Tuesday, December 31, 2013


At the last day of every year, it has been a tradition to sit in front of the comp and pen down my thoughts for the past year. This year, I struggled long before deciding to pen down this post. 

My beloved baby bro left us on 26th Dec 2013. Mummy once told me that when baby bro was born, the doc predicted that he only had a life expectancy of 12-16 years. We were fortunate enough to have him for 27 years in the family, which I'm extremely thankful for. His health deteoriated over the last couple of years, but that did not stop us from loving him more. He was a brave warrior with a strong will to live. 

It has been an emotional ride for the last couple of days - the reality that baby bro has left us didn't register in my brain. I kept feeling that he was just away in hospital and will be back in a couple of days. I teared whenever I think of him - sitting in his favourite chair and waiting for us to play or talk to him.

I know he is in a better place now where he is healthy & carefree. In my heart, he will always be my beloved baby bro, the one that I'll always love and care for. 

Baby, 姐姐 loves you forever. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Always my baby bro

You will always be my beloved baby bro - my brave warrior. 姐姐 loves you forever. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas 2013

This year, we decided to decline all parties/gatherings invitation and spent Xmas together at home. It was just like any other weekend - we woke up late morning, he made brunch & we watched a couple of shows on TV before unwrapping our Xmas gifts. Then, I did the laundry while he vacuumed the place and the lights from our Xmas tree shone brightly in the background. Leecher will be cooking something different tonight & I'm really looking forward to it :) Nothing fanciful but I'm thankful for the simple/quiet celebration.
❤ ❤ ❤
As I sign off, hope everyone have a blessed Xmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Wedding: SSL & Uncle Teo Part Two

Happy Xmas Eve Eve, lol! Since it's such a joyous occasion, I'm back with Part Two of SSL & Uncle Teo's big day (read Part One here). One of SSL's brother lived close to me, so he kindly gave me a lift home. However, I forgot my keys & had to "summon" Leecher to come back to open the front door for me, lol! Thankfully, he was already on the way home when I called. A quick nap + shower later, I headed down to the hotel for soleminisation + dinner reception.
The venue was at Fort Canning Hotel - I have never been to this area before, but judging from the name, I gathered that it should be near ROM. Thankfully, taxi uncle knows the exact location & I reached slightly earlier than the agreed time. The reception area was already set up, oh wells, that meant I can slack till duty calls for it, lol! Flipped through the pre-wedding album and can't help but giggle at the pic above, lol! SSL looked so "Malay" in the pic :)
Taking a pic of the ROM table. I didn't have my camera with me, but my trusty iphone works fine :) I "stole" a lot couple of pictures from SSL's facebook to put together the entries as well. 
Always distracted by babies ... provided they are not wailing :) 
A pic with Nijun, who came earlier for the ROM reception and with Sheena, one of the bridesmaids. I really love Sheena's curls ... pretty!  
 Solemnization process was quick and fuss-free. Well, SSL didn't shed any tears even though I had prepared tissue for her, lol! She's a tough chick to crack :)  1003535_10152396327622942_920488595_n1395419_10152396327587942_1965334232_n 
Presenting to you Mr & Mrs Teo! PS: Spot the difference b/w the 2 pics :) 
Polaroid of bridesmaids + the newly weds :) 
Rainbow spotted on the reception table, directly in front of where I sat! 
Reception duty with the sisters! We took charge of the bride's tables, but somehow most of the guests ended up coming to our side looking for their tables. Tsk tsk, the guys must be too busy having fun on their own.
The brothers were really committed to their duties of "guarding" the angbao box, insisting of holding onto it every second.
with 204 babes, lol! We are like 常任嘉宾 of one another weddings. Next 204 babe wedding projected will be Jun in Oct :) Jinlian came along to say hi too, but she had to head off to the airport for a business trip ... so she's missing in this pic! 
Another pic of the lovely couple! Their thank-you speech brought laughter to everyone, lol! 
Uncle Teo had a surprise for SSL for it was also their 9th year anniversary - the TNT box contained an extremely large bouquet of 99 roses! 
204 babes @ the BPians table :)
Table pic of the BPians 
with Laiyee, Yiwei and Jinhan (affectionately known as xiao han han!). 
With Andrew & Ethel :) 
The very diva-ish SSL pose :) Have a blissful marriage my dear! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wedding: SSL & Uncle Teo Part One

556872_10152396316382942_327509199_n copy
I'm called up for another bridesmaid duty, the first of many this year - haha! Mummy dearest used to tell me that a (single) girl should not be a bridesmaid more than 3 times, if not, she will end up being left on the shelf. Thankfully, I'm already married, so I can be as a bridesmaid as many times as I want to, heh. 
The usual meetup time at 6am. I must have looked like a bright neon highlighter from afar, lol! Most of my bridesmaid dresses thus far are in different hues of pink & orange - looked like these are the 2 favourite wedding colours :) I took a cab from Punggol and was damn unlucky to board one which reeked of cigarette smell :( I endured the smell until I buay tahan and requested for uncle to wind down the window for fresh air.
The same team that I engaged for my wedding, the photographers from WOW! Photography & Tracy, were there as well! Haha, now I upgraded to the status of ex-老板娘. I took a couple of shots using their cameras & boy, their cameras are really heavy! They even got their own vests woh, not bad huh! 
Once the bride is ready, it was time to shut the gates and wait for the groom + his brother gang to appear. We have prepared a couple of games for them, all based on the bride's requests woh. The brother gang made good use of their brutal strength & bulldozed into the living room, even "hurting" some of the sisters in progress ... but all in good fun. Then, it was time to head out for photoshoot.  
SSL & Uncle Teo all ready to set off. Uncle Teo must be extremely grateful to be in the air-conditioned car, since he was sweating buckets earlier during gatecrashing. 
3 bridesmaid in the car driven by one of the brothers, who happened to know one of Miao's friend. The world is indeed very small. 
Back to BPGHS for pic-taking since both SSL and Uncle Teo were ex-bpians. It has been a long time since I returned back to school and I couldn't recognised it at first! Gone were the courtyard that we fondly remember for all the gossip sessions :( 
Memorable days!  
We headed to the only area that did not undergo any "facelift" for outdoor photo-taking. 1425556_10152394276842942_1776601036_n1395857_10152394276652942_2112149171_n
The basketball/volleyball court, lol! 
The beautiful bride with her entourage of sisters.
 The brother gang, dressed in Akatsuki outfits, were deep in discussion on what they wanna pose with the groom .... and they thought of this epic pose which was really funny! 1451596_10152394278367942_820418377_n  
One last pic before we moved indoors. 1391876_10152394281977942_644237529_n1395140_10152394280137942_1909301005_n 
We sat there watching the 2 love birds flirting with each other. I really missed our schooling days as I sat in my own seat. This was the exact classroom which we enjoyed 2 years of lower secondary life together. The fond memories that I hold dear to my heart :) 
Off to Uncle Teo's house for tea ceremony & looked who came along? Baby Liam in the house :) He was feeling sleepy but brightened up as soon as I whipped out my phone. Nowadays, kids are naturally attracted to gadgets, especially iPhones & iPads.
 Naughty Liam biting my phone, lol! How not to fall in love with him?
 Happy family :) We all concur that Baby Liam looks more like Daddy - exactly like a mould.
Liam had an important mission ~ that is to "jump bed" and bless SSL & Uncle Teo with kids soon, heh. Will be back with Part Two on reception + dinner soon, tata! 
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