Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Friday KL Trip 2009

Finally, Qian blogged about our KL trip after 4 months :P Henceforth, I shall seek the easy way out ....

Full Story here: KL 1st day Part 1 & Part 2

Full Story here: KL 2nd day Part 1 & Part 2

Full Story here: Home Sweet Home

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wanling's Post-Bdae celebration

We all gathered @ home ground once again to celebrate Ms Foo's step into mid-quarter life crisis :P Sms-ed dearie at 2 mins past midnight on her bdae

Service @ NYNY was amiable, though our glasses of water were not re-filled throughout dinner.

The guys with their first taste into the corporate world. Bobo seems to be enjoying it the most, except for the lack of female presence in his office, haha. This spells trouble for the bet that will materialize on our anniversary dinner next yr :P

My lovely girlies - JL will be back to Raffles Place in Sept, can't wait!

Happy Birthday, Wanling :) May all dreams come true!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Snacking in office

I admit that I snack a lot in the office ~ how to resist temptations when you're faced with these?

Looks like I have to practice self-control ~ take these goodies out of my sight!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cafe Swiss

{overdue post} While the GF is away in HK for the weekend doing some serious damage to her wallet & mine; I am stuck in our sunny island writing this 4-month overdue post. Seems like I tend to have a LIFO system when it comes to blogging these days. Nevertheless, better late than never.

Meet up with dear FMQ for our usual bag-talk over her latest acquistion @ Cafe Swiss. The guys - Leecher & Kenneth - were invited, so that we can qualify for the promotion :P

The usual bull (or cow) mascot outside Swiss restaurants, akin to Marche.

The place was 10% filled on a Wednesday night.

Table setting in red, paying tribute to the Swiss Flag.

Interesting salt & pepper shakers.

Orange & apple juices to start the ball rolling :)

Great disappointment on the complimentary bread basket. The bread was cold & hard, as if it had been left overnight. Posed for the picture before I sank my teeth into the bread.

1st appetiser - Pan seared Goose liver with Calvados Apple and toasted brioche.

Leecher had the honour of distributing the food for us. The goose liver wasn't that fantastic though; 2nd disappointment of the meal.

2nd appetiser - Capellini with pan-seared Prawns, tomato concasse and saffron foam. This dish managed to turn the tables round with the juicy prawns. Capellini tasted delicious on its own, or soaked in foam.

The waiting time between each course is about 20 mins; counting from the time your plates got cleared. Cam-whoring while waiting for the next dish to be served...

FMQ with her newly permed curls VS me with my natural curls, haha

With dear Kenneth :)

Leecher trying to act "tall" beside FMQ

Back to our food; 1st main course - Oven Roasted Beef Tenderloin on Rosemary Jus with Root Vegetables. We were pretty much starved after the long wait. The meat was tender & juicy; can't comment much abt the vegetables as the rest of the gang helped themselves to it knowing that I am not a great fan of greens.

2nd main course - Roasted Lamb Rack on Rich Barolo Jus, grilled vegetables and potato gratin. I didn't know that you can order your lamb like steak until this very meal. Medium rare lamb rack, coupled with potato gratin = satisfying. And I am not even a potato fan, though I adore french fries.

Desserts - Chocolate cake with apricot compote & Carrot cake with sour cream ice-cream.You can never go wrong with chocolate, but I think something seriously went wrong here.

A group pic - minus FMQ(cos she left earlier) - to end the night ~

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tailoring Day

Took leave today with Yaozu to tailor some shirts for work.

Just take a look at the selection of fabrics for the shirts.

Too busy browsing through the catalogs than pay attention to the camera.

Wa ha ha ha, can't wait for the final products, but since the boss is so busy, we got to wait a whopping 3 weeks before we can collect ours.
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