Monday, March 28, 2011

Skinny Pizza

The first meet up of 2011 with the fave foodie! Just got back from BKK and had to meet up with FMQ to pass her the stuff that she lompang for the BKK trip.

Off the Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City. The place has undergone so much changes that I couldn't even recognize it initially.

The skinny menu ~

Arty farty chairs - thumbs up for the creativity.

Ordered the Sweet Potato Nibblets, Truffle Fries, Brie Cheese for starters. Who could have ever thought that sweet potato would taste soooo good. Still adore the truffle fries @ PS Cafe though.

Love the pizza crust, but not the toppings. Sometimes, simplicity is the key to food ~

Leecher, being the only guy in the group, always get preferred treatment in picking his own food. This time round, he picked the lobster linguine - which turns out to be pretty good! All of us were busy pricking our forks into this dish and neglecting the pizza. Maybe they should rename the brand as Skinny Pasta instead.

When it comes to desserts, we always shun from what Leecher picks. His choice of (bad) desserts started way from our 1st meeting @ Marmalade Pantry. This time round, he ordered Rumbaba - soaked in rum & vanilla sauce, prized hot rumbaba sprinkled with candied grapefood and apricot jam - as he was sold on the words "a classic well-done" on the menu. LOL, a classic flop if you ask me. Skip this totally.

FMQ and me shared the strawberry shortcake (served warm). Nice touch of vanilla bean cream! This was termed as a signature on their menu!

Group pic before tucking into dessert :)

Ladies in blue. Sorry FMQ for having to accommodate my petite frame when it comes to taking pics :P

That's how much she had to accommodate me - and I was in flats that day! LOL! Mental note to wear my 5-inch high heels next time & force FMQ to be in slightly shorter heels.

Surprised that Leecher is actually on par with FMQ's height?

Nah - look closer! Wa ha ha!

Friday, March 25, 2011

KL Biz Trip Dec 2010

Yes, heading off to KL once again for a 2D1N biz trip.

The usual 8 plus flight, which means that I have to leave home by 6.30am for a smooth journey to the airport from the West. Hopefully things will change for the better when we move into love nest, as we'll be closer to the airport :)

Breakfast from coffee bean. Strangely, I always patron coffee bean when I'm at the airport and no where else.

Rinta grabbing her breakfast @ her usual breakfast place in KL :)

my mini snack

Guess where we are staying this time?

Here's a hint :)

"Native to Southeast Asia, mandarin oranges generally refers to a group of oranges with thin, easy-to-peel, reddish-orange skins. For the Chinese celebrating the Chinese New Year, the fruit is regarded as a particularly auspicious gift, as its name is similar to the word for gold in Chinese. Mandarin oranges are usually eaten out of hand, although it is also popularly used in salads, puddings, tarts and cakes."

Obvious enough? This time round, we checked into Mandarin Oriental, which was in close proximity to KLCC. Check out the view from my window!

The garden surrounding KLCC complex

Twin towers in daylight.

Joining my beds together, as they were only left with double beds instead of queen.

Cosy corner where I devour the oranges, haha!

Love the doors to the toilet!

I always love hotel toilets. They are spacious, clean and best of all, I don't need to clean it myself :p

Refreshment area. Love the container in which they keep the sachets of teas and coffees instead of leaving it lying around the tray.

Hotel lounge where business meetings take place over coffee and snacks. Yes, they are allowed to smoke indoor, not a plus point for me.

Took our clients out for lunch at this Italian restaurant near their office. Servings were huge and the cream pasta start to get jialat towards the end :(

The weather looked gloomy & we were stuck in the hotel working while waiting for the next meeting.

Dinner was @ Chinoz, KLCC. This place served a fusion of Japanese, Asian, Italian and many more. So if you have no idea where to grab a bite, head down to this place.

We came across this bakery that specialized in cupcakes. OMG, they looked to pretty that I couldn't bear to eat them.

The twin towers dazzling under the dark sky.

After 8 hours later, time to head down to the lobby for breakfast.

After a couple of meetings later, I felt hungry again and we headed back to the hotel to pack and check out. I'm always hungry whenever I'm on business trips and Rinta reckoned that it could be the extra weight that I have to lug around - my 3.5kg laptop & other stuffs that I've prepared for our clients. No wonder!

These snacks were so addictive that we had to ask for 2nds :p

Guess that's what?

Cover to keep my pot of tea warm :)

Nice perk-me-up

The final trip of 2010 & many more to come in 2011 :)
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