Friday, July 29, 2011

BKK Biz Trip Jan 2011 P3

BKK Day 2, buffet morning spread from the hotel.

Not much of a variety, but morning tea is a good perk-me-up, especially given that we went to bed late last night.

We were famished when we walked into Taling Pling, one of the local thai restaurant that serve decent thai dishes. Irregular eating hours are the downside of business trip, it was 3pm when we took the first bite since breakfast. Mega love the Thai ice tea!

For dinner, we went to a restaurant that was recommended by the hotel concierge. He revealed that he will be bringing his GF to this place & will be proposing to her, heehee, so sweet :)

Where on earth do you see a nice and romantic restaurant?

I love such lamp posts! So Charlie Chaplin :) Would be perfect if I had my umbrella and a fake mustache.

Finally, we saw the entrance to the restaurant, which was nested at the end of the walkway. Given that we had late lunch, we went for desserts at this place.

This restaurant overlooks the river against the majestic backdrop of the Rattanakosin skyline. It would be good if you can get an outdoor view, where you can feel the gentle river-breeze against your skin and enjoy the majestic temple in full glory.

Headed up to Amorosa bar on the 4th floor for pic taking & also to enjoy the river breeze as we were sat indoor. I'm sure the view would be magnificent during sun-rise/sun-set. *mental note to plan a trip back if possible* Dunno if it was the effects of the breeze or the late night previously, but I slept like a log when I returned to hotel.

Monday, July 25, 2011

BKK Biz Trip Jan 2011 P2

The view from the hotel room, 23 floors up!

Lunch @ Coffee Beans by Dao! This outlet has made its foray into Singapore, known as Coffee Stars by Dao locally, located in Wisma Atria.

Finally have time for ourselves after a long day of meetings - found my fave mister donuts, yippee! Went crazy shopping @ Naraya, lol! Bought lots of stuff for our love nest, as well as pressie for Leecher. He always demand for his pressie whenever I'm overseas.

We went back pretty late & the usual cafes were closed for the day :( So we had dinner @ a pub/restaurant instead. Ordered snacks instead of main courses so we can finish dinner earlier & adjourned back to bed.

Monday, July 18, 2011


While Blamer is out enjoying with her sisters, I am busy drafting my wedding invites... Counting down to THE DAY!

Mega retreat!

Win sent me this pic while pre-honeymoon-ing. I wanna go too! Can we, Leecher? Please please please :)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BKK Biz Trip Jan 2011 P1

Finally have time to sit down & blog! We have officially crossed the half year mark and the beginning of 2nd half of 2011 look exciting, heehee! Ok, back to post proper - jet off to BKK on the 1st week of 2011. The usual pic whenever I'm at Changi Airport. This time round, I'm jetting off to Bangkok :) Yes, my virgin trip to BKK and friends have always raised their eyebrows whenever I told them that I've nv been to BKK, lol! Well, BKK, here I come!

Departing @ gate F58.

The national carrier :)

Bought my usual starbucks snack to curb my hunger pangs.

The morning air traffic was congested, so we had to wait patiently for our turn to take off. I loved window seats, as it allowed me to "kpo" during taxi, take off and landing.

My 2nd meal of the day - yums yums, but lacking in thai chilli for that extra punch.

The long immigration crowd when we walked out from the gates :(

Waiting for our luggages - I was so worried that my luggage was lost as it didn't appear on the belt for a long time. People were starting to leave the baggage claim area and I was one of the last few still waiting. Imagine my relief when I saw the familiar pink ribbon emerging from the entrance!

with the fave travel partner, Rinta. Our 1st trip on the 1st week of the new year, heehee.

Our "home" for the next 3 days.

In the limo, driving towards the direction of the hotel.

Love the huge bathroom that hotels have! Best of all, no need to share, hee! I can have all the space to put my toiletries :)

Welcome gift from Conrad, quite cute right?

OK - time for bed, to be continued soon!

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Friday!

Having sinful morning breakfast with Leecher on a happy Friday morning. Weekend coming ~ woohoo!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where's your dream seat?

There was a roadshow last week @ Chervon House which attracted a lot of attention, even made it to the papers. The guy above was supposedly sitting on his "dream seat", but the catch is - where's the seat?

Turned out that it was a marketing gimmick from VW for their new Jetta. Hmm, I think the old Jet still looks nicer though.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Graduation 2011

Lil Bro's graduation ceremony. Specially took leave for the event & felt like a proud parent when I attended the ceremony :)

We were rather impressed with the stage setup ~

Felt like we went back in time to our own convocation years ago.

Waiting for his 3 sec of fame on stage, so proud of you!

The graduation bear was part of their goodie bag, so good of NP! Previously @ NTU, we need to buy our own graduation bear, so unfair :( I was so tempted to kop the bear to my new place, lol.

Pics with lil bro before he wandered off for photo-taking with his classmates.

Lil bro was all smiles with Priscilla but put on the sulky look when taking pics with his dear sis, idiot!

Last round of pics before he returned his gown. Nevertheless, all the best in your next phrase of life. I know you can make it! :)
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