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Saturday, February 22, 2014

新年快乐 2014

We ushered in the year of the (wooden) Horse a couple of weeks back and it was also my first CNY without baby bro. Besides lil bro who had to observe customs/traditions since he was lower in rank, the rest of us were allowed to continue with CNY celebrations. On CNY eve, we made a trip to Mandai to visit baby bro. We got new flowers and hung up the mini barney that Auntie Emily got for him. Thereafter, I headed home to both sides of the parents' place for reunion dinner. 
CNY day 1 was spent rushing between 3 places - parents-in-law, grandma and great grandma. I didn't take any pics on the 1st day due to the hectic rush. I even forgot to give great-granny her angpao till I reached home and discovered the angpao in my bag :( Immediately called my mum and ask her to give on my behalf while I TT the amt to her, lol!  Nevertheless, we spent CNY day 2 at my maternal grandparents' place, gambling & catching up with my cousins.    
Gamblers' reunite a year later
with mummy dearest :) 
 Mummy dearest with her sisters :)
CNY Day 3 was spent on visiting too, In the morning, we headed over to Bernard's place to visit Baby Aden + mahjong.
Last year, I had the privilege of carrying Baby Raenee, Ryan's precious girl. This year, Baby Aden came along much to the delight of their parents Bernard & Steff :) He's such a charmer!

First time playing mahjong without any chips. We had to record our loss/winnings on paper, lol!
Then it was off to Keith's 小舅 place for another round of gathering. 舅 & would whip up lots of dishes for everyone.

The cousins unite; Leecher looked really out of place amongst all his younger cousins (^^)

Before I end off this post, this is my collection of angpao for this year! Thanks to all those relatives who still gave us angpao even though we are married :) 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas 2013

This year, we decided to decline all parties/gatherings invitation and spent Xmas together at home. It was just like any other weekend - we woke up late morning, he made brunch & we watched a couple of shows on TV before unwrapping our Xmas gifts. Then, I did the laundry while he vacuumed the place and the lights from our Xmas tree shone brightly in the background. Leecher will be cooking something different tonight & I'm really looking forward to it :) Nothing fanciful but I'm thankful for the simple/quiet celebration.
❤ ❤ ❤
As I sign off, hope everyone have a blessed Xmas!

Friday, February 22, 2013

CNY Gathering with Friends

TGIF! Can't wait for the day to end, for I was nursing a slight hangover from Yen's wedding last night, haha. That always happens when you attend close friends wedding, be seated with people who live to drink, lol! Still on CNY - think this should be the last post on the festive period. Met up with a couple of friends for CNY lunch & dinner on 初六.
Lunch @ Cedele. 
Hello Kitty meets Winnie the Pooh.
We insisted on letting Winnie take a pic with the guys, lol!
Ok, a proper "marcho" picture.
The place was very crowded and it took almost 30 min for the 1st dish to arrive, and boy, we were extremely hungry by then! Nevertheless, the delicious food made up for it. I'll be back to try out more dishes from them :) 
Cedele @ Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-07 Singapore 018984
Tel: 6634 8942
Dinner @ Jumbo Seafood, located at East Coast Park, the location of the 1st restaurant of the chain.
We were the first to arrive and had to queue up to retrieve our reservation details. They have a booking code that is attached to the reservation email & they will only "entertain" you if you provide them with the booking code. 
Alfresco dining available.
The huge crowd turnout at the place. Almost every table in sight was filled with people.
We got a "lucky" table, lol!  
Simple plastic tableware.
Brought along 2 bottles of wine for dinner. 
Was dressed in orange, and coincidentally, I wore the same colour as Andrew! We looked like 2 giant oranges in the office that day. 
The others arrived shortly and it was time for the first toast.
Yu-sheng to start the meal :) And, all the girls wished that their hubbies would dote on them more, lol!
We ordered the CNY set menu - felt like having a wedding dinner with a table of 8. We got surprised when they served the noodles during the 5th course, thinking that we had reached the end of the meal *wedding banquet mentality, since the rice/noodles always get served before dessert* haha. 
A pic with all the couples present :) 
Main highlight of the night, chilli crab! In order not to get our clothes dirty, we asked for the "bibs" & of cuz, taking pic in our "new" clothes is a must, lol! 
This sure came in handy for Leecher, for the moment he picked up his crab, he had a splash on the white bib >.< 
 Gavin, aka Mr Google, haha! The only thing that we know more than him is .... GOSSIPS, lol!
Getting ready to attack the crabs! And, the man tou are goes extremely well with the sauce, we even had 2nd helpings of it.
Great night out! Till the next outing :)
Jumbo Seafood @ East Coast Park
Blk 1206, East Coast Parkway #01-07/08
East Coast Seafood Centre
Singapore 449883
Tel: 6442 3435

Thursday, February 21, 2013

新年快乐 (2013)- CNY Day 2 初二 & CNY Day 3 初三

2nd day of CNY is traditionally a day for married daughters to visit their birth parents, relatives and close friends (for married daughters didn't have the opportunity to visit their families frequently). So, on this day, we headed back to Mummy dearest place first, then went to my granny's place for a get together with the married daughters. 
First lo-hei of the year. I normally eat just the crackers and salmon.
捞 for prosperity. 

 Then, we decided to take family portraits with our grandparents & I became the official photographer for the day.
 1st auntie, 2nd auntie and 1st uncle family. We have a big family, so all the relatives & uncles are supposed to be called according to their ranking. However, we normally call them by their last name + uncle/auntie. 
with my beloved family ~ no idea what mummy dearest is doing, lol! 
2nd uncle, 4th auntie, 5th auntie & 6th auntie.
with my 2 lil precious brothers, baby bro & lil bro.
And, the elder-sister-younger-brother pairing continued. We need to start a new trend next year. Maybe will be brother-brother pairing, haha!
with my "BFs" of the day :) Sorry, all attached. 
Taking pictures with the younger ones. Isaac holding onto his fave pikachu toy.
What's CNY without a bit of gambling? 
Ah Yen got the best luck this year. He spilt his card and got blackjack on both pairs, ended up $X richer. A good start for the new year!
On this day, we headed over to Ryan's place to pai nian. 
The must-have at every CNY gathering. 
Good idea to place a disposable plastic on the table - no fret of getting the table dirty. 
 Baby Raenee, Ryan's precious lil girl.
  She was sleeping, but opened her eyes when we told her that it was time to take pictures, so cute! 

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