Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015, in a heartbeat!

Year 2015 literally zoomed past. I remembered starting the year, counting down to the first weekend then to the first public holiday. Before I could even catch my breath, we have come to the last day of the year. Is it a sign on me growing old?

The usual tradition of wrapping up the year with a simple post. Even though I have disappeared significantly from the blog, but I'm trying to update as often as I can given the limited time I have. Work load has definitely increased, but I'm looking forward to maintaining work-life balance next year. I still miss baby bro terribly, but I'm thankful that he appeared in my dreams during Boxing day - exactly 2 years since he left us. I miss you, my little bro. Hope you're safe on the other side. 

We also progressed to our 4th wedding anniversary - grateful to have you with me, though at times I really wanna pull your hair out. Dec is always my favourite time of the year - spent my birthday with a meal with my family before we jet off to Iceland-Amsterdam for 2 weeks of adventure. It was a wonderful road-trip with friends - a trip with many stories to tell :) I ended up with food poisoning on the flight back and was wheeled out of the plane, straight to the medical center, lol! What a way to end the trip. I was supposed to be on medical leave till next year but the workaholic me headed back to the office today to clear my bursting mailbox. 

As we embrace the new year together, here's wishing everyone a blissful 2016!
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