Wednesday, September 29, 2010

World Cup Fever P3

During the World Cup season, it's a routine to catch the more exciting Fridays & Saturdays matches. This time round, we headed off to Robertson Quay to catch the battle b/w Portugal & Brazil.

Look at the crowd on a Friday evening ... happy hour time!

Pre-match dinner @ Brussels Sprouts - A cosy and casual Belgian bar and bistro set up by Belgian celebrity chef Emmanuel Stroobant, known as the "Chef in black".

Leecher is so happy that his predictions for the WC is going well .... by sheer luck for someone who doesn't even watch the EPL.

Timmermans - a range of fruit beers that I have taken a liking to :) The framboise lambic is lambic (traditional Belgian beer) with whole raspberries added to it in oak barrels. The end result is a beer with a refined taste and a delicate pink colour. I was very tempted to keep the bottles as well, just like the Appletiser bottles that I will try to keep whenever possible.

Cheers to a good dinner & exciting match later!

Cheers with my beloved Leecher :)

The sky has already turned dark, time for our food to be served.

Time to get started on food! Don't drink on empty stomach.

Brussels Sprouts Special - Black pepper, butter, celery, onion & parsley. It's a big NO NO for me with celery & parsley, but surprisingly, I find myself craving for more as the smell wasn't that overwhelming & in fact, it was so light that I couldn't smell it at all.

Braised Lamb Shank with Gibelotte Sauce, Caramelised Shallots, Mushrooms and Smoked Bacon. Ordered this on behalf for Kenneth since he was craving for lamb shank, but alas ... nothing fantastic and Kenneth left this unfinished. Speaks volumes about the taste as Kenneth seldom waste food wor ~

I remembered this was free flow .... salty on its own, dipped into the sauces for more flavour and taste.

Braised Veal Cheeks infused in Brune Beer served with Baby Potatoes. Wiki to the rescue:
"Veal is the meat of young cattle (calves). Though veal can be produced from a calf of either sex and any breed, most veal comes from male calves of dairy cattle breeds. Veal has a tender texture."

Roasted Cod Fillet with Tomato Braised Mussels and Duvel beer Sabayon.

Grilled Pork Belly served with Red Wine Sauce and Daily Stoemp. Stoemp is a dish in the Belgium & Netherlands cuisines, consisting of pureed or mashed potatoes, other root vegetables and may also include cream, bacon, herbs or spices.

Duck Confit with Kriek Beer and Griottes Cherries, which EK keep recommending us to take and none of us were interested. He had no choice and ended up ordering for himself, which to our surprise, turned out to be the best dish of the night!

After a hearty meal, we crossed over to The Chambers for the long awaited match b/w Portugal & Brazil. Look at the crowd! The atmosphere was really good! Majority were Brazilian fans & they came all geared out in their home colours.

Bucket of drinks for all of us! We had a good view, smacked right in front of the big screen. The downside: we were surrounded by Brazil supporters from all corners that we don't dare to shout to support Portugal, lest we get beaten up :p

Celebrating after Portugal scored! WooHoo ~

Monday, September 27, 2010

World Cup Fever P2

Met up with Kenneth dear for a private movie screening in the afternoon & off to .....

This time, it is Japan Vs Netherlands. Arranged with PICC (Partner-in-Crime-Clothes) Fionn for a last min reservation @ Brewbaker's for the viewing of the match.

Brew Baker's is under JP Pepperdine, which includes Jack's Place under their wings.

The place was crowded with patrons, both indoor and outdoor.

Kenneth looking through the menu to sniff out the must-haves :)

Slightly toasted garlic bread that we devour in seconds.

Root beer float with my chocolate ice cream!

The guys had their beer instead.

We ordered the seafood combo platter (for 2) that comes with a combination of cold shellfish, salad, cheesy pasta with grilled and battered seafood.

The platter took up the whole table that we need to ration space for our side plates.

Slipper lobster and ribeye steak char broiled with black pepper.

Mango Jelly Delight that consists of mango ice cream layered with jelly compotes, fresh mango cubes finished with whipped cream (which we opted out), chocolate sticks and cherry.

Tiramisu in chocolate cup! Delectable combination of marscarpone with coffee smothered with lightly swirled cream. The teacup is made entirely of chocolate, so cute!

Though the food were served lukewarm & desserts were more pleasing to the eye than tongue, it's the company that made the difference :) Cheers!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

World Cup Fever P1

Jumping on the World Cup Fever way back in June-July, when Leecher pulled a last min stunt & we had to change locations to accommodate his WC viewing.

