Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Friday KL Trip 2010 Day 2

Rise & Shine! Time to get ready for Day 2 of our KL trip :)

In the lobby waiting for Ryan & Joe.

Wife helping husband to button his top.

So sweet ~ BAH!

Couple shot, damn gross.

Took the harrier with Miao, with Joe as our local tour guide. After a long ride, we finally arrived the recommended place for our brunch! Cheers to Joe for his efforts!

Authentic chrysanthemum tea, with flower as prove.

The best 海鲜面 ever! ZZG was so mesmerized with this that he kept posting he missed the 海鲜面 on his FB, days after we came back from our trip.

Time to head up to Genting, as the guys were dying to try their luck in the casino. Joe forgot his red underwear and we girls had to go shopping for his red boxers the day before.

Our 1st ever sister trip to the casino.

Where's there to look at the floor? Money?

Love the company & everyone! *muacks*

Headed to Coffee Bean for desserts. Quite an experience sitting outdoors in the cold with cakes and hot chocolate. Oh, Ryan did a "Ryan" at this particular place as well. *sniggers at the thought of it*

Time to head back to KL! It was so misty that Joe & Ryan had to drive carefully on the way down. As for the rest of us, we have complete faith in them to send us back safely that we dozed off once we hit the back seats :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Good Friday KL Trip 2010 Day 1 P2

After our fabulous high tea, we went back to the apartment, only to find the guys sound asleep.

Thank God Ron didn't hug ZZG in this picture, lol.

Poor Ryan slping on the single bed w/o Jocelyn in sight.

Joe had the privilege of slping on the girls' bed!

They were woken up by our chatters (opps!) and soon, we were on our way out in search of food for dinner! Yummy! We decided to drive 1 car out and Harrier was the choice. Imagine 8 of us sitting in the car!

Fling, ZZG, Ron and Ryan in the back seat, with me on ZZG's lap. Being the lightest amongst all, I always have to take the lap :(

Bros had a hard time as well. 4 adults squeezing onto the back seat.

Joe decided to open his sun roof, so that I'll be more comfortable.

Qian & Miao took the front seat. We are really good at these kind of stuff! We used to squeeze 7 pple into Joe's MyVii in JB, quite an achievement.

Headed to Petaling Street in search of the beef noodles that I recommended. My client brought me to this place during my 1st biz visit and I've been wanting to come back.

Yums Yums

On the way back, Ryan decided to sacrifice himself and took the boot. So 伟大! I think he had the best seat :) A380 suite all by himself.

When we reached the apartment, the girls were all ready to shower and head for bed, but the guys had other plans!

Bros dressed up, all ready to hit the clubs. They totally went back on their words on NO clubbing in KL.

Evidence from my trail of emails! Lesson learnt: nv to trust the guys! They even brought their party clothes along lo, w/o telling the sisters.

See, all dressed up and ready to hit the clubs. Of cuz we had to tag along, how can we let them have all the fun while we coped ourselves in the apartment?!

Partied till 4am at Zouk KL & supper thereafter :) Tired but we had lots of fun!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Friday KL Trip 2010 Day 1 P1

Been waiting for Qian to blog about our Good Friday KL trip, but I think most prob she will be leeching on me (again). As usual, holiday trips will be blogged in parts, so rem to stay tuned for each release!


Our brothers did the planning this time round (woohoo!) & after wks of discussion, we finally set off on one of the (greatest) road trip ever! Full attendance, in fact!

Early morning meetup with ZZG, who came over to pick up at 5.30am! He even called me before I could call him to wake him up. Turned out that he was out the whole night and went back home to pick up his stuff b4 coming over. Gathered at Kranji station bus stop & met up with the rest at 6am. Ryan & ZZG drove their cars in and surprisingly, we made it across the checkpoint first.

We had time to cam-whore while waiting for Ryan's Audi to arrive. Who says Mazda cannot beat Audi? We just proved it that we can :P

Met up with the Jbians - Fling & Joe. Abandoned ZZG's car @ Fling's carpark and switched to Joe's Harrier.

Joe, our cute driver for the day.

Qian & me took Joe's car while Fling & Miao took Ryan's car.

Greenery along North South Highway.

Stopped over @ one of the pit stop for our A&W breakfast!

We concussed after the hearty breakfast, leaving the drivers alone on our ride up to KL. Kudos to Ryan & Joseph!

After 3hrs journey, we arrived at a place we called our 2nd home in KL! Love this apartment.

Freshen up before leaving the apartment for shopping & high tea.

Had our high-tea @ Chinoz, located at KLCC.

2 tiers ... wished it came in 3 tiers though!

Miao's hot chocolate before adding milk. Gosh, really pure chocolate & you decide on the amount of milk poured in.

Hot chocolate!

Tai-Tais in the making :)

Ordered more food to feed 4 eating machines.

with my lovely sisters! We always have lots to talk & bitch about.

Ok, time to sign off for my weekly dose of drama. To be continued in the next few postings :)
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