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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

4th Wedding Anniversary: A Simple Celebration

As we ushered in the new year, I decided to have a revamp ..... by changing my font type on this blog for the entries moving forward. We are now at the 2nd week of 2016 - work has been busy, a good start to the year with several items on my pipeline. Whenever I had some free moments in office, I will think through of what I want to achieve this year #selfmotivationmode #whileitlasts 

To start the ball rolling, I even had time to sort out pictures for an entry! On the 4th wedding anniversary, things got a lot simpler. We even had a tiff the night before and I went to sleep, without saying good-night to the hubby #coldwarmode The next morning, he gave me a little hug - his way of breaking the silence - while the stubborn me wiggled my way through his embrace, my way of ending the war. We then left for work, like any other day. 

The real surprise came when the door-bell rang. A fellow colleague opened the door and the delivery guy walked in, asking for me. When I turned around, I was surprised to see a bouquet, wrapped in my favourite flowers. Ha, I thought he was trying to guilt-trip me. He actually remembered that I liked using symbols to denote each wedding anniversary. The 4th year signifies flower/fruits - thankfully he ordered flowers instead of fruits but the auntie me think that I would have better use for fruits, heh. Well-played, my love.
PA313619 copy 
So, this became my first wedding anniversary bouquet on our 4th wedding anniversary. 
PA313660 copy
Yanni kindly loaned me her vase to put the flowers :) Love how the floral scent linger in the house. 
Instead of dining out, like how we usually spend our anniversaries, Leecher decided that we should have a home-cooked meal. His excuse at trying out the grill pan, a seldom-used item that we acquired during sales period.
 PA313634 copy
 2 thick slab of steak with minimal seasoning, sizzling on the pan! Leecher even grilled some onions on the side, while I stir-fried some leftover fishcakes + mushrooms + chilli padi in case we die of meat overdose.
PA313636 copyPA313641 copy
Initially I was worried that Leecher might not be able to grill it well, given that the meat was thicker compared to those that we usually buy. Leecher leaned on his best friend - Google - for help and he nailed it pretty well! 
PA313647 copy 
 Tadah - the finished product. The steak was really juicy and finger-licking good! 
PA313649 copyPA313655 copy
A bottle of red wine which we lugged home from Yarra Valley. During our trip to Melbourne, we spent 2 days at Yarra Valley, hopping from vineyard to vineyard. It was one of the highlights of the trip and we learnt more about wine tasting and appreciation. Will share more about it in later posts! 
IMG_4711 copy 
Tuck in! A simple celebration of home-cooked meal to mark the celebration. Looking forward to the next anniversary, my love :)

Psst ... coincidentally, this also marked the 1000th post on this blog.  

Friday, October 30, 2015

4th Wedding Anniversary

4 years of love, happiness and occasionally, the tears and quarrels. Marriage life is never easy, but we survived another year.  

