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Friday, July 20, 2012

Post Wedding Trip - Bali P9

The last part of our Bali trip *phew* - I got pretty bored by day 7, for we were basically just roaming the streets of Ubud and checking into cafes/eateries for food. For once, I was actually looking forward to head home.

After our walk to Bridges cafe, we U-turned back and headed to Ubud town, back to Cafe Lotus - not to the restaurant, but to the lotus pond for sightseeing.

Then, it was another 30 min walk to the other side of town for dinner @ Clear Cafe.

No shoes allowed inside the restaurant.

The focus of this cafe is on whole, natural and organic food. As described on their website, this is a place of natural Oasis in which Bamboo, Earth, Water and Glass become One. Clear cafe is more than just a restaurant, it is more of an idea, a way of life, a way in which you can enjoy the taste of all natural raw, vegetarian & seafood cuisine inside a design playground without the loss of your wallet's weight.

As usual, Leecher paying more attention to the food menu that anything else in the cafe. Not even when I spotted a caterpillar on the table, crawling towards me.

We ordered drinks from their "Tonics & Elixirs" section . I was attracted by the name Twilight Tonic (contains turmeric, honey, lemon, sea salt & a full load of nutrient delivery) due to my affection for Edward, haha! Leecher ordered Glittery Gold Orange which consists of citrus, sea salt, aloe & honey, offering tension release & relaxation. When our drinks came, they looked alike - but one tasted quite yucky. I was so certain that the yucky drink must be Leecher's (how can something called Twilight be yucky, right?) till the waitress confirmed that my Twilight is the yucky drink. Boohoo! We also had Paradise Prawns (grilled prawns, rice & marinated greens with oregano garlic chilli sauce) & the rice arrived on the table shaped in a heart :) Tasted yummy too!
Clear Cafe
Jl. Hanoman, Ubud
Bali 80571, Indonesia

Headed back to Ubud center to wait for the car pickup back to the villa. There are no metered taxis operating in Ubud, but central Ubud can be covered mostly by foot, if you know the layout of the area.

This lady was playing angry bird on her ipad and the local driver was quite fascinated by it.

Rise & Shine - finally, time to head to the airport.

Threw away my golden pumps and had to wear the slippers instead.

Leecher had to check in first @ SQ counter, and I dumped my luggage with him. Turned out that our luggage exceeded the weight limit and Leecher had to hand-carry a luggage onboard.

Breakfast @ one of the eateries that was opened.

Waiting for food, lol! Check out dent dent :) Been a long time since I brought dent dent out.

Lime + tea again, their version of lemon tea.

We bought had Korea (aka maggi mee) ramen.

Pic before we went off to our respective gates for boarding.

Bye bye! See you in Singapore :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Post Wedding Trip - Bali P8

Started the day with breakfast on the front porch.

Then, it was time to venture to town again. Leecher came across this strongly-recommended Chinese eatery in the outskirts of Ubud, so we headed there once we alighted at Ubud town.

Hand-in-hand, 脸贴脸 :)

My outfit for today! Leecher said I looked like I'm not wearing shoes, for the gold flats blended well with my skin colour, lol!

Chicken van, where residents will buy their chickens from this van.

On the other hand, we saw a lot of chicks following the mother hen roaming freely in the houses' courtyard.

Realised that we were venturing into the residential area of Ubud, so we U-turned back to the main road which we came in earlier. Suddenly, I noticed the sign that the eatery had moved.

Following the directions written on the signage, we arrived at the new location.

Leecher did the ordering and eagerly waiting!

Snacks on the table!

We had nasi goreng, stir-fried spicy squid with vegetables and deep-fried egg roll. The place is famous for simple Indonesian Chinese food at very budget prices. Remember to ask for the spicy chilli!

See, we finished everything that we ordered - the food is really delicious!
Warung Taman
Jln. Jro Gedung, Ubud

After lunch, it was time for afternoon snack. We came across this little cafe and decided to head in.

Kue Bakery is located along Ubud Main Street, and they provide free wifi for the patrons. We headed upstairs and saw a lot of tourists engrossed with their laptops.

Tea & Latte - Leecher needs to have his daily dosage of coffee (it's an addiction!)

Ordered the small chocolate & truffle sampler, which consisted of mixture of 8 chocolates and truffles with fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Heart-shaped chocolate, which I shared with Leecher :)

Leecher ordered the best-selling item "Glutin-free Chocolate Almond Torte". His verdict: do not order! He can't fathom how this can be classified as "best-selling" when it was really yucky.

Enjoying the rest of the afternoon just lazing around in the cafe & reading magazines.
Kué Bakery and Cafe
Jl. Raya Ubud (Main Street)
Tel: 62361975249

Bloated from all the food, we set off to another destination. Transportation in Ubud is not readily available, so we always choose to walk from one place to another, even though it could take up to 30 mins per way.

Tadah! We always pass by this place in the dark and finally get to see it in broad daylight.

The long hanging bridge ....

and the river running underneath.

This is the bridges cafe & according to the reviews on Tripadvisor, bridges is one of the best restaurants in Ubud for a romantic dining experience. No, we didn't get to dine there, but will definitely give it a try next time!
Bridges Bali
Jl Campuhan, Ubud, Bali
Next to Museum Antonio Blanco
Tel: 62361970095
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