figure. Kang Chi is an outspoken character who's full of curiosity. He realizes that he's a half-human-half-beast through a certain incident and starts living his second life. Dam Yeo Wool is a master of martial arts and archery. Yeo Wool is an upright character who really values the Three Bonds and Five Relationships in Confucianism, and becomes an instructor at a martial arts center at a young age.

My Thoughts  
I love the soundtrack more that I like the show. Suzy definitely matured in her role, as opposed to Dream High. My first show of Lee Seung Ki, but I think he's better off in modern drama than period drama. On the other hand, Choi Jin Hyuk shines despite appearing in a couple of episodes. 
The Heirs 왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들
Lee Min-ho as Kim Tan
Park Shin-hye as Cha Eun-sang
Kim Woo-bin as Choi Young-do
Kang Min-hyuk as Yoon Chan-young
Choi Jin-hyuk as Kim Won
Kim Ji-won as Rachel Yoo
Krystal Jung as Lee Bo-na
Kang Ha-neul as Lee Hyo-shin
Park Hyung-sik as Jo Myung-soo

The series follows a group of rich, privileged, and elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families' business empires. These wealthy students seem to have everything under control, except their love lives. Kim Tan is a handsome and wealthy heir to a large Korean conglomerate who is sent to study abroad in the U.S.But in reality, it's a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home, Kim Won schemes to take over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun-sang, who has arrived from Korea in search of her older sister who claims that she is in need of money for her wedding. When Kim Tan's fiancée, Rachel Yoo, arrives to bring him back to Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty. Both Eun-sang and Kim Tan return to Korea, only to meet again. Slowly, he finds himself falling for her, later realizing that she's the daughter of his family's mute housekeeper. Meanwhile, Rachel's future stepbrother and Kim Tan's former best friend, Choi Young-do (who also go to the same school as Kim Tan and Eun-sang) starts falling for Eun-sang as well. Troubles arise as the heirs realize the differences between money and the real world and they soon learn what love is.

My Thoughts  
I was half expecting this show to be a blockbuster, given the high profile actor/actress list, coupled with the fact that Lee Min Ho is the main lead. However, I was disappointed with both the plot and characters. An eye-candy show at best - I actually find myself rooting for Krystal & Kang Min Hyuk. 
That Winter, The Wind Blows 그 겨울, 바람이 분다
Jo In-sung as Oh Soo
Song Hye-kyo as Oh Young
Kim Bum as Park Jin-sung
Jung Eun-ji as Moon Hee-sun
Bae Jong-ok as Wang Hye-ji
Kim Tae-woo as Jo Moo-chul
Kim Gyu-chul as Jang Sung

A melodrama about a man and a blind woman, who don't believe in love. Oh Soo is an orphan who is left heartbroken after his first love passes away. He begins to lead a goal-less life as a high-stakes gambler. Oh Young is a lonely heiress who feels she that must look after others and herself, after her parents got divorced and she finds herself becoming visually impaired. The two learn the true meaning of love after meeting each other.

My Thoughts  
Awesome cinematography which highlighted the characters' emotions, as well as their features. I can't help but be mesmerized by Song Hye Kyo's flawless face. That aside, the plot was quite draggy, which reminded me of the old Korean drama days - where one must battle with illness. Nevertheless, watch it for the cinematography and the winter scenery.  
Master's Sun 주군의 태양
Gong Hyo-jin as Tae Gong-shil
So Ji-sub as Joo Jоong-won
Seo In-guk as Kang Woo
Kim Yoo-ri as Tae Yi-ryung

Joo Joong-won is the stingy and greedy CEO of Kingdom, a conglomerate that includes a major department store and hotel. He meets the gloomy Tae Gong-shil, who started seeing ghosts after an accident. Their lives take a new turn as they work together to deal with the terror and sadness brought about by the spirits, while delving into a kidnapping incident in Joong-won's past.

