Sunday, September 11, 2016

Melbourne Travelogue 07: Teddy's Lookout + Lorne Beach Pavilion

Recently, I became obsessed with cleaning #dontaskmewhy. I spent weekend after weekend cleaning around the house, decluttering, wiping the insides of the cupboards etc. I felt a sense of achievement after seeing a "brand new" deco around the house. After operation clean-up, I decided that I want to revamp the picture wall, lol! Well, before my props arrive, let me spend some time updating this space before I get down to work.
From Erskine Falls, we drove over to Teddy's Lookout. 
As I swiftly alighted from the car and walked towards the lookout, Leecher caught sight of the wild koala and was frantically waving to grab my attention. I thought he needed help with something and was feeling annoyed, lol! He pointed towards the tree and I saw it too - our first wild koala experience :)
Well-trodden path leading to Teddy's Lookout. 
The walkway took us to the viewing platform, where we can see the coastal views and the bends of the GO road, overlooking the St George Inlet. We lingered for a while, contemplating to stay for sunset when we decided that we should head for an early dinner while waiting for sunset.
I wanted to head back to The Bottle of Milk, but Leecher convinced me that we should try other places instead. So, that brought us to Lorne Beach Pavilion, a cafe/restaurant with sea view and good food.
The protcol is simple: grab a menu, sit anywhere you like and head to the counter to order. Of course, we chose to sit outside for the sea view.
Happy hour starts from 3PM to 6PM, daily. Leecher went for a pint of beer while I had my sparkling wine. Check out the bubbles, they always make me happy (^^)
What goes best with sparkling? Oysters! We ordered fresh oysters, smokey kilpatrick (smokey bacon with oysters) and braised lamb shank to share. Love the smokey kilpatrick, a twist to the classic oysters.
The perfect dining place - awesome view coupled with good food and drinks. Throw in a few surfers' dude and my day is completed, ha! 
We lingered for a while more, catching the sunset before I head over to The Bottle of Milk to pack a burger for supper. Leecher drove in the dark for almost 2h to our accommodation before we finally called it a night, with the burger in tummy, of course.
Lorne Beach Pavilion
81 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne VIC 3232, Australia
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