Friday, January 4, 2008

Kai Nian Fan

Yesh Kai Nan Fan is what we name the objective of tonite's meeting. Courtesy of the organiser, the ever punctual me ended up waiting for 1 & half hours before the rest of the gang turned up. Haiz talk abt new year resolutions, I think punctuality should be their top priority.

Anyway, while waiting for the busiest of us all, we entertained ourselves outside Fullerton hotel deciding where to go for our dinner.

Nice guy with two lousy girls.

Mr Busiest finally arrived around 8 plus. B'cos it's getting quite late, we decided to walk back towards Circular Rd for dinner at TCC which according to Blamer, serves quite decent food.

At the restaurant,

We decided against gg upstairs to sit on the bean bags cos we reckon it will be quite a hassle to eat dinner that way. But the sofa was so comfy too.

We ordered our drinks (hope I can remember the names correctly)

I ordered the "Strawberry Tea". Taste more strawberry then tea though.

Organiser went for some mango yogurt drink I think.

Busiest order Passion fruit freeze.

Blamer here ordered "Oreo MilkShake" I tasted it but it is not really that nice.

For the food, we order some side dishes first 'cos we were really hungry after waiting for each other for so long.

Potota wedges with cheese dip. Although it's just normal wedges, but to four very hungry ppl, I think they are heavenly, ha ha.

Now this is a Cher's recommendation dish. Think it is beef with tofu and cheese. This is really unique and the minced beef is savory and very fragrant. Definitely a must try.

Organiser ordered the Meatball Gratin, I think the meatball is nice, but she never let me eat the pasta leh. Sianz

Busiest make a mistake by order this Seafood Aglio Olio. It's a super spicy dish. ha ha. The thumb's up was of cos before he had taken a bite of his food. Too bad I din capture his perspiring face but he was definitely relieved after he had finished the meal. Maybe next time they should specify that it's a spicy dish. : )

Blamer ordered a chicken dish, while I ordered a fish dish with miso sauce. I like the chicken dish more though, it's grilled to perfection, charred around the skin, but the meat is still tender and juicy. The fish is a little too chewy for my liking, the miso sauce tasted kinda weird as well. However, I do like the small mushrooms side dish.

After our dinner, we decided to take a walk down to Clarke quay for dessert. Busiest and me desperately needed the walk or else we will have to loosen our belts to contain anymore desserts.

We decided upon Haagen Daz since I still have a $10 voucher with Blamer (aka voucher keeper).

A group photo w/o me : (

Blamer decided to compensate me since I looked so sad...

Me recovered ! ! !

We ordered the Fruit Blossom with 6 choices of ice cream. Each of us got to pick one. Organiser chose strawberry cheesecake which I find very "bu sow", but I think she liked it very much. Other flavours include : Tiramisu, Rum n Raisins, Green Tea, Cookies n Chocolate and the classic Belgium Chocolate.


During... ...


A lot of whip cream was wasted in the process of devouring our dessert. But still, quite like this dessert because of the fresh apple slices and the strawberries. I like the spoon and the service by the waiter and waitresses as well. Kudos especially to the perfectionist waiter who took quite a couple of shots before we finally got our PERFECT group photo!

We should do this more often guys ^_^

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