Monday, September 28, 2009

Bali Day 3

It's the last day of our safari stay. Last chance to have breakfast with the lions.

Sometimes I wonder if animals are kept in captivity for too long, will they lose their instinct to hunt? Or what if the animals were born here, never taught how to hunt by its parents, will they be able to hunt and survive if ever release into the wild again??

Anyway, something to warm the stomach. Spicy ayam soto. I liked the savoury and spicy soup minus the yellow noodles.

Goreng pisang. It seems that Balinese like to grow their own bananas and they served this almost daily. I liked the batter but not the bananas inside. They were a bit sour not sweet.

Blamer is a die-hard mee goreng fan. I think this was her fav dish here, the chili was definitely a winning factor, I liked the salty and slightly peppered crackers though.

I dug into their English breakfast this time. Scrambled eggs on toast, served with bacon, sausage, hash-brown and slice of tomato. Sadly, my fav was the tomato which was slightly charred on one side. Bacon was a bit over done, too hard. Weird tasting sausage, eggs were just fine. Concluded, they are only good at doing room service foods. Wa ha ha, if not for the lions, maybe we should just order room service.

A dip in the pool. Since we are shifting accomodation later, doesn't make sense for us to venture out. Quite cool to watch the animals and relax on such a sweltering day.

They have a poolside bar (as seen behind Blamer), but too bad nobody was manning it when we were there. Maybe we were too early...

Eh... Sun tanning???

I think this was more like it... Ha ha ha, I heard that spotting a tan makes one looks slimmer....

Sad that we got to surrender our key today. Definitely will miss this place.

The helpful room cleaner help us take a last pic of the place.

Blamer happily posting with her new bag.

We finally managed to pinch the safari hat from the driver. This completed our safari journey.

Our next accommodation : Drupadi Studios. Looks ok from here...

With a mini pool.

And our modest bed. A far cry from the safari, but you pay for what you get, so nothing much we can do. However, the staff were very friendly and took great care to ensure that we had all that we needed.

After settling in, we walked around the area in search of their mini mart for supplies like drinking water, and also to have dinner at Sate Bali, which was among the top few rated eateries on trip advisor.

Some dips to go along with the crackers.

My appetiser which was gado gado served with a stick of chicken sate. (I think sate here has the same meaning as satay)

We ordered a combination of Kuta set and Seminyak set, although I can't really tell the difference or why they name it this way.

They served it with three kinds of rice. Normal white rice, yellow and brown. I liked the yellow one, can't describe it but there's a faint fragrance to it.

The individual dishes. To me, this feels like eating chap chai pung, which is rice with a few side dishes. I particularly like the greenish chicken, bathed in a rich coconut sauce. And their beef rendang which was very soft and full of flavour. Goes very well with rice. Their vegetables was so-so, very plain as they only boiled them in water, and drizzled some oil on them that's all.

Next comes the dessert, consisting of goreng pisang (again), some cut fruits, I think it is pulau hitam in the center and some tapioca cakes and some greenish kueh. I liked the greenish kueh the most, with the sweetened coconut shavings in the center.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bali Day 2

We woke up looking forward to a wonderful breakfast on the second day of our Bali journey

We opted for the traditional village breakfast in order to experience the Balinese way of life.

And out came the lions, just in time to join us for breakfast. I didn't know that lions knew how to use the tree trunk as a tool to scratch an itch. I had always thought they would use their hind legs like a dog or a cat would. Interesting... ...

I think the lioness must be thinking how Blamer taste like... ...

Wa this lion looked like it was deep in thought. The thinking lion... ...

But we didn't get to enjoy our breakfast in the restaurant. Instead, we packed it so that we can catch the free ferry to ... ...

Seminyak Beach. Wow, really clear, blue waters.

This Gado Gado seller was taking shelter at our pavilion, but we don't really feel safe to buy any from him.

A full to the brim boat. Isn't this a bit dangerous?

Practicing my photography... Not bad right? Really love their beaches, too bad we didn't bring our swim wear along.

Next up, we went to Sukawati Market. Blamer really showed me what is bargaining when she bought the bag that I'm holding up at a price I once thought impossible.

We came across some roadside stall and some school children were crowding round the uncle buying snacks. Reminded us of the good old days when we were still students.

So much so that Blamer decided to snap a pic with them. Look at how they crowded around her, nearly pushed her out of the frame. Ha ha.

Along the way, we chanced upon this mobile bread shop. Really unique dun you think?

I always think that in order to really experience the local culture, we should eat the local food --- local style. This stall looks safer than the Gado Gado seller for at least, he cooks his food over a fire, no germs or bacteria could have survived.

Fried mee goreng from the roadside stall. Really tasty, it's full of flavour especially the burnt taste from stir frying under extreme high heat aka wok-breath. Yummi-li-cious!!!

After lunch we headed back to our tree house and was pleasantly surprised by the decoration hanging outside our house.

There was also another round of fresh flowers on the bed

After we refreshed ourselves, it's time to head out for our safari experience.

A great big elephant guards the entrance to the safari.

Visit to the white tigers. The chart showing us why some tigers are born white.

A really hot day, I agree...

Is it me or does animals in captivity tend to be a bit more lazy???

I guess the pictures speak for themselves... ...

I wonder how the goats got up there?

The sun bear sticking its tongue out.

This is a classic shot of an owl in a tree hole.

The crocodile we saw when we first arrived.

A gigantic rhino. Whew, it's almost as big as a car. I would definitely be a goner if I were ever ran over by a rhino this size! According the guide, rhinos are supposed to be solitary, hence only one here.

Had the chance to touch a baby lion. This attraction used to host a baby white tiger, however, it got too big to be considered safe for human interaction.

One of my favourite activities. Feeding the elephants!

The elephant thought Blamer was hiding the remaining bananas in her bag!

Blamer particularly liked to feed the baby. The keeper told us to peel off the skin because the baby is still too young to digest the banana skin.

This marked the end of our safari trip. Although we took loads of videos of the animals, they were too large for me to load onto the blog.

After a tiring afternoon, it's back to our tree house for some room service. Strangely their food tasted better than when we had them at the restaurant. Double standards??

We can't be the only ones eating, come and get it animals!!!

Our commentary spa included in the overall package. Too bad the tub wasn't a jacuzzi.
After a rejuvenating massage, it's time for dinner! Notice it was the same table where we had our breakfast. I had specially arranged this set up such that I can executed my master plan! Mu ha ha ha!

My props for my master plan, now safely in the bedroom. Dent Dent ran out of battery at the restaurant. I just managed to record down a video of what happened but again the file was too large to be loaded.
The kind people of the resort once again decorated our room with fresh flowers. Really thoughtful of them!

And here is Blamer with her specially imported flowers from Jarkata and a new status : )
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