Friday, January 30, 2009


It's Blamer's Bro's Birthday! (aka BBB)

The birthday cake courtesy of Blamer.

The Bro and his girlfriend. (Bro looks pretty stunned)

Take 2

A photo with his dear sis.

A properly taken one. (noticed the bro likes to take crazy pics 1st time, den the proper one)

Finally, me! Trying hard to hide my tummy so tat Blamer will allow me to eat the cake later. (Wa ha ha, very 可怜 right?)

After much ra-ra-ing, we managed to get camera shy Auntie to pose for the group photo.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


{Xmas season, overdue yet once again} Gingerman took his baby, gingerboy and promptly arrived @ our office to celebrate the festive season ...

So cute rite? Couldn't bear to eat them ~

Wow, I didn't realise that Gingerman is as big as my face. Is my face too small or Gingerman too big? Hmmmm.....

Gingerman resting on Andrew's broad shoulders. How come it looks so small here?

While we fussed over Gingerman in the office (since it's more chic than his baby), Leecher claimed "ownership" of gingerboy, haha ... that is part of his Xmas present too :)

PS: Gingerboy has ended up in Leecher's stomach shortly after Xmas while Gingerman is still sitting on Andrew's table. Maybe we should get a Gingergal next time ....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Xmas Lunch

{Xmas season, once again} Finally, it was time for us to have our annual Xmas lunch to celebrate the festive season :) Rinta, being the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) got us a booking under the Les Amis Group.

It was pretty cool to be in town, away from the CDB area on a weekday afternoon. Quick snap of the restaurant while waiting for the other cab to reach the destination.

They finally arrived after a grand 15 mins. It's ok for us, as long as they're footing the bill :P

As we walked into the restaurant, we were pretty surprised that they didn't receive the reservation :( Turned out that Rinta got the names mixed up and we walked down to La Strada, haha.

Since they belonged to the same group of restaurant, it's not unusual that they share the same colour scheme - orange & white & black.

The private room that was reserved for our lunch

Free flow of cheese & tomato pizza/bread. Oh my, it was tasty. We gobbled down the bread as soon as it was served. Well, it was almost 3pm and we were starving.

Natasha gleeing with delight when she managed to "snatch" the last piece of pizza under Elliott's nose, haha.

We had a 3-course lunch that was satisfying & filling. Food-wise, the quality is pretty decent, a high 7.8 score on my score-card. Service was equally good, attentive waiters (they seemed to be monitoring us with a hidden camera, kidding) who came into the private room to refill the cup/glass promptly.

We were surprised when the cake arrived.... it was a pretty amusing conversation

Waiter: Where's the bdae gal?
Elliott: Which one are you looking for?
Waiter: The bdae gal?
Elliott: We have 3 December babies, which one you're looking for?

The 3 pretty December babies :)

The group picture ~ Oh, we even have a dress code for this event; everyone must be dressed in either gold, green or red. Andrew turned up in his most festive shirt, but a pity my camera cant capture the "bling-ness" of his shirt, haha.

Popped over to Hyatt Mezza 9 bar for their martinis ~
till the next team xmas lunch :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kelly's Wedding

{Xmas season still not over on this blog, but unfortunately I don't have the time to blog on the lunches that I had @ the moment, thus I am leaving you guys with something to read while I look for more inspiration to write :)}

I attended my JC mate, Kelly's wedding towards the end of last year {haha, you got it! Overdue again} Been almost 5 years since we graduated and age is slowly catching up with us .... The trio (Allan, Rongshan & I) travelled from the West to Expo to attend the dinner. Thanks Allan for offering to pick us up :)

Rongshan & Allan, the 2 troublemakers in our JC class.

So happy to meet up with them! It's funny how we seldom meet up, but we're still able to gel together and crap, haha :) that's the power of the 2 years bonding that we shared during JC times.

Audrey! Gosh, I missed her so much! My history-partner-in-crime, together with the guys. I will always rem the days spent outside the LT crapping & waiting for our homework to be returned to us (from the guys who borrowed it for copying referencing, haha)

Kelly finally made her grand entrance to the reception area :) Only Allan got the privilege of this picture before she was ushered away to prepare for the march-in. Lucky him!

The JC-friends table, haha ....

Table setting

