Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Celebrated our 1st yr anniversary with a quiet dinner. Managing a relationship is never easy - the 1st year has been smooth-sailing, with the occasional spats where I have to resist the urge to tear the hubby apart *winks* Perhaps, after almost 7 years together, we have known each other better, adjust to each others' mood swings. As a newbie in marriage, I don't have any words of wisdom to share, but just remember to appreciate each other and not take things for granted :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PicPrints - 365 days


365 days of being married to you.

Though you're extremely absent-minded, you still remember to shower me with hugs & kisses whenever I'm feeling down.

Though you grumble about housework, you will help me with the laundry (I guess placing the laundry basket in the laundry room counts as helping, haha!)

Though your sense of direction sucks, you will always wanna bring me out for our dates. 

Though you tend to irritate me at times, I'm thankful that I've found you & decided to spend the rest of my life with you. 

Happy 1st year Anniversary, hubbs :) 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ta Shee Blooming Oasis 大溪花海農場

Rushing to clear the pictures for the new launch before packing for my bags for yet another trip, this time round with Leecher :) Been travelling alone or with friends for the past couple of trips and I'm beginning to miss going on trips with the dearest *ok, maybe not that much, seeing how "prepared" he is on this trip, haha*

Here's another entry on our TW journey. This time round, we visited 大溪 Blooming Oasis, which is approx 10 min walk from Love Story Building.

 From here, you can see CKS Memorial Sculpture Park, which is worth a visit too. 

Self-timer picture from Roger's camera.

Entrance fee is required to enter this farm. 

We were famished by the time we arrived. Settled our lunch at the restaurant first. 

 Full of energy after lunch, we ventured into the garden :)

First stop was Dream Lavender, where we took a lot of goofy pictures. The flowers were not in full bloom yet, but decent enough to act as a nice backdrop. With a nice backdrop, one can't help but camwhore :p

A proper picture this time round, haha! 

Leecher spotted something on top of the slope and it turned out to be a bell. Ring the bell and your wishes will all come true. 

We spotted a lot of graduates taking their pictures, reminded us of the times when we went back to NTU to take our graduation pictures. 
Preparing for the next batch of seedlings to be planted. 

Lim's family. 

Whacky poses, felt so silly doing this for there were a lot of onlookers, haha! 

Felt abit cheated, for the flowers were not really in full bloom :( 

Resting, the scotching sun is really taking a drain on my energy level. 

A lil farm in the middle of the park, where you can get to feed the animals for a min fee. 

This is what you get in a typical quarrel, haha! Kidding, we not that violent. 


The behind-the-screen of picture taking, 辛苦了!

 Roger's emo picture, taken by yours sincerely!

Ta Shee Blooming Oasis  大溪花海農場

Sunday, October 28, 2012

PicPrints - Window

The view, when trapped inside a lil room with no light.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Reno Diary - Blessing the House

Our designers handed over the keys to us, a sign that renovation is finally completed! *yippee* A place to call our home :) We chose an auspicious day to bless the house, a ritual that we kept it simple and fuss free. I googled online to find out the essentials stuff required and omitted some items which are difficult to get. 

The essential stuff, all packed. 

Leecher - waiting for the auspicious timing to kick open the door. 

Small pineapple, courtesy of our parents. Pineapples to bring wealth and fortune into the house :)

After entering the house, firstly, open all the windows to let the fresh air flow into the house to clean the Qi (energies) in the house. Next, switch on all the lights to light up the area.

Not forgetting the rest of the items -  the 5 essential items for the kitchen: cooking oil, vinegar, salt, sugar and rice.

Leecher boiling a pot of water over our new stove and we both drank a bit of the water. No idea what that was supposed to mean, but mummy dearest set the rules, haha!

Then, it was over to IKEA for a quick lunch before furniture shopping. We were frequently IKEA so often that it became our fave hangout place for a few months.  

As the pieces were too heavy to carry on its own, we opened up each package and separated the pieces to carry them (piece by piece) up the house.

Loots from IKEA - cushions, dining table, 2 bar stools and some miscellaneous stuff.
Leecher taking charge of the dining table.  

While I fixed the bar stools .... felt as if we were playing lego, but this lego version required lots of hammering and drilling. Sense of satisfaction when you see the assembled pieces :)
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