Friday, February 19, 2016

Family Self-Drive Trip to Malacca: St Paul's Church and A' Famosa Fort

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I'm currently on business trip but sneaking some time to update while waiting to board the plane. From where I left off previously, most of us were dead tired and retired to bed. We got up pretty early the following morning for breakfast, only to find that PILs already ate and retired back to their room to wait for us. We then made our way across the street to the breakfast "hall", where a sumptuous buffet awaits us. 
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A mini yet wonderful spread of breakfast items. Since we stayed for 2 nights this time, we got to taste 2 different menus *greedy* The chicken rice was really fragrant, so I went for 2nd helpings - extra chilli please! Leecher liked the spread as well, so we ended up eating more than usual. 
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A quick pic with PILs at the lobby. My past experience in Malacca made me realised the importance of sunblock and I took the opportunity to use my precious Edward-the-vampire-shine-like-diamond sunblock. When applied, your skin will sparkle under the sunlight, no kidding! Leecher said this is the closest that I'll get to connect with Edward, tsk tsk. 
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The main agenda was to tour around Malacca, visiting some of the famous landmarks. Here we are, in front of the Stadthuys - well-known for its red exterior and red clock tower. The clock tower is a significant icon of the square, as it was the landmark for me to navigate in the area. 
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Combing the area in my new sandals. Comfort level was OK, but I mega love the blings!
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Wanna make a guess on where's our first stop?   P7180516 copyP7180523 copy
 A bird's eye view from the summit of St Paul's Hill.
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We endured the humid and sunny weather, conquered the stairs to reach the summit of St. Paul's Hill. We wanted to take a picture in front of the church, but the large crowd of people prevented us from doing so and we got relegated to the sides instead :(
P7180529 copy 
 Buskers and souvenir stalls at the top of the hill, outside St. Paul's Church. P7180524 copy
 Selfie first before I roamed around the area ;)
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St Paul's Church, originally built in 1521, is the oldest church building in Malaysia. Located at the summit of St. Paul's Hill, the church is now roofless and covered in ferns. The church was originally a simple chapel but was later used as a burial ground. Today, the church is part of the Malacca Museum Complex comprising of the A' Famosa ruins, the Stadthuys and other historical buildings.
 Lining against the walls of the church are intricately engraved tombstones belonging to the Dutch nobility
St. Paul's Church
Jalan Kota, Bukit St. Paul (St. Paul’s Hill)
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Heading down on the other side of the church led us to Porta de Santiago, the remains of the great A' Famosa Fort. 
P7180534 copy 
 Can you spot the fort from here?
P7180535 copyP7180538
The A' Famosa fort is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in SEAsia. The fortress once consisted of long ramparts and four major towers. One was a four-story keep, while the others held an ammunition's storage room, the residence of the captain, and an officers' quarters. Porta de Santiago, the small gate house behind us, is the only part of the fortress which still remains today. 
One of the original cannons guarding the fortress. 
 A' Famosa Fort 
Jalan Parameswara, 78000 Alor Gajah, 
Melaka, Malaysia
This pirate-like ship transforms into a huge theatre at dusk, where theatre actresses/actors come together to tell the history of Malacca through songs and dance. We didn't have time to catch the play, but I would definitely love to sit through this next time
The blazing sun shone mercilessly upon us and we were starting to feel tired. My energy level was down and I navigated to the nearest mall for aircon! I'm signing off now, but will be back with more of our adventures soon.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Malacca 2015: 5 things to do in Malacca

From a simple fishing village to a UNESCO site, Malacca has come a long way since 1377. Malacca is also a popular place for weekends getaway with both Singaporeans and locals. Within the span of 1 year, I headed to Malacca twice - once with the Jitches and most recently, with the in-laws. Here's the 2015 edition of 5 things to do in Malacca: 
 1. Ride on the rickshaw
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Hop on for a ride in these elaborately decorated rickshaws, which even came equipped with a stereo system blasting the latest songs. Top marks for the amount of effort taken to dress each rickshaw, which has now become an icon of Malacca.
 2. Stroll along Melaka River
P7180610 copy
Evening is the best time to stroll along the Malacca River, which was once a vital trade route during the heyday of Malacca Sultanate in the 15th century. Restaurants, bars and shops are scattered on both sides of the river, so you can hop in for a rest or a quick bite before continuing the rest of the journey.  
3. Nadeje Mille Crepe 
P7180565 copy
Before Lady M invaded our shores, Nadeje was the to-go place for mille crepe. They pride themselves for using quality ingredients to make their crepes/cakes, which probably explains the ridiculously long queues for both dine-in and takeaway.
4. St Paul's Church
Catch a glimpse of St. Paul's Church, the oldest church building in Malaysia built in 1521. Located at the summit of St. Paul's Hill, this roofless church was originally a simple chapel before it became a burial ground. 
5. Shop at the Malls
Escape the scorching sun and head to the malls instead. Shop at either the iconic Mahkota Parade, which was recently refurbished to embrace a younger crowd or Dataran Paulawan, home to some of the most exciting entertainment, such as the cinema, skating rink or archery. 

Psst .... detailed posts will be linked once completed, stay tuned!  
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