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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

4th Wedding Anniversary: A Simple Celebration

As we ushered in the new year, I decided to have a revamp ..... by changing my font type on this blog for the entries moving forward. We are now at the 2nd week of 2016 - work has been busy, a good start to the year with several items on my pipeline. Whenever I had some free moments in office, I will think through of what I want to achieve this year #selfmotivationmode #whileitlasts 

To start the ball rolling, I even had time to sort out pictures for an entry! On the 4th wedding anniversary, things got a lot simpler. We even had a tiff the night before and I went to sleep, without saying good-night to the hubby #coldwarmode The next morning, he gave me a little hug - his way of breaking the silence - while the stubborn me wiggled my way through his embrace, my way of ending the war. We then left for work, like any other day. 

The real surprise came when the door-bell rang. A fellow colleague opened the door and the delivery guy walked in, asking for me. When I turned around, I was surprised to see a bouquet, wrapped in my favourite flowers. Ha, I thought he was trying to guilt-trip me. He actually remembered that I liked using symbols to denote each wedding anniversary. The 4th year signifies flower/fruits - thankfully he ordered flowers instead of fruits but the auntie me think that I would have better use for fruits, heh. Well-played, my love.
PA313619 copy 
So, this became my first wedding anniversary bouquet on our 4th wedding anniversary. 
PA313660 copy
Yanni kindly loaned me her vase to put the flowers :) Love how the floral scent linger in the house. 
Instead of dining out, like how we usually spend our anniversaries, Leecher decided that we should have a home-cooked meal. His excuse at trying out the grill pan, a seldom-used item that we acquired during sales period.
 PA313634 copy
 2 thick slab of steak with minimal seasoning, sizzling on the pan! Leecher even grilled some onions on the side, while I stir-fried some leftover fishcakes + mushrooms + chilli padi in case we die of meat overdose.
PA313636 copyPA313641 copy
Initially I was worried that Leecher might not be able to grill it well, given that the meat was thicker compared to those that we usually buy. Leecher leaned on his best friend - Google - for help and he nailed it pretty well! 
PA313647 copy 
 Tadah - the finished product. The steak was really juicy and finger-licking good! 
PA313649 copyPA313655 copy
A bottle of red wine which we lugged home from Yarra Valley. During our trip to Melbourne, we spent 2 days at Yarra Valley, hopping from vineyard to vineyard. It was one of the highlights of the trip and we learnt more about wine tasting and appreciation. Will share more about it in later posts! 
IMG_4711 copy 
Tuck in! A simple celebration of home-cooked meal to mark the celebration. Looking forward to the next anniversary, my love :)

Psst ... coincidentally, this also marked the 1000th post on this blog.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Junior Chefs @ Work II - Oct Edition

I think that amongst all my blog entries, Junior Chefs' entries are the most up-to-date cuz it's now the Oct edition :) After cooking for almost 5 months - well, Leecher does most of the cooking anyway - I've grown used to eating Leecher's creation. Sometimes, I'll be working on stuff in front of my comp and Leecher will suddenly appear in the study room with a plate of food in his hands ... I love surprises like this, lol!  
 This plate of udon definitely looked pleasing & tasted delicious :) We even packed some of it for mummy dearest to try and she gave the thumbs up too.
Leecher prepared more udon dishes over the next couple of days ~ fried udon with eggs & seafood udon, served with seafood soup.
One of the rare times where we had 4 dishes on the table as parents-in-law dropped by for a visit & stayed for dinner. Leecher stir fried some vegetables and made teriyaki salmon while I heated up the soup & duck that I took from mummy dearest the night before.  
We try to rotate between pasta, rice and noodles for our staple. Whenever we cooked pasta, I'll definitely cook extra so we can packed it for breakfast. IMG_6449
 My pasta with eggs and chili flakes :)
With chicken and slices of mushroom.
Mummy dearest taught Leecher how to cook one of my fave dish ~ chicken wings/drumlets with tomatoes & chilli cooked over small fire. In his first attempt, Leecher burnt a whole pot cuz we were preoccupied with watching Running Man, lol! We had a hard time scrubbing the pot that was covered in soot. So, on his 2nd attempt we kept a close watch on the fire and it turned out well! We cooked the leftovers with pasta for dinner the next day. 
  Leecher made braised meat (again) and we had our midnight "snack" of maggi mee+braised meat+seaweed in bed, lol! 
 Some of the random dishes for dinner. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Junior Chefs @ Work II - Sep Edition

