Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PicPrints - JB Sky

We crossed the causeway one weekend and I snapped this while we were stuck in the jam for almost 1.5 hours.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kaela is 1 year old!

So, July came and almost gone in the blink of an eye. Counting down to National Day holiday, where I have plans to just stay @ home and rest! *hopefully nothing comes along and disrupts my plan* The next trip is on the pipeline, a month's time to be exact *can't wait* Got mega plans to conquer and return with glory, lol! Still on some birthday posts - attended Baby Kaela's 1st yr bdae celebration in June! This has to be the most up-to-date post in the longest time ever.

Balloons decorating the walkway to their apartment, in pink & white hues.

The lil princess loves carebear, so the doting parents decorated the house with care bears.

eggs for all of us.

Lots of food for the guests, we all had second helpings *gluttons*

This time round, the celebration was kept small with just immediate families and friends.

Kaela was fascinated by the camera and kept wanting to snatch it away from me.

While I was trying to evade her wandering hands, I noticed the start of her shoes & clothes collection, haha! She's definitely is in good hands under Mummy's guidance.

This lil princess is like an energized bunny, always fidgeting. I had a hard time trying to capture her (clear) pictures.

A huge birthday cake decorated with care bear for the birthday girl.

It looked so pretty that I can't bear to eat it.

Leecher became the official photographer for the day, using HuaiQin's camera. The camera weigh a ton, but I feel so much like a pro using it, haha!

HQ Daddy lighting up the candle.

Kaela getting excited at seeing her birthday cake, with the candle shining brightly :)

Happy birthday & cake cutting! Still can't believe that she turned 1 yr old. It felt like yesterday when I was still carrying her in my arms during her 1st month party.

Group pic with her uncles and auntie, haha! Hope you like the presents that we picked out for you :)

lil princess got curious by the care bears and wanted to stuff them inside her mouth.

The cake was delicious and I recognized the flavour! It was from Pine Garden and Sheena confirmed it. One of my fave neighbourhood bakery :)

Pretty girl in the kitchen, making all sorts of faces at the camera. Isn't she adorable? I think she takes after daddy, while Leecher thinks she looks like mummy.

Taking a break from all the feasting, and also waiting for my turn to carry the lil princess!

Got notified that she's now ready to be carried, haha!

She had a change of clothes and made her 2nd appearance in her care bear shirt. Cheer bear, my fave care bear of the lot, as she has a rainbow on a tummy & also because she's the happy and perky bear :) The AF gang got me my 1st care bear (Cheer bear!) when I left hostel years ago.

Picture with the birthday girl, beside her own birthday banner!

While I was "chatting" with her, she suddenly made a monster face.

Turned and look in the direction ....... and saw Daddy making the same face back!

Don't they look alike?

Friday, July 27, 2012

PicPrints - Youth Olympics

Today marks the opening of London Olympics 2012. Can't help but thought of the Youth Olympics that was held in Singapore 2 years ago.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baby James 1st Month Celebrations

We attended Baby James's 1st month bdae celebration sometime back in Nov. We went present shopping before that and it was fun picking out presents! We talked about our childhood toys and Leecher was extremely surprised that I don't have any polly pocket or barbie dolls, lol! Maybe that's why I don't behave girly at all - the aftermath of my non-girly childhood.

Greetings from Baby James!

Leecher with the present that we picked for Baby James :)

Baby James was sleeping soundly by the time we arrived, so we didn't manage to take his pictures. However, we got another package of goodies to take home with us.

Met up with the AF gang thereafter and I made Van 大嫂 picked one of the cake with milk bottle :P and Win had to see through my intentions, lol!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PicPrints - Shophouse

Snapped this while I was on the way to a friend's shop opening. I hope we can see preserve more of these shop houses in Singapore. While skyscrapers look modern and magnificent, I still prefer something old & rich in heritage.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An addiction called Shopping

There is a soft spot in everyone of us, and mine happened to be one called "Shopping". Even more so, when you put SALE in front of me!

Dragged the BFF to the warehouse sale @ Raffles Place :) We skipped lunch just to shop, that's how crazy and spontaneous we are!

Look at my bag full of clothes! BFF only went home with 2 items, so NOT-her! And we went back again the following day for more shopping, and BFF still under perform. Must influence her more, haha!

Whatsapp Leecher while waiting for payment. His reaction tickled us when he saw our pictures together, lol! He kept lamenting that I'm taking up his wardrobe space, when actually, it should be the other way round - cuz I didn't plan to share my wardrobe with him in the 1st place, haha!

Then, our fave online shop has to come up with a discount code that we were all waiting for.

BFF ordered that I had to go home and see the items clearly, for she didn't believe that I have nothing to buy, especially when SALE + Discount Code is just right in front of me. And she know me so well .......

Now, I just have to wait for the parcel to arrive with my new items :) Yeah! Time to shift Leecher's stuff out from the wardrobe :p
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