Happy Flower Anniversary, my love

Friday, May 1, 2015

Leecher's Birthday 2015: Koji Sushi Bar 米花

The initial plan to revamp the wardrobe halted when my taobao loots didn't arrive in time. That pretty much freed up the time allocated to this project. Thus, before I get started on another K-drama, which will probably be our focus for the next couple of weekends, I decided to channel the time to blog #solittletimesomuchtodo
Leecher kicked off his first wave of birthday celebration at 米花 Koji Sushi Bar. Located at China Sq Central, Koji Sushi Bar is helmed by Chef Benny Cheong who works at Shunjuu Izakaya (another Japanese eatery along Robertson Quay). This was our virgin visit to this place, even though we worked around the area. 
 The menu placed outside the restaurant. Their best selling item is the donburi rice bowls (starting from $17), where they added crispy tempura bits into the rice for that extra punch. Besides rice bowls, they also offer sushi set (of 5 pieces), ala carte items and omakase dinner  where advance reservation is required. 
Dressed in blue even though it wasn't Monday :) That morning, I stood in front of the wardrobe thinking of what to wear. Then, I decided to grab for something from the back of the wardrobe and this dress appeared in my hand. Guess that it must be fate, since it was a match with the bag that I was carrying.
 A penny for your thoughts, my dear?
Birthday boy also wants a pic in front of the shop, heh! #copycat
Indoor & outdoor seating are available. We were ushered indoors to our seats as we came for omakase dinner. Our first omakase experience was at Teppei, which won my heart & soul. I was looking forward to be wowed again by the chef's creations, just like how it was at Teppei.
 Japanese ornaments decorating the place.
Ready to kick off the evening?
 Before that, drinks first! We get to pick our own sake cup. Birthday boy Leecher got to pick first and he picked the cup that I was aiming for :( So, I settled for the white cup instead. 
Round 1 of sake for the birthday boy! Kanpai かんぱい
I'm not a fan of sake, so I let Leecher have my share after 2 rounds of  かんぱい. This sake was quite smooth, with a tinge of sweetness and easy to drink.
My alternative drink - Calpis shochu. Leecher initially confused it with korean Soju 소주, ha! Well, I think he is not entirely wrong as shochu and soju are made from barley and sweet potatoes. Shochu originated from southern Japan and it is consumed on ice, with hot water or mixed with fruit juices or tea. Soju, on the other hand, comes from Korea and is usually consumed neat. Though shochu has an alcohol percentage of 25%, I couldn't taste any in my drink as it was very much watered down by calpis.
Couple (dinner) date on a Friday.
As the sake warmed our stomach, we were ready to begin our omakase dinner. First dish: tofu with century egg and roe. A weird combination? No, I was amazed at how everything tasted fantastic! It was a great start for dinner :) 
  A platter of 3 different dishes appeared. Thumbs up for presentation, don't you feel that spring is here? Yes, the flower was edible (we asked the chef!). Truffle with sea urchin, seaweed, topshell with seasoned garlic.
Building pyramid with plates, interesting. These plates of salads were stacked right in front of me, so I couldn't resist a shot .... or more ;) It acted as a shield between me and the chefs, depriving me of a chance to catch the chefs in action. This was a pity as I wanted to learn a few tricks from the masters. 
A colourful plate of salad with light dressing to whet the appetite. Nothing spectacular to shout about. P2279327
 Sashimi consisted of kampachi belly, toro, salmon, swordfish, seabream and sweet shrimp. So fresh and tender, yums. 
Yellow tail cheek served with a slice of lemon, topped with japanese escargot. The fish was very tender and juicy, but rem to look out for bones. The piece that I had came with some small bones, which meant I had to be really careful with it.
Sea urchin, but I don't recall any dishes that came with it.
Halfway through dinner, I spotted the prized bottle - crispy tempura bits. The chefs were busy preparing for donburi for takeways, ranging from their popular sashimi rice bowls to pork cheek rice bowls. In fact, I went back 2 weeks later to dabao their rice bowls for dinner & I really loved the tempura bits. It added the extra crunchiness in the rice, which can get pretty addictive.
Wagyu beef sukiyaki! We each had our individual pots with 7 slices of wagyu beef.
 The agony of waiting, lol! So we spent our time beating the eggs as we waited for it to be ready.
 As I opened the lid, I noticed a tiny insect crawling on the bed of vegetables. I signaled for the waitress to come over and pointed it out to her. A new pot came immediately, but to my disappointment, it came only with 3 slices of beef. From 7 to 3, hmm .... it doesn't add up, right? The above pic was taken from Leecher's pot, which had 7 slices of beef.
After waiting for an eternity, we were ready to tuck in! The soup was tasty, but there wasn't much ingredients for me to eat, since it was mostly filled with vegetables. 
We got 2 sushi - scallop and fatty tuna (if I rem correctly). We also get to brush the soy sauce onto the sushi ourselves. Well, I almost choke on the wasabi that was hidden beneath the slices. Dessert came in the form of pudding with okinawa kuromitsu, topped with strawberries at the side. Given my level of (high) tolerance towards sweet stuff, this pudding was way too sweet for my liking. #disappointment
Thanks Kaiwei for the birthday treat ;)
The aftermath of 2 very full people, who can't walk 10 steps without taking a break, hee! As for my verdict - endure the long reservation wait and head for Teppei for a satisfying omakase meal. Alternatively, Koji's donburi is your best bet.   
Koji Sushi Bar
3 Pickering Street, China Sq Central
#01-42 Singapore 048660
Tel: +65 6225 6125
Opening Hours: 11.30am till 3pm, 5pm till 10pm (Mon-Sat)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

3rd Wedding Anniversary at OTTO Locanda

Time flies, we are officially married for 3 years. Since I got a gift during the 2nd anniversary, Leecher declared - in fact, way in advance - that I won't be getting any present. Boy, this guy is seriously good at managing my expectations or maybe, I have low expectations to begin with, tsk tsk! Well, a dinner is still a must but I decided that we should head for a place near the office, so we could walk stroll there after work to avoid the jam.
We headed to Otto Ristorante located at Red Dot Traffic Building. They couldn't find my reservation when I showed them the email. Upon seeing the email, I realised that I had walked into the wrong restaurant! *super paiseh* The place that I had booked was Otto Locanda, instead of Otto Ristorante - can't believe I made such a blunder. Leecher was trying his best not to give me the see-you-also-make-the-mistake-look, lol. 
Separated by a street, Otto Locanda is a more casual, informal Italian trattoria as compared to Otto Ristorante. We managed to rush there in time to secure my reservation, as they only hold the table for 15 min. We were greeted warmly upon entering the front door and shown to our table by the corner.
The restaurant exudes a cosy and intimate ambience; the walls are decorated with Italian dinnerware and a personal postcard collection from one of the owners while the shelves are filled with antique Italian memorabilia and recipe books. The bar area, boosting an extensive collection of alcohol, is perfect for those who are seeking to unwind after a long day at work. 
 After showing us to our table, the waiter swing by and presented us with a glass of champagne each, complimentary on the house to celebrate our wedding anniversary. How thoughtful of them :)
P9296800 P9296807 
Can't wait to get started! 
Warm & crusty bread was served once we placed our orders. Leecher was famished and his hands headed straight to the bread basket before I could even snap a picture.
We went for a 3 course set dinner and started with breaded saffron risotto ball stuffed with taleggio cheese and green peas on beef ragout. This was absolutely delish, even though I'm not a fan of green peas. The only complaint - the risotto ball is too small!
For mains, I went for homemade squid ink angel hair pasta with lobster meat and basil pesto while Leecher had char grilled rack of lamb with arugula and sicilian cherry tomatoes salad. Hmm, why was Leecher's main served in fanciful italian dining ware while I get a plain plate? Nevertheless, both mains were well-executed.
 We ended the meal with vanilla panna cotta & chocolate drops. This was my kind of dessert (anything with dark chocolate & sweet) so I was delighted when Leecher offered his share to me, haha! Happily polishing 2 portions on my own :)
 Happy Anniversary
Otto Locanda
32 Maxwell Road #01-03
Singapore 069115
Tel: 6224 0978
Opening Hours: Closed on Sundays
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