Long weekend for me this week :) Been ages since I took a break from work and it certainly felt great to be home on a Monday. No Monday blues for me this week, haha! Since I'm home today, I decided to make my day useful instead of just spending the day watching drama. So, here I am loading/blogging about Junior Chefs Sep edition while Leecher is now in the kitchen preparing our meals for the day :)
We were feeling hungry & Leecher prepared this late night snack for us to munch, lol! Super sinful with lots of cheese but I love it :) I did helped to grate the cheese block and sprinkle the cheese over the mushrooms.
Since we had the oven out on the table, Leecher decided to try out this recipe that he found online. I made a "baking tray" from aluminum foil & guess what, I cut my finger. I was shocked when blood oozed out, but the plus side is - I get to rest simply by showing Leecher the plaster I put on my finger, haha!
Tofu dish that mummy dearest used to cook for us & Leecher recreated this for me, yeah! Lil bro showed this to mummy dearest and she told us that she'll buy tofu from the wet market as that is smoother & softer than the one we bought from supermarket. My mum is the best lah!
Steamed ngoh hiang from the wet market as well. Even though I'm not quite a fan of 酿豆腐, this tasted pretty decent to me.
I love steamed fishes so we'll have that once in a while, whenever mummy dearest give us fresh fishes bought from the wet market. Given that we don't cook every day of the week, there are times when the fish is no longer "fresh", so we'll fried it instead.
IMG_6324 IMG_6360 
We even prepared our breakfast :) Since Leecher was on a "diet" for a couple of days, I decided to accompany him on his salad journey. Since I'm not really a fan of greens, I packed my salad box to be filled with fruits + croutons + sunflower seeds + thousand island sauce.
healthy start to the day! I must admit that I got pretty hungry by lunch time & ate more than usual, lol!  
Mummy dearest gave us some of her 卤肉 while Leecher whipped out some greens to balance the meal. 
Sometimes, we'll have pasta for dinner. I'm the in-charge for cooking both rice & pasta while Leecher takes care of the rest. On several days, I'll cook extra pasta so we can have that for breakfast the following day.  
OK - Leecher has finished cooking & I'm off for my meal :) 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Junior Chefs @ Work II - Aug Edition

This has got to be the shortest Junior Chefs @ work edition. Leecher was in-camp for almost 3 weeks & I had to rely on packed food or home-cooked food from our parents to survive. Gosh, I sure miss Leecher whipping out meals in the kitchen! Thankfully, he gets to book out on Fridays & weekends, so I won't starve to death, heh.
We used to have our dinner at the dining table, but over the months, it was filled up with all sorts of stuff that there wasn't enough space for eating, lol! I'm guilty of this mess, unfortunately. Thus, now we'll have our meals at the coffee table in the living room. Though the area is small, it was enough to the 2 of us.
Mummy dearest provided us with fresh fish from the market & told Leecher to steam it. Being a teochew, I love steamed fishes - the fish tasted so sweet & fresh that we had to fight over it, lol! Leecher's first attempt at making 卤肉. Though it was abit salty, it was good enough for his virgin try :) 
 Since there was leftover 卤汁, we headed to the supermarket near our place and bought some ingredients to put in - my fave 3-layer fatty meat and beancurd. The 卤味 tasted better every time we added new ingredients in.
Eggs for breakfast :) Whenever we stayed at home during the weekends, Leecher will make breakfast (at my request!). The simplest dish would be eggs and Leecher will always combine it with whatever he can find from the fridge. Sometimes, you get egg+prawns omelette while on other days, you get scrambled eggs with mushroom.
We normally get our supply of soup from mummy dearest. Recently, Leecher also attempted brewing soups, yay! I always welcome it whenever Leecher tries something new since it'll normally means more food, lol! However, he still couldn't grasp the techniques of brewing soups :( His fave ingredient for soup - onions & potatoes! We ended up with a lot of potatoes at home, which lead him to put on his thinking caps and came up with the below 
Home-made rosti! He painstakingly cut the potato into slices using a knife for we don't have a shredder at home. I helped out for a while before calling it quits, lol! I requested for rosti with mushroom & the dearest made it come true *throws confetti into the air, yeah*
 We had rosti over 2 weekends for there were too much potatoes in the house. Now that I'm blogging about this, I actually missed eating these rosti. Maybe it's time I put a bag of potatoes into the grocery basket, heh.
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