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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Relax, Recharge 'n' Rejuvenate 3

Day 2

Rise and Shine to the smell of freshly fried eggs and more eggs...

In my opinion, the best item of their breakfast menu would have to be the freshly cooked omelet or sunny-side up eggs.

And that's me taking orange juice for lazy Blamer.

Because lazy Blamer slept in, there's not much food left, just quickly grabbed a few items.

There's also some pastries... ...

Congee... ...

And fruits which we din really took much... ... Not a very impressive breakfast spread I would say.

After breakfast, took a walk by the pool with Blamer (Sian, din managed to do the morning swim with Winston and Yen - Guys, did I miss out on anything special?)

Oh, I realised that I had absentmindedly wore the room slippers out. But they are quite nice, right?

Time to head out for some shopping at Batam Center, but before that, we decided to get some decent food after the so-so breakfast at the resort.

Totally miss the iconic rootbeer float at A&W, I always wonder why did they pull the plug from Singapore?

Their other famous item, waffles ice-cream (Winston had this).

Blamer and Yen both had their burger, not bad though I din quite like their bread, too dry...

I ordered their two piece chicken meal and yes, with the yet another icon -- curly fries.

Blamer just can't resist taking a pic with the mascot.

We got some cheap cup corn while walking around. Only cost SGD 70 cts.

However, the quantity seemed lesser compared with time I had it with Blamer.

After walking around for also an hour or so, we concluded that there's nothing really worth buying except for cheap toiletries! Displaying our conquests.

With a lot more time to spare, we decided to chill out at this cafe.

Pics of us with our drinks.

And while we were paying for the bill, the friendly (and in my opinion, quite shuai) waiter told us we qualified for some lucky draw. Blamer being the only female, was bestowed the responsibility of using her "Lady Luck".

*Drums roll* And she got a free drink!

Millenia Snow Ball... Hmm... but where's the ball?

Look so different from the pic right?

The Lucky Lady with her prize

But I'm the one finishing up the drink, see waist line how can dun expand?

Got the shuai waiter to take a group pic for us. After buying some keropok for our parents, it's time to head back to the resort.

Back at the resort, we decided to make a trip down to their water sports center. Blamer was the only one busy posing for pics, while the thing weighing on our mind was...

Wa ha ha ha!

Back at the resort grounds, our kind archery instructor let us ride on this trishaw for free. Normally would have cost SGD6-7 for a one hour ride.

Muscle man Yen decided to take up the uphill task bringing us around the pool.

伟大的 Yen!

One last group photo before we embark on our trip home.

Back on our trusty Jet Raider

During the trip back, we played this game which, in a nutshell, requires us to guess the number of coins held in our clenched fists from a total fixed number of coins in the pool. The one whose guess is the furthest from the actual number forfeits. I also drowned myself in the beer that we bought for the trip, super suay.

Till our next trip!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Relax, Recharge 'n' Rejuvenate 2

Part Two

It's time to hit the lanes!

Before this, Blamer was telling us abt her previous bowling experience and showing off her bowling socks, she issued a challenge for us to meet her at the bowling lanes.

That's Blamer with her lucky bowling ball.

I picked mine too.

Blamer's bowling attempt

Yen's (nicknamed 滚球王)bowling attempt

My bowling attempt

Lastly, Winston's attempt.

The scoreboard. No prizes for guessing who's the champion. Do note the score of the challenge issuer aka Cai on the scoreboard though. Wa ha ha ha.

All smiles from the champion, with his 'mock' trophy. Yen was quite disappointed that he couldn't retain his 滚球王 title.

After such a string of activities, it's finally time to hit the main highlight of our trip. SPA time!

The catalog showing all the different types of massage for us to choose from. Our package was initially for the hot stone massage, however, the person at the counter told us that there would be very little actual massage involved, as it would be just rolling the hot stones over our bodies, instead, she recommended that we go for the traditional massage or the aromatherapy oil massage.

So here we go choosing the oils for our aromatherapy massage.

Following the masseuse to the cute little huts for our massage.

Me and Blamer sharing the couples' room. Too bad for Winston and Yen but I'm sure they wouldn't want to share a couples' room anyway.

Just as we were proceeding with the body scrub before the actual massage, rain started falling. Nice cooling breeze coupled with the soothing sounds of raindrops falling on the thatched roof, puurrfect.

So it's off with the clothes! If it had been a few years earlier, I would have gladly show u my body, but 岁月不饶人, haiz... ....

The masseuses really did their job well. Look at Blamer's arms and neck, all red from the body scrub. Must have felt really clean.

After the aromatherapy oil massage, it's a dip in the jacuzzi with essential oils and more aromatherapy oils to chase away the blues. Relax, recharge and rejuvenate!

See Blamer is all refreshed and charged up after the session.

A farewell photo before leaving our hut.

Looks like Winston finished his session pretty early, while Yen is no where to be seen. Maybe he is receiving some "specials" hee hee hee.

While walking back to our room, Blamer came across this structure, had to take a pic here.

Time for dinner. We took this photo not for cam-whore though. As we were going to travel out of the resort, this photo was so tat in case there's any mishap, any kind soul to chance upon this camera would be able to come to our rescue. However, the photographer forgot to include the all important License Plate of the cab. faint* : (

Yeah destination reached! According to the locals, this is the most famous seafood place on Batam island, and if I remembered correctly, the first time Blamer and I set foot on Batam, we came here for seafood as well.

Look at all the live seafood. Yummy yum!

However, u got to scoop ur own seafood before the waitress can show us to our seats, Blamer here was pretending to scoop only.

While I'm the one tat's really scooping loh... ...

Our catch! Dun be mistaken by the empty green basket, it is actually there to prevent the live prawns from jumping out from the blue basket underneath it.

Some appetisers. I realised Batam people like to use crackers as appetisers.

A refreshing coconut before our meal. Hopefully these were not from the archery grounds. Ha ha.

Finally the food's here, chilli crab, sambal kangkong, garlic fried prawns and pepper crab.

Followed by BBQ prawns, chilli lala, fried calamari and Blamer's fav cereal prawns.

All these for a mere SGD75. Wow. This sums up Day 1.
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