Monday, April 30, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Tea Ceremony P1

Another working day, but tomorrow is Labour day! So not much of Monday blues for me :) Been extremely busy ever since the start of the year but readers of this lil space have been telling me that they have been seeing frequent updates since end 2011 .... glad that I've been blogging regularly and it certainly wasn't easy with all the increased workload, housework and other personal commitments - sometimes, I wished I have 48 hours a day, so I can achieve much more in life. Well, at least when I'm loading all the pictures up and seeing them again after so long, I will recall all the memories that we had and keep them in my heart :)

Anyway, back to where I've stopped previously on our wedding journey. After leaving Seletar Reservoir, we went to Leecher's place for tea ceremony.

Fling helping me with my gown

Glad we made it back before the auspicious hour!

Praying to the ancestors & god together, with Leecher introducing me as his wife. Felt kinda weird hearing him addressing me as his wife, lol!

Drinking sweet soup, and I was so hungry for that was my 1st meal of the day.

Soon, it was time for the tea ceremony.

Too used to calling Uncle & Auntie, that it felt weird initially to address them as Daddy & Mummy.

Giving us our ang-pao and gold.

Both Leecher and Mum had to help me with my necklace and earrings & dad with my veil, while I just stayed still and let them put the jewellery on for me.

Final adjustment on the earrings before we proceed further.

Leecher got his own thick gold chain as well, heehee! Looks like a loanshark, right?

The uncles & aunties didn't want us to kneel, so they made us stand to serve them tea.

My lovely sisters, who helped out during the tea ceremony with their respective assigned roles.

Picture with my new family - with Leecher's 2nd bro + gf and parents.

A lot of them wore red for the occasion :) And the photographers were so funny to ask dad & mum to hold hands.

Meanwhile, EK & Kenneth were having fun spraying each other with water meant for my flowers!

Changed into my red gown for tea ceremony @ mummy dearest place. Wanted to wear a kua initially, but don't think I look nice in it, so they had to find me a red gown.

Getting ready to move to my place.

Glad the weather turned out really good that day, for I remembered it was raining heavily for the past few days leading to the wedding. Back to mummy dearest's place for another round of tea ceremony.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Thursday - Enroute to MBS

while seeking shelter from the rain, testing the multi-lens function, cool!

Edit: Project Thursday is now known as PicPrints (from 1st June 2012 onwards)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Celebrations - Picture Taking

We chose to have our pictures taken at Upper Seletar Reservior Park, as it was enroute to Leecher's place.

Rainbow sisters! Love the vibrant colours :)

The sisters all wore super high heels that they had to bend a lil to capture the brothers behind, haha!

Hand-in-hand, arm-locking-arm, we began walking up the slope.

Then someone (who?!) started to run, dragging all of us along! Thinking must be Leecher, cuz he's the only one in shoes while all the rest are in high heels.

The kite which we bought during our kite adventure for picture taking. Think we lost the string somewhere and Leecher had to hold it with his hands - and looking quite stupid in it, haha!

Brothers, Sisters & us unite!

Since that's the only prop that we brought along, so take more pictures with it and Leecher continue to feel stupid holding it, lol!

Filming for the video and running along the track, with our manual bubble-blowers in front of us.

It was a hot day and believe me, I think the bros & sisters must be feeling that they had the worst job ever, accompanying us to take pictures in the open with no shelter in sight.

I was so worried that Leecher will let go of my hands and I'll go rolling down the slope, cuz we were standing extremely close to the edge! You nv know what stunt Leecher will pull, lol!

Photographers & videographers lining the sisters & brothers up

I had to seek shelter underneath a shrubs.

Leecher had to come and join me, but with his size, I was soon back in the sun.

Filming our wedding video, and our videographer did a good job in editing the morning express highlights thereafter. We had to run 3 times to capture this & at this point, Leecher told me that for once, he appreciate my feather-light body, lol!

Climbing up the park's rocket-shaped iconic tower.

Stunning panoramic views of the water & adjacent greenery once we reached the top.

Love this pic and saved it as my iphone wallpaper :)

Pictures with the brothers & sisters, if not, they will murder us for making them climb 4-5 storeys high for nothing :)

More pictures from the top before we had to do what the photographers wanted us to pose.

Veil throwing & hoping to catch a bit of wind, heehee!

My turn to face the camera :)

Dunno how many times I have to jump & I was so afraid of Leecher not being able to catch me.

I love how this series of picture turned out in the end! And after enduring all the heat from the park, time to head to Leecher's place for tea ceremony.

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