Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Leeds Castle, Kent Day 1: Arrival in London

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Recently, I've been trying to clean up stuff on the external harddisk and I came across a London folder which documented my trips to London. 2 years ago, I blogged about my virgin sales conference experience in London. I was privileged to be invited the following year, when this appeared in my mailbox:
We'll be heading to a castle, how cool is that! I couldn't wait for the dates to arrive. It was then back to the usual routine and before I knew it, it was the day of departure for London. Leecher accompanied me to take a cab before he scooted back home to catch up on his TV shows, lol! This Leecher super not romantic one, he doesn't send me to/fro the airport. In his words, I can find my own way home, lol.
Breezing through the departure gates. Hunger pangs hit me even though I had dinner with Leecher earlier before heading to the airport. A visit to Burger King for their Mexican drumlets to curb the hunger, before washing it down with jasmine green tea.
Walking around after the meal to aid with digestion, by heading the duty-free shops for shopping :) 
No makeup face to endure the next 12h flight; hence I went to the toilet to apply some moisturizer on my skin so it won't be dry on board. I have a bad habit though - I don't reapply moisturizer once I'm on the plane, which is extremely bad (I know!) for the skin since cabin air is so dry.
I took the red-eye flight to London, so we'll land early in the morning. As it was drizzling during departure, our flight was delayed for a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, I was all set and ready to doze off :)
 Always a pleasure to fly with our national carrier. I do kinda miss the flying days now that I'm not traveling frequently for work.
I miss inflight food! Beef stew and potatoes + vegetables to start the night/morning. In the past, I will usually be on movie mode to catch up on all the movies that I wanted to watch. Nowadays, I will be catching up on sleep instead, only waking up during meal times and toilet breaks. 
The lovely view outside :)
As we slowly approached Heathrow, breakfast is served. Even though it was 4AM, my appetite was so good that I polished everything off the plate - even the bread, lol! The muffin was so yummy that I was craving for 2nd helpings but decided to curb my sugar intake. I did saved the cereal for snack later, in case we needed to wait around the hotel for the others to arrive. #dontwastefood
Peeped through the window and saw that we will be landing soon. Meanwhile, I'll just have to endure the sun rays piercing through the windows while I catch up on more sleep.
Yeah, finally landed. I was glad to be up and out, giving my body a good stretch after being confined to a tiny space for 12h. We met up with the HK team since I had made arrangement for airport transfer. We calculated that it would be cheaper to get a private car rather than the hassle of airport express + cab. Our driver was already waiting for us and we walked to the car park where the car is located.
Cruising to the hotel while the rest of us slept (what's new!) in the car. The whole journey took close to 1h due to morning jam. It was close to 9AM when we arrived at the hotel. There was only 1 room available for early check-in but Clarins allowed us to use her room to freshen up. Shower, here I come! 

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