My Thoughts  
This definitely made it to one of my favourite dramas of 2013, having since re-watched it twice. Though I was scared to death by some of the ghosts featured, the love story was more enchanting to be missed. So Ji Sub is so charming in this show and you can't help but fall in love with his on-screen character. Highly recommended, but get ready some pillows to cover your eyes. 
I hear your voice 너의 목소리가 들려
Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung
Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha  
Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Kwan WooLee Da Hee as Seo Do Yeon / Hwang Ga Yeon 

A thriller courtroom drama with fantasy and romantic comedy elements. It will depict the story of Jang Hye Sung, a bold, sassy, thick-faced, comical, and materialistic public defender who becomes a lawyer after overcoming poverty and painful memories from her childhood, comes to realizations about society and justice after meeting Park Soo Ha, a 19-year-old boy who reads other people’s thoughts and Cha Kwan Woo, an innocent lawyer who lives a disciplined life. Jang Hye Sung is actually Soo Ha's first love after she gave a decisive testimony on his father's murder case 10 years ago and Soo Ha promised to protect her from the killer's threats. Meanwhile, Cha Kwan Woo is Jang Hye Sung's fellow lawyer who is a cheerful and idealistic former cop even though his character a bit slow, he is nice and pleasant with a firm idea of his principles and justice. Together they will team up to to find the justice in the courtroom and solve the toughest cases with less than 1% chance of winning.

My Thoughts
A refreshing plot where the main character can read the thoughts of people, but the May-Dec relationship between Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk was too much for me to bear.
When a Man Falls in Love 남자가 사랑할
Song Seung-heon - Han Tae-sang
Shin Se-kyung - Seo Mi-do
Chae Jung-an - Baek Seung-joo
Yeon Woo-jin - Lee Jae-hee

Han Tae-sang is a successful but cold-blooded businessman who is unstoppable once he sets his mind on doing or getting something. He had once been a smart young man full of potential, but his dreams came to a halt when he was forced to work as a gangster for the same loan shark that destroyed his family. Since then, he has been able to build a successful business through his own blood, sweat and tears, and everything he's gotten in his life has been hard-earned. Then one day, what was supposed to have been a simple extortion job turns into a chance meeting with Seo Mi-do, the daughter of a modest bookstore owner. Mi-do is a troubled young woman who is full of drive and ambition; she is determined to better her life to forget the hardships of her poverty-stricken childhood. In Mi-do, Tae-sang sees so much of his own personality that he is drawn to her fire and passion. As he begins to fall in love with her, he realizes that he will do anything to protect her and try to give her a better life, perhaps to redeem himself.
My Thoughts   
Only watch this show when you have nothing to watch. Song Seung Heon is still as charming as ever, but it was pure torture watching Shin Se Kyung. She had the same expression from Day 1, which was a shame as her character had been through so much in life. 
Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love 장옥정, 사랑에 살다
Kim Tae-hee as Jang Ok-jung, later the concubine, Jang Hui-bin
Yoo Ah-in as Lee Soon, later King Sukjong 
Hong Soo-hyun as Queen Inhyeon
Jae Hee as Hyun Chi-soo
Lee Sang-yeob as Lee Hoon, later Prince Dongpyeong
Han Seung-yeon as Choi Sui Chee Musuri, later Choi Suk-bin
This drama tells the story of Jang Ok Jung, known as Lady Jang Hee Bin, one of Korea’s best known royal concubines of the Joseon Dynasty and famous for her hunger for power and ruthless plotting. However, this drama will tell a completely new interpretation of the infamous royal concubine Lady Jang Hee Bin and show the story before she became concubine and how her involvement as a fashion designer and cosmetics-maker during that era. This drama will also highlight the love story between Jang Ok Jung and King Suk Jong.

My Thoughts
Another of my favourite in 2013! The love story between Jang Ok Jung and King Sukjong makes your heart sit through a roller-coaster ride. I am a fan of period drama for I love traditional costumes and I get to feast my eyes in this drama. While Kim Tae Hee is supposedly to be the ruthless concubines, Han Seung Yeon shines more as you really feel like slapping her face as she plots against the others.
School 2013 학교 2013
Jang Na Ra as Jung In Jae 
Choi Daniel as Kang Se Chan 
Lee Jong Suk as Go Nam Soon 
Park Se Young as Song Ha Kyung 
Hyo Young as Lee Kang Joo 
Kim Woo Bin as Park Heung Soo 

This series is an update to the famed 'School Series' which aired from 1999 to 2002. It will focus on portraying realistic issues, struggles and dilemmas of today’s youths. This story about Seungri high, a troublesome school that houses students from the most eligible to the most problematic. 'School 2013' shows different life stories of teachers and students as they grow up through conflicts and compromises.

My Thoughts
Similar to the famous Japanese drama/manga, Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), this drama is about how the female teacher cared for her form-class students. Despite her petite frame, she is not afraid to overcome the obstacles in showing her concern. Choi Daniel, once again shine in this role as the lecturer-turned-teacher. There is just something charming about him with his dictation and glasses, lol! Not forgetting Kim Woo Bin & Lee Jong Suk, who showed us how bromance does exist!

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