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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birthday Celebration 2012 with Leecher

The 1st day of 2013! Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to head off for a good start this year in blogging, for I've been extremely hardworking last year (a whopping 210 entries for 2012, new record) and didn't want to lose the momentum. So, the first post this year will be on my birthday celebrations 2 weeks back!

Leecher asked me how I wanna celebrate my birthday this year. I stared at him for a second before giving him a "duh" face - am I supposed to plan my own birthday? Great, so I can plan it MY way, no questions asked ... Let's see - how about an all expenses paid day? Haha, the thought of this is good enough to bring me to cloud 9. As soon as those words leave my mouth, Leecher brought me back to reality and said, "Let's go for your fave picnic". Haha, when forced to corner, that block of wood sure has the best escape route. 
 So, Leecher got out of bed early morning - prepared and headed out, promising that he will be back before 11am. So, I took my time to drag my body out of bed, showered, picked my outfit and waited for him to return home. He came back empty-handed and hurried me to get out of the house. Along the way, Leecher kept stressing that there won't be any birthday present, so don't expect anything fanciful. Haha, sounds like a broken recorder. And so, we headed out to Botanic Gardens.

Parked the car @ a shady spot.  

Not bad, not bad ... all packed up in our picnic basket. But .... why no flowers huh? In those dramas right, when the guy opened the boot, balloons will pop out and the boot will be decorated with flowers/presents/lights. This is ......... a bit plain, but appreciated the effort :)
  Birthday girl exempted from carrying ... yippee! How I wish everyday is my birthday now. 

Too bad dear, birthday gal has the final say, lol! 

 Wa, still got time to stop and pose for the camera  ~ Looked like I bullied him into this like that.


 1st time entering the park from Visitors' Center, so this is totally new to me! 

 Instead of the usual spot, we went to the other end of the park (along Evans Road entrance). We had to orientate ourselves a bit, for we've never been to this area of the park before. 

Happy like a lark :) 

The park was undergoing renovations at certain areas, and it was certainly a far walk to Swan Lake, so we decided to just look for a quiet and shady spot for the picnic.

This place it shall be.

Revealing the basket of goodies.

Look @ the spread that Leecher bought prepared!

Soup of the day to start

Chicken carbonara sandwich for me.


We didn't stay for long this time round, as we had a movie to catch. And also, the place wasn't suitable for a picnic as there were lots of gigantic red ants around the area. Swan Lake is still the best for a nice picnic - shall save that for another time.

So, p2 of my birthday celebration was to watch the final installment of Twilight, much to Leecher's dismay. Too bad, birthday girl is the Queen of the day. 

Went home and Leecher bought mini chocolate cakes for me. He's really getting good at hiding things now, for he hid those cakes away from my sight the whole day and I didn't even realise anything unusual. 

Baked by Leecher's ex colleague, who left the industry to pursue his interest. 

Snowflake icing. 

Time for happy birthday song ~ happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to m....e......, happy birthday to me.

Another year wiser, lol! 

We heated up the other cake, so we can compare the taste b/w warm and cold. Leecher liked it warm while I prefer it cold. 

Setting off for dinner. Well, no surprises for dinner cuz I chose the place, lol!

Canopy, located @ Bishan Park. This is the newest addition to the Asmara Lifestyle Group, an Australian style cafe, offering a wide variety of new world wines. This restaurant is pet-friendly too.  
The interior, decorated with wooden beams lined across the ceiling. 

Leather-bound menu.

Orders placed!
Red wine for Leecher and minosa for me. I've tasted this @ Hatched (another post on that later) and this is now on the list of my faves.

Birthday toast to me :) 

Mini smoked duck pizza for starters. Homemade thin crust topped with smoked duck, pomodoro, mozzarella cheese, shredded apple, rocket salad and truffle mayo. Their pizzas come in 2 sizes - so if you're going in a big group, can get the normal sized pizzas for sharing.

Leecher ordered grilled wagyu sirloin, served with wedges and mixed greens.

My food cravings have changed over the few months. I used to be a steak lover, but over the months, it became a battle b/w chicken and fish. Ordered sakura chicken, which was marinated with mixed herbs & served with wedges, asparagus and creamy mushroom sauce.

Tata, cheers to a brand new year ahead! Another 365 days of laughter :) 
Canopy Garden Dining
Bishan Park II
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Singapore 569931
Tel: 6556 1533
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