A mad rush to TCC @ Circular Road to secure the best seats as they don't take in reservations for that period. Front row seats, smacked right in front of the TV. No dent dent on that day but FMQ's small peepy to the rescue :)

Argentina VS SKorea match, the 1st match that got me started on the World Cup fever :) Oh, I was rooting for Spain since Day 1 cuz Casillas is soooooooo cute!

The guy who caused disruptions to our plans!

We had 45 mins to order, wait for food to be served and finished eating, so as to concentrate on the match. It wasnt easy sitting on the beanies in a dress & FMQ was wearing a skirt on that day. Leecher owed us big time for that, haha!

Food reviews can be read here: (Sorry, my turn to leech on FMQ :p)

FMQ VS Leecher - Skorea supporter VS Argentina supporter. I need to be seated b/w them to ease out the tension!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leecher's Bdae Celebration @ Morton's

Another surprise awaits for Leecher when I made reservation @ Morton's for his P2 Bdae treat.
He wanted to try out Morton's for the longest time ever, so I decided to grant him his wish :)

Morton's The Steakhouse, here we come!

Reservation made for 6.30pm, but when there's good food waiting for us, we arrived at 6.25pm! Can't wait to kick off the night :)

Kinda crowded even though it was just slightly passed 6.30pm. The 2 people that you see at the bottom right of the picture - they are part of a family of 4. Mum & daughter were dressed in their cocktail dresses while Father & Son were dressed in their tuxedos. I felt so under-dressed next to them :(

I've always love Morton for their food & attentive service. Surprise #1 came when we were ushered to our table which was filled with confetti for the celebration! No wonder they asked me if there was any special occassion when I made the reservation. Kudos to the team!

Surprise #2 came when we saw the personalised menu with bdae greetings for Leecher! Ok, belated bdae celebration :)

Leecher was super delighted that he can get to keep his bdae menu.

Surprise #3 came when they offered a shawl for me when they noticed that I was rubbing my hands from the coldness, so sweet! I love attentive service :)

Based on my past Morton's experiences, everything about Morton's screams BIG, big on their presentation, big on servings. I was expecting a basket of assorted bread & they wowed me over with the gigantic egg & onion loaf. Fluffy soft yet oozing with the light fragrance of onion. A good start to our meal!

Morton's signature display of chunky beef, a showcase of the ingredients used to prepare the dishes.

Since my wallet is on the chopping board, Leecher decided to order his red wine to go with his beef. No choice, have to pay cuz Bdae boy is the biggest.

Morton's Salad - eggs, vegs and anchovies with Morton's blue cheese dressing. Love the blue cheese dressing, but anchovies were too salty for my liking.

We ordered 1 salad to be shared ... noticed how each plate is brimming with veg? That's Morton's standard for you!

Grilled Jumbo Asparagus in balsamic glaze. Heavenly. Didn't know that asparagus can be that delicious & crunchy!

Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Cocktail with mustard mayonnaise.

Single Cut Filet served in bearnaise sauce. One bit into this & WOOHOO ~ all other steaks will pale in comparison immediately. I experienced it 2 years before and the feeling remains till now. Tender yet The feeling is akin to opening a present on Xmas day and getting exactly what you hoped for!

Leecher about to take his 1st bite ~

Steak: What Morton's Does Best!
Since day one, Morton's has used the same suppliers for our aged prime beef and other meat. They select the best of their inventory for us–and if it doesn't meet Morton's standards, it's sent back.

When we say that we offer "The Best Steak...Anywhere," we mean it!

Can't agree more!

Dessert tray for us to pick our desserts. How can I go home without tasting their signature Morton's legendary hot chocolate cake?

We were told to wait for approx 15 mins for it to be served, so its pics time :)

Wa, hold my hand so tight - must be scared that I will leave him behind with the bill :p

The cheeky waiter :)

Surprise #4 came when the staff came out with the chocolate cake & sang Leecher his happy birthday song, LOL.

The cheeky waiter made his appearance again!

Making his wish - but sorry dear, NO car for you ... toy car can?

Don't be mistaken, that's not his present. Just a prop that he wishes he can bring it home :P

Finally, the chance to taste the cake! Yummy is an understatement.

Leecher's bdae present from Morton's staff.

A big hug for me after paying the bill!

PS: surprise #5 came ... & it shall remain as a surprise :)
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