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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Japan Day 9 P3

I seriously thought that we have finished ALL Japan postings until FMQ raised a question:

FMQ: did you guys try tempura in Japan?
Leecher & me: Yes, we did ... it's damn good!
FMQ: but I didn't see it on your blog. I read every post diligently!

Leecher & me looked at each other .... the OH-NO-don't tell me we left out a post look on our faces!

So, the final post on Japan, just for the beloved GF :) from where this post is supposed to continue:

Japan Day 9 P1
Japan Day 9 P2
(for your reference, if you guys are interested)

Walking back to Shinjuku Station from Yodaibashi Camera, in search for the next destination.

Another shopping mall, which I can't rem the name of it. Anyone to enlighten me?

The reason that makes it worthwhile!

The highlight of the night - tempura feast @ Tsunahachi Tempura.

The menu which contained all the yummys :)

Opted for the counter seats, so we can catch all the action.

Beer & tea - Leecher die die also want to try out their beer while I refused to touch anything cold.

English eating instructions prepared for non-Japanese. We spotted a guy with lonely planet in his hands inside the shop. Guess this place is very popular with locals and foreigners.

Radish condiments, I think.

We ordered the Special Tempura Zen set menu which consists of the following:

Two Tempura Prawns, the batter was light and crispy. Strangely, although tempura is a deep fried dish, the prawns weren't oily at all.

Leecher was super excited for his first bite of the tempura!

Two seasoned vegetables, which a non-veg lover like me kept stealing from Leecher's plate.

Miso soup, flavoured with lots of small clams *slurp slurp*

Conger Eel. We witnessed how the eel was killed alive, so imagine the freshness. The flesh was soft and fluffy.

Two seasoned fish & cuttlefish, which were all cooked in the secret-mouth-watering batter.

Shrimps ball - you just cant get enough of the batter! Crispy and slightly savory, not those oily types we often find in Singapore, that softens after a while. I wish I can fly to Tokyo just for this, again .... but I shall leave my beloved FMQ to finish the task for me. Savor every bite!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We've come to the end of our Japan adventures and this will be the last post on our Japan trip. I still have tons of backlogs to clear & to make things worse, my trusty laptop of 7 years chose to throw tantrums at this instance :( Maybe its time for me to buy a new laptop, but I will still try to salvage my old buddy. She has been saved twice & I'm hoping that a miracle will happen! Meanwhile, Leecher will be tasked to blog! *maybe I should delay the buying of a new laptop, so Leecher can have a taste of his own medicine, wa ha ha*

Anyway, back to the Japan post: We packed our bags, left our apartment to take the train to the designated Metro station for the airport bus shuttle service.

With 7 pieces of luggage b/w us, the strategy was simple: waste no time in finding the bus stop, which was quite a distance from the Metro station. So, we did our homework the night before: we asked our friendly apartment attendants for help, heehee.

We made it just on time for the 7am bus service!

Coming coming!

Headed for Narita Airport :) As we boarded the bus, we can't help but feel a tinge of sadness. I wonder when would be the next time we would visit this country again? There are still a lot of places left unexplored & I would love to watch the cherry blossoms one day!

Trying to find our way in this huge airport.

The check-in queue for our flight, we were stuck in the queue for almost 30 mins.

Leecher with our luggages, which added up to 50kg! No excess charge *thank god!* I was happy to get rid of the luggages, as that meant that I can buy more stuff at duty-free, heehee! I lugged back an additional 5 big boxes of white-lovers chocolates, yummy!

Boarding passes for Tokyo > KL & KL > SG.

Airplane food, which I happened to develop a liking overtime :) It's funny how MAS served Japanese food when we left Japan and not on the way there.

Bye Japan! You've given us lots of joy & happiness during our stay. We will visit again as long as Leecher gets to eat his tofu meal next time :P

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Japan Day 15 P3

After our mini eating spree @ Asakusa, we abolished going to the next destination, headed back to our apartment & attempted to pack our luggages.

We literally took almost 2 hours to pack all the shopping bags into our luggages & our official luggage count has increased exponentially to 7.

We headed out in search of food for our last meal in Tokyo. In Japan, they have these women-only cabins where women would be safe from gropers, as groping in crowded commuter trains has been a problem in Japan.

Rem Leecher threw tantrum at me cuz he didn't get to eat his tofu meal? We went back to Tokyo Tower in search of the restaurant. Before that, pictures first, wa ha ha!

With 333 meters, Tokyo Tower is 13m taller than its model, the Eiffel Tower of Paris and is the world's tallest self-supporting steel tower. It was completed in the year 1958 as a symbol for Japan's rebirth as a major economic power and serves as a television & radio broadcast antenna, as well as tourist attraction. We were debating if we should go up the observatory tower, but we decided to skip the idea & head for food instead!

Ta-dah! The long-awaited tofu meal for Leecher :) We were ushered in warmly by the attendants at the front yard. However ....... Leecher still didn't get to eat his much-anticipated meal as the restaurant was full -house that night, LOL. I was trying not to burst out laughing when Leecher gave the you-got-to-be-kidding-me-look to the waitress. When we came out from the restaurant, we saw hordes of tour groups entering the restaurant while Leecher walked out dejected.

So I decided to cheer him up with tuna crepes while he flipped his book of must-eat-food-in-Japan for our dinner.

So we arrived at this place, all geared up for charcoal grilled Yakitori :)

Seated at the bar-counter to witness the preparation.

Fresh ingredients right in front of us!

The divine menu, which we ordered almost 70% of what they have to offer!

Started the meal with some appetizers while waiting for the chef to work his magic round the kitchen.

Quick quick, I'm famished!

Due to our hunger, we polished these off as soon as they were served. One word: YUMS! Lightly salted & grilled to perfection, no wonder each stick costs an average of $2. You really pay for the quality and freshness!

Ordered more from the menu! Love the grilled cheese and biscuit combi, heavenly! As a non-vege lover, even the asparagus tasted good!

More more more to add to the plates, 2nd helpings, 3rd helpings & counting!

My 1st and only time eating raw chicken, yeah. We actually ordered the wrong item on the menu and imagine our shocked faces when this was placed in front of us. Surprisingly, it don't really have the raw taste, kind of sweet on its own. This officially became the highlight of the night!
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