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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hong Kong Loots

Since our TW trip, Leecher has emerged as the champion in shopping. He continued to retain his throne during our HK trip (in terms of spending the most).

Here are the evidences of his & my spending :P

Round 1: Citygate Outlet

2 T-shirts & 1 pair of Adidas sports shoes: HKD$556

2 T-shirts, 1 Polo T(Mummy), 6 T-shirts (cousin & my bro) & 3 tops: HKD$1026

Verdict: Wa, can't believe that I spent more than Leecher @ Citygate outlet, I WIN!

Round 2: Harbourcity Shopping Mall

2 Kate Spade Bag & Timberland slippers: HKD$5255

Happy to receive my present!

Verdict: Leecher confirm win hands down!

Round 3: DisneyLand

1 Couple Mickey T-shirt: HKD$60
2 Disney T-shirt:HKD$120

1 Couple Mickey T-shirt: HKD$60
2 Disney T-shirt:HKD$120

Verdict: It's a tie!

Round 4: Willam Chung & Son Tailors

1 set of suit: HKD$2500

2 tailored shirts for Leecher: HKD$540

Verdict: Leecher wins again (boring!)

Round 5: Local Products

Lots of delicious food: HKD$323.50

Lots of delicious food: HKD$393.50

Verdict: Expected win on my side, since my forte is buying food :)

Overall: Leecher wins hand down on his alarming HKD$8784.50 VS my meagre HKD$2269.50

Other Stuff bought on behalf of frens/family

Not forgetting the freebies from the Halloween in HK :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hong Kong Day 5

Time always flies when u r on holiday. In a blink of an eye, today's the last day of our Hong Kong trip. Need to gather up all our stuffs.

First stop: To pick up my suit and shirts. My most expensive haul from Hong Kong. But increasing think I kena chopped carrot on the suit.

Second stop: Of cos is some Hong Kong pastry for friends and families. This is only one of the two well-known bakeries in Hong Kong.

Suddenly, Blamer got a call from her friend, who has been working in Hong Kong for a while, we decided to take the opportunity to meet up with her. Since we have to travel back to Central to meet her, we took the cheaper ferry back. A better pic with the ferry in its full glory.

The ferry coming into the dock.

A random pic of Blamer while waiting for the gates to open.

Met up with Blamer's friend at this restaurant that specializes in snake cuisine.

Tricked Blamer into striking a snake pose in the middle of the street. Mu ha ha ha must have looked stupid in front of the locals. Yesh! : )

The Menu

The white-ish meat on my chopsticks was actually snake's meat. The texture is somewhat like chicken. Quite tasty.

Other than snake cuisines, the restaurant serves up nourishing soups too. And they are actually more well known for their soups.

Fried rice just to fill up our stomachs. Not very impressive though. Taste kinda bland to me.

The char siew and liver sausage that her friends asked us to try. We gamely took a bite but I would say it's quite an exquisite taste.

Special tribute paid to this pic. Cos everytime I complain about Blamer 没心肝, hence this 养心汤 is best suited for her. Maybe I can try to fish out the recipe from the owner and cook the soup for Blamer everyday.

(Blamer here: The 养心汤 picture was taken with the intention of Leecher in mind, since he is always 粗心,花心,分心 and 没良心. Perhaps, this 养心汤 might work wonders on him)

Next stop, the famous mid-level travelator at SoHo.

Interestingly, only one side of the travelator is automated.

Blamer tried to take the 1-2-5 photo but lost count.

My version: 一!



Trying to look cool on the travelator... ...

Blamer had been trying to locate the restaurants participating in this Halloween promotion ever since she landed her hands on this brochure. Like all aunties wannabe, she just can't miss out on freebies. Wa ha ha ha.

Hence she was exceptionally thrilled when this famous egg tart shop located near SoHo was one of the participants. Apparently, one of the early HK governors frequents this shop too.

Happy auntie-ish Blamer finally obtained her free chopsticks. One each to use at our future home. Heez.

We were looking for a place to eat the egg tarts, and since there would be no time for us to grab any dinner before the flight back. I decided to gorge myself silly in this 茶餐厅.

Their value for money set lunch. Only HKD 34 for so many items.

And guess wat? One more free chopsticks since it's one of those shops that allows me to use the coupons from the brochures.

While waiting for my orders to come, we secretly munch on our egg-tarts.

Tender and moist in the center, flaky and fragrant on the outside. No wonder even the governor likes it.

Finally, my orders are here. Two sunny side up eggs and a bun.

My maggie mee with pork chops.

And of cos, ice milk tea Hong Kong style to complete the meal.

Next stop: Mong Kok in search of the other famous bakery called Wing Wah. Before we came here, we specifically asked our friendly guesthouse owner for directions.

According to him, the youngsters nowadays dun really like eating pastries anymore, and this Wing Wah has been reducing the scale of its business to just a tiny shop space. He warned us that if we dun look carefully, we could easily walked pass the shopfront without noticing it.

My ass, who could miss this freaking sign board?!!

No offence to the guesthouse owner though, he was partially correct about the narrow entrance to the shop. But look at the marble walls, and the furnishings in the shop was very posh too. Dun look like an ailing business to me... ...

A random pic on the way back. Blamer die die also must take a pic with the LV sign. We were initially chased away by some security guard when we tried to take it in front of the shop. Hence, we took the pic from across the street. Ha ha, can't stop the determined. : P

On our way back to the airport. All loaded up with our purchases. (ps: I'm wearing my new shoes!) As of tradition, Blamer will be updating on our conquests in Hong Kong and the massive damage to my wallet. Sob sob.

Back at terminal 2... ...

Checking in our loot... ...

Down to our hand-carries. Slightly different from our Taiwan return trip, no carton load of goodies this time.

On the flat bus to the plane, notice our usual chui look for flights.

Back on the plane and... ...

Suddenly, Blamer was overcome with a sense of sadness... ... Dun worry we will be going on holiday again next year.

Touched down in Singapore! Special thanks to Roger for coming to fetch Blamer and me! Decided to treat him to supper at the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak. There was a queue even at 1am in the morning.

A little over-priced I think, over three dollars for the fare above. But I must say their fried chicken wing was really crispy and yummy.

Thus, conclude our 2008 annual travel. Looking forward to the next trip with good old Blamer (she retains the nickname for she had once again blamed me for losing one of the Hong Kong street maps at a 7-eleven while topping up our travel cards : P, while I had once again leeched on her research. wa ha ha ha!)

(Blamer: Once again, losing the map is a reflection of his 粗心-ness. He still got the cheek to "argue" with me when its so bloody straight-forward that he lost the map. Oh, by the way, he didn't realise that he lost the map @ the 7-11 until I asked for it, which was like 10 mins after that. Really puke blood! )
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