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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dinner @ Changi Village

2 weddings this month, Congrats to the couples. Coincidentally, both couples were part of our brothers' & sisters' entourage during our wedding and now, we are part of their entourage, haha! Leecher had a whacking time @ Gavin&Jac's wedding while I'm preparing for YawJin&Wanling's wedding later this week. 3 of my sisters got married this year, will be sharing their journey soon, stay tuned for it :) 

Back to my usual (boring) life, with Leecher (equally boring fellow), haha! 

 Leecher waiting for me to finish my photoshoot, before heading out for dinner. 

Climbing up the stairs to the carpark. The carpark structure of our estate is extremely weird, they only build lift on one side of the carpark, which happened to be the side away from our house. So we always have to rely on stairs instead, our morning workout. 

 Dinner @ Changi Village. Wanted to visit another cafe near the area, but their menu didn't look v appetizing, so we went to the coffee shop instead.

Mr Teh Tarik Eating House, open 24 hours, ideal for a late night snack if you are in the area. 
Drinks while waiting for food. 

Started with Rojak - I only eat the youtiaos, while Leecher is tasked to finish the rest.
Maggi mee goreng & fried chicken set. Leecher forgot to ask for no bean sprouts, and I had to pick out all the bean sprouts in my mee. Order so many times already still can forget, aiyoh! 

Mummy dearest called when we were on the way home. So I complained to her about Leecher forgetting my orders, then she "scolded" me and took sides with Leecher. Told me to order myself next time.... how can like that?! I outnumbered, confirmed lose. 
Teh Tarik Eating House 
Blk 5, Changi Village Road
(Near the Junction)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

1st Wedding Anniversary

Having a blog lets me pen down my happy memories. Recently, I've been clicking on my past entries and reading them now brings a very different experience, as compared to when the entries were first penned. Perhaps, it is part and parcel of growing up - a phrase that we all have to go through. No wonder they say change is the only constant in life :) Been updating this blog quite frequently since the beginning of the year, a mixture of backlogs and recent events. Months seemed to zoom past at an accelerated speed!

And so, we celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary in end-Oct. Thanks to everyone who left us well-wishes on Facebook, haha! Didn't expect my entry to gather so much response ... Leecher even had his colleagues calling him in office wishing him Happy Anniversary, haha! Presents and flowers are no longer in the "compulsory list" when you sign on the dotted line *sad fact of life* It will be considered a bonus if you receive it. Nevertheless, Leecher made a reservation for a dinner @ Esplanade. 
Walked from the office to the esplanade :)  
Different art exhibitions will be on display @ the Concourse, where visitors will get a different surprise everytime they step into Esplanade.

As we were pretty early for our dinner appointment (got off work on-time!), we sat by the Concourse listening to live music. A series of free indoor performances is available at the Concourse every evening, which showcased talented amateur, semi-pro and pro artists from SG and around the world. 

Love is in the air

#ootd that was purposed to be on instagram, but my phone wasn't getting reception, so I gave up after a while. Something is really wrong with M1 nowadays. 

Pretty empty for a weekday.  

Guess where we're heading?

 Mirchi - Taste of India. Haha, surprised that we choose an Indian place for 1st wedding anni dinner? Totally not-romantic right, haha!

1st to arrive even though we really took our own sweet time!

Mirchi - taste of India. Took this while inside the restaurant. 

Hoping that other diners will appear soon, for I dont like dining in an empty restaurant. 
Started with Prawn Shorba soup, Chicken Tikka & Vegetables Samosa. I was tickled when I saw the plate of round samosas, for I was always under the impression that samosas should be triangular.

We had saffron-flavoured basmatic rice & a basket of assorted baked naans to go alongside with the main dishes.  
Butter Chicken - my fave of the lot! Boneless chicken simmered in rich creamy tomato gravy.

Goan Fish Curry. 
Aloo Gobhi - potato & cauliflower florets tossed with ginger, garlic and indian spices. 

Spicy yoghurt mixed with chopped cucumber & onion.

Kadhai Paneer - fresh cottage cheese cubes, capsicum and tomatoes cooked in thick onion gravy.
Table full of food! We were extremely full after this meal - Leecher's shirt was threatening to burst, like the incredible HULK, haha! 

Halfway through the meal, Mummy dearest sent  Leecher an SMS wishing us "Happy Anniversary" .... How come I nv receive the message? boohoo!

Ended the night with Galub Jamun, which is a popular Indian dessert, very common at weddings. How apt to have this on our 1st wedding anniversary :)

Thank you Leecher  Dearie!
Mirchi - Taste of India @ Esplanade
8 Raffles Avenue #02-23
Esplanade Mall Singapore 039802
Tel: 6334 5590  
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