Friday, November 30, 2012

Raffles Place Bistro

I've managed to find dent dent's XD card after searching for a long time! I took it out from the camera one day and totally forgot where I placed the card. Searched high & low for the card, but just couldn't locate it. Was kinda upset for I had my LDN trip pics inside the card, so imagine my joy when it appeared in my sight, hidden underneath the keyboard, haha! 

Met up with Yaozu & Fionn end last yr, for our last working day biz lunch. Kinda impromptu, but was glad that everyone was able to make it.

Raffles Place Bistro located at the Sail @ Marina Bay, with open air seating area. We sat at a corner, behind the pillar for shelter against the strong gust of wind that was rampant towards year end. 

Leecher was exposed to the wind and looked at his unkempt hair.

We ordered grilled chicken, pork chop, spaghetti and fish. I've been here a couple of times with other companions for pizza & this was the 1st time that I'm having their mains. While they do serve good pizzas, their mains were mediocre, nothing fantastic to shout about. 

Looking forward to our Kai Nian Fan 2013! 
Raffles Place Bistro
The Sail @ Marina Bay
2 Marina Boulevard #01-01
Tel: 6222 6650

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BKK Trip with Leecher Nov 2012 P2

Continued from P1. My 2nd home in BKK - Tango, haha! As usual, we missed breakfast, but fret not - Leecher already had somewhere in mind on where he wanna go.

Love the mirrors outside the lift - great place to check your outfit and take #ootd pics :) 

  Crossing the bridge to the other side & Leecher had to steal my Meiji Chocolate milk!

Leecher insisted that he wanted to try Fuji Japanese restaurant, for he didn't try it previously and was feeling sore that I came with the girls without him. 

Happy Leecher flipped through the menu, only to pass it to me later for the ordering, DUH! 

The usual table setting, with condiments.

 Ordered a few dishes to be shared b/w us. Energy lvl at all time high as we set off to conquer Platinum mall, haha!
Fuji Japanese Restaurant
Platinum Mall, lvl 6 
 Leecher enjoying his shopping - he bought way more than me this time round!

Shopped all the way till night time. Bought only a few items, less than 10! Uber proud of myself :) Famished, we went searching for dinner!

Saw this stall near an alley, so decided to stop by for dinner. 

I have no idea what we were eating, so we just order noodles and let them decide the rest. The beauty of streetfood - you won't know what you're getting esp if you don't speak the language.

We were really sitting in the alley, with cars passing us as we ate! 

The Thais are really generous with their vegetables, much to my dismay :( 

Must try otah from some random stall. Spicy yet yummy!

Leecher still in the mood of shopping.

I ventured off to buy some snacks - saw this fried chicken stall and joined the queue. Take a plastic bag, filled it up and pay accordingly. Different prices for different chicken parts. Unfortunately, the chicken pieces weren't piping hot ... tasted cold and oily :( 

 Beer gardens, outside CentralWorld Bangkok! This event was unable to operate last year cuz of the floods. Outside Singha venue, was tempted to go in and try, but I'm not a beer fan.

This place has better music, but lesser crowd. In fact, only 3 tables were occupied. What a shame, for the music was really good. 

No beer, headed for Starbucks, haha! 

The card that I got from the airport, don't waste it. 

Chilled out at Starbucks, just to rest our tired feet. Been walking the whole day and I was dying for massage! Have to endure, cuz already booked an appt for full body massage tml :)

Was famished again, so dragged Leecher in search for the mama-mee stall. The problem with street vendors is that they seldom stay at the same place :( The mama-mee stall was gone, so we settled for another stall instead. 
Very much like our version of fried kway teow. 

Walked back to the hotel and saw the 1st Xmas lighting outside Novotel, a reminder that Xmas is coming! 

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