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Friday, March 2, 2012

A day trip to Jakarta

I've done day trips to KL, given that the traveling time is so short. This time round, I've to ventured further - a day trip to Jakarta with the boss.

Started the day at 7am. The cons of day trip is that your day actually starts way earlier and ends later than a normal working day. Leecher dislikes day trips, cuz that meant that I won't have time to get pressies for him, haha!

Took these pics when I woke up from my nap on-board the flight. I kinda like taking pictures of the clouds as they changed shapes all the time.

The long queue to getting a visa for the boss. Whenever I go on trips, I'm thankful for holding a SG passport, where you don't require visas to enter most of the countries.

Had lunch @ a local food court to try out their local dishes :)

Back to the airport for our flight back - the flight was delayed for almost an hour and it was close to 12 midnight when I reached home, with Leecher waiting for me :)
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