Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Thanks for the joy & happiness that you brought to my life.

Though we may not be together, you will always be in my heart :)

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feasting with food buddy P2

I must admit that I am very lagging in all my posts, but hey, before you guys start to grumble, I have got the most-concrete-excuse ever .... it's the month of december aka holiday season, LOL. Before I start my partying next week onwards, I figured that it would be ideal for me to blog about my past-dated entries before things start to pile up (or already had) for the year :)

Meet up with food buddy @ Tony Roma! Agenda: a new baby is in town, with the name starting with B! We had to rope in Leecher as there were too much food to finish and we can make use of another stomach.

Simple, fuss-free table setting; warm water was never refilled throughout dinner.

Bread with a slight hint of herb & butter.

3 massive servings (truely American) on the table:
  • Sirloin Cheddar Grille Sandwich with Coleslaw and Fries
  • Half Slab of Tony Roma’s Red Hots™ Pork Ribs with Grilled Shrimp with Rice and Ranch Style Beans
  • Southwestern Chicken with Corn on the Cob and Mashed Potato
Corn on the Cob totally steal the day! I always find it amusing when a simple side dish can steal the limelight from the mains. I am still drooling over it as I am typing this entry, go figure how good that is!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Feasting with food buddy P1

As suggested from the title, this is only p1 of the feasting that we had :) Didn't realise that I missed this post; bet food buddy aka FMQ must be astonished to see this post here when the same post appeared on her blogs several months ago.

Meet up @ White Rose Cafe, York Hotel. It was a long walk uphill and the gals were strolling faster in our 4-inch heels than Leecher in his shoes. A restaurant hidden away from the vibes of the city, with all the attention being focused on Goodwood Park instead. Fear not, the foodies are about to uncover the gem!

The promotion: 1-for-1 on their Chef's specialty.

Bread was served warm and we literally gobbled up the bread as we were too hungry from all the waiting & walking.

Let the feasting begin! We ordered the following:
  • Panfried Chicken in Herbs & Wine served with Sauteed vegetables and roasted potatoes.
  • Lamb Kebab served with Salsa Sauce and Buttered Rice
  • Baked Blue Mussels served with Seafood Fettuccini
  • Grilled Salmon with Green Tea Noodles
We picked our favourite & the winner goes to .... BUTTERED RICE~ haha ... the rice was frangant and infused with the taste of butter & something-else that we couldn't stop eating it :)

Another round of cam-whoring; notice how Leecher always "straighten" up when taking pictures with FMQ .... haha, he can't stand FMQ being taller than he is, LOL.

With my fave food buddy! It's funny how our love affair with bags put everything in place :)

Lovey-dovey pictures with Leecher to set pace the sweetness as our desserts have arrived!

We ordered American Cheesecake & Apple Crumble to share. Though I was not a fan of apple crumble, the crunchy exterior totally wow-ed me over. Leecher had to settle for the apple fillings instead :p

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Date with ...

While Leecher loads the pictures onto the blog for our Japan adventure, I am given the task (arrowed) to blog on our past activities for our readers.

Kaiwei & Yanni jio-ed us out on for Sat brunch. Yours truly here was surprisingly the earliest, reaching the station @ 11am sharp. Stupid Leecher took a long detour and took over 1hr to reach while he could have reached in 30 min. Seriously, I wonder how can anyone living in SG have such poor direction sense ...

Finally Leecher reached! Noticed how tight I am clinging onto him ..... *cuz Leecher is footing the bill for the day!!! Yippee! *

After a short taxi ride, we arrived at the place; can't wait to get started. All of us were hungry as we skipped breakfast for this.

Kaiwei and I couldn't resist the peanuts that we had to remind ourselves that THE BUFFET is the main agenda for the day.

White table setting; the "tools" that we needed to get our meal started.

2 types of buffet to choose - the usual and seafood. We settled for seafood buffet as there were more choices.

Leecher & Yanni deep in discussion on the ordering of food.

We started with a plate of sashimi; from our experience @ The Line, raw food just taste weird once your taste buds have come into contact with cooked food.

Seafood up next. Shark fins was just a bowl of starch and tasted blend. Yanni & me were obsessed with the cereals more than the prawns; we ordered 2nd helpings on the prawn & fish.

Dim sum next! The dumplings' skin were chewy and each revealed a piece of succulent prawn in it. Steamed pork was a mixture of lean and fatty meat, which Leecher conveniently pushed all the fatty ones to my plate.

The mini pandan egg tarts are so cute that I couldn't resist popping 2 into my mouth :) Looks like they were pretty popular as we were told they were sold out when we requested for 2nd helping :( Another surprise came in the form on fried beancurd skin with shrimps - the skin was crispy and leaves you craving for more ~ and we did with another round of it!

There are bound to be misses in their food menu and disappointment sunk in when I couldn't find any century egg in the porridge. Beef was salty and kang kong was just kang kong. No coincidence that they are grouped in this picture together.

Custard bun was yummy, though it paled in comparison with what we had in HK. Honey & apple jelly was refreshing, just the right amount of sweetness to end the day, perfect.

4 happy stomachs filled up and Leecher's wallet on the table *heehee*

We parted ways with Kaiwei & Yanni after the meal. We arrived in town, only to be greeted by this ...

We were lucky that our intended destination was not that crowded.

The Levi's Trade-In-Your-Old-Jeans deal @ Taka Square.

The Eco garden to increase our awareness on the environmental issues that Mother Earth is facing.

The huge pile of old jeans that you can grab for $5 bucks each. We spotted bright red/yellow/green skinnies in those pile, LOL

2 pairs of jeans for me! Just in time for the Japan trip :)

Not to be outdone by me, Leecher grabbed 2 pairs as well.

Our loots!
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