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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Leecher's Birthday 2014: Superstar K2 Korean BBQ and Ippudo

P3018219 copy 
It has been a long while since the last birthday post. Last month, we celebrated Leecher's birthday and it dawned on me that I have yet to document his 2014 birthday celebrations, oops! I drafted this way back in May last year, but never got around loading the pictures from camera/phone for this entry -- testimonial of my procrastinating nature.
Before his actual birthday, we had a pre-birthday celebration with Kaiwei over Korean BBQ. Being the birthday boy, Leecher had the honour of picking the restaurant. Without any hesitation, he walked into a Korean BBQ, Super Star K2 Korean BBQ restaurant located along Amoy Street. The place was bustling with diners, despite the fact that it was almost 9PM. Almost every table was occupied and it took almost 15 min before we could grab a table. 
Having dinner with the boys. Yanni was busy with work in office, thus she couldn't join us in this korean feast. 
Before his butt even touched the chair, alcoholic Leecher immediately ordered 2 bottles of soju and 1 bottle of makgeolli to kick start the evening. I used to have a preference of soju over makgeolli. On this day, I decided that I should stick to makgeolli. 
Appetizers to start the meal: Korean seafood pancake and steamed egg soon arrived. The egg was so fluffy that it looked like a gigantic yellowish cotton candy. I couldn't polish this on my own since I was saving my stomach space for other food. 
Once charcoal is being placed, you know that it's time to start to ball rolling. The highlight of the meal arrived shortly. They have a variety of beef, pork and chicken. Price starts from $18 onwards. We had a go at 4 of their meat before deciding to order more. I much preferred spicy chicken over the other cuts/types of meat. Pork belly was awesome too.  
We were given a metal "tray" each with 5 compartments. Leecher & Kaiwei commented that this reminded them of their army days, where they have to take the trays and queue up in  the canteen during meal times, lol! You get your own set of condiments - bean paste, garlic, salt/pepper and onions. 
Let the feast begin (^^)
Superstar K2 Korean BBQ Restaurant
155/157 Telok Ayer Street 
Singapore 068611
Tel: 62212639
On Leecher's actual birthday, he had cravings for Japanese food. Even though I hate going to town during weekend, we headed to Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery for dinner. We spotted the long queue while heading up the escalator, but Leecher insisted on joining the queue. What to do, birthday boy is the "biggest" on his day. 40 min later, we finally got a table, putting an end to my misery for I was in high heels :)
Birthday boy did the ordering: drinks, appetizers and mains.
The huge array of sake available on display. I was pretty certain that Leecher would definitely order a bottle to go with his meal.
Well, he proved me wrong by ordering Choya cocktails. We had Mandarino and Aranciata Rossa (Red Orange) mixed with Choya to kick start the evening. I was pretty surprised by his mild choice of drinks!
Love the vibrant colour. I was never a fan of choya. However, I was tempted to get a bottle of choya and recreate this drink at home. If Choya is not your cup of tea, you can always head for Umeshu cocktails that comes with tonic, cranberry, sprite or soda.
Leecher trying to get an instragram-worthy shot of the drinks, lol!
Appetizers consisted of beef tataki and spicy shrimps. The prawns were lightly battered and deep fried to a lovely golden brown, served with home-made spicy mayonnaise dip. The dip wasn't spicy at all, it was in fact more tangy which helped to whet the appetite. 
Akamaru chashu, topped with a tamago. This refined, modern-style ramen orginated from Hakata, where the broth is enhanced with special blended miso paste and fragnant garlic oil, served with thin noodles, pork belly, black fungus and spring onions.
I had Spicy Black, which was a mixture of tonkotsu and miso based broth mixed with chili oil and black pepper for that extra oomph. There was a range of ramen toppings to select from, but I always think that a bowl of ramen only looks complete when there is a tamago in it. I have a personal habit of saving the tamago for the last bite too.
Saving the last of our stomach space for Leecher's mini birthday cake. Happy birthday, my dear! 
Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road #04-02/03/04
Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235 2797

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jang Won Korean Restaurant & Just Want Coffee, The Garden

P1011580 copy
Whenever the convoy heads to JB, we'll end up going to Jang Won Korean Restaurant for a hearty meal (previous visit here). We have yet to come across another place that can rival the wide selection of banchan (반찬) at Jang Won. As usual, Joseph is our defacto order-guy, so we just need to concentrate on filling up our mouths with food while he shouts out the order list in the background. 
The Sisters untie! You can probably tell that this is a backdated entry given that I was still spotting my bangs, lol! Seriously trying to catch up on lost time heh.  While the others went for a "break", we spent time taking pictures, lol! Joycelyn is now a mummy to a sweet baby Valerie while Eunice has upgraded to Mrs Lik :) Will blog about their overseas wedding in another post when I sort out the pictures. 
 The mandatory group picture. As I coined it, this is attendance taking - proof of who joined for the gatherings.
Jang Won Restaurant
K3-211, 2nd Floor, Block C
Kompleks Perniagaan, Taman Stulang Laut
Jalan Ibrahim
Johor Bahru 80300
Joseph, being the 地头蛇, brought us to a cafe to chill. Before we departed Jang Won, Joe gave his smug look that the Sisters will love this cafe. We didn't believe him initially, but when Eunice also gave her nod of approval, we became excited. Sorry bro, we have more faith in your wife's taste.
Located in a residential estate, the cafe is housed in an actual housing unit with its own garden! As soon as we got off the car, all the phones/cameras came out and the girls kept snapping away. Eunice showed me a picture of the exterior during day-time and mentioned that this cafe reminded her of our love nest, lol! 
Googled for the day picture (credits to owner of pic). OK, I want to go back again during day time and re-take all the pictures. Little did I know that this was just one of the JWC theme cafe outlets in JB. When I have the time to sort out pictures from the SD card, I shall blog about the JWC visit in another entry. 
Welcome to my The Garden. Both indoor and outdoor seats are available; given that it was a rather cooling night, we decided on outdoor seats to soak in the atmosphere. What a pity Leecher didn't join us for this outing~ I snapped lots of pictures & tapped on their free wifi to send those across to Leecher. 
 No one helped us to arrange the tables, so we had to self-service. Since too many cooks (will) spoil the broth, we decided to make ourselves useful by snapping pictures/looking at the menu first. Eye-power at its best! 
Love the simple floral arrangement :)  
They serve mainly desserts, pastries and beverages like coffee/tea. The sisters headed indoors to look at the cakes on display. However, there wasn't much choices left, so we can only make do with what they had to offer. Meanwhile, we spotted the hardworking barista at work. 
 The guys mass-ordered cappuccino (RM$11) for their caffeine fix.
 You can either order the original latte (RM$9.50) or pick a flavour from the list provided at RM$11.50 per cup. The flavour includes rose, roasted almond, masala chai and passion fruit. We didn't want to be adventurous, so we stick to the original latte.
For the non-coffee drinkers, I had to opt for pot tea (RM$18) which contains french rose and hibiscus. There is also a weekly selection of gourmet leaf tea at RM$11.50 each.
Blueberry scone (RM$10.50). This comes in cranberry as well, but it was sold out so we couldn't get to try. 
Cheesecake (RM$9) which was average at best. 
Lastly, presenting 2 of their recommended items - Tiramisu (RM$13) and homemade waffles (RM$12). Waffles was average, nothing particular caught my tastebuds. I had my own share of hit-and-misses with tiramisu. I really dislike those with extremely soggy base. The Garden's version was almost my ideal type - not-so-soggy base, the ideal proportion of coffee, mascarpone and sponge fingers. The serving is just nice for one pax, but food always taste better when shared.
Just Want Coffee, The Garden 
Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra, 
Taman JP Perdana,  
Johor Bahru 81100
Tel: 07-2966530
Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Korean Feast Weekend - Red Pig Korean BBQ Restaurant

I started to crave for Korean food 4 days after we came back from Korea. Leecher decided to cook kimchi jjiage for dinner to satisfy my cravings, yums! The hubby is simply amazing in the kitchen, whipping out dishes after dishes to feed my hungry stomach. Even though it was his virgin attempt, Leecher did a fabulous job that we gobbled down (almost) the full pot and truly deserved 2-thumbs up!
The next day, lil bro texted me and asked us out for dinner with mummy dearest for she was craving for korean food too! Haha, mother-daughter-telepathy at work? After a round of brainstorming, we decided to head to Red Pig Korean BBQ Restaurant, located at Amoy for dinner.
P8166393 copy 
During the weekends, the CBD area is usually a ghost town but boy, I was so wrong when we walked along the shop houses. Most of the Korean BBQ restaurants were filled to the brim, some with a queue forming outside waiting for their table. When we reached Red Pig, the whole restaurant was crowded. I was half cursing myself for not reserving a table in advance. Thankfully, we managed to get a table within minutes.
Cute cashier, very appropriate for the restaurant too. 
P8166350 copy
Leecher flipping through the menu while we waited for mummy dearest & lil bro to join us. Well, there isn't a wide variety of food items on the menu. For dinner, there are 2 pages of food items that you can choose from - ranging from BBQ meat, spicy stews or other side dishes.
We ordered 3 plates of  meat to kick-start the meal - Bbalgam Doiji (Red Pig, $20), Bbalgam Dak (Red Chicken soy sauce marinated, $18) and Galbisal (Beef rib meat without bone, $28). Lil bro can't wait to start, lol! They served pretty decent banchan (반찬) & my fave goes to corn with mayonnaise (one serving per table, additional at $5).
P8166357 copy
Makgeolli for the alcoholic us. We even got mummy dearest to try this, but she gave up after 2 sips. The 2 酒鬼 (Leecher & lil bro) shared the bottle between them while I sipped on brown rice tea as I wasn't in a drinking mood.
Out of the 3 types of meat we ordered, the best goes to Bbalgam Doiji (Red Pig, $20). For the pork lovers, there is another option of Ogyebsal (Pork Belly, $15). I strongly recommend the Red Pig version, since it is marinated with chilli+other ingredients and tasted more flavourful when BBQ-ed.   
Mummy dearest enjoying her egg roll & kimchi. Being her virgin trip to a Korean restaurant, mummy dearest was excited that she finally got to eat the food that she saw in K-drama, lol! Looks like I should start training my mum more, so she can come along for our Korea trip next time, heehee!
Seafood pancake ($18) which won praises from both mummy dearest & lil bro. This dish made it to the table twice, lol! The first plate was crispy and filled with a lot of ingredients. When we ordered the 2nd plate, it came slightly soggy and filled with more spring onions than seafood. Quite a disappointment but the rest still enjoyed it.
The must order for me in all Korean restaurant, Tteokbokki! I wished this came in a spicier version though - this version is too mild for my liking.
  With lil bro, who graciously paid for the meal! Wa, it's not everyday he offered to pay so must whack more, haha! 
Mummy dearest lamenting that she still needs to "cook" for us during her off-days, lol! Well, can't be helped since she's the best & most experienced cook :)
Enjoying her first BBQ-meat-wrapped-with-lettuce-experience (^^) & she really loved it!
  Mum really had a good time & most importantly, we all got a free meal thanks to lil bro! 
Red Pig Korean BBQ Restaurant
93 Amoy Street
Singapore 069913
Tel: 6220 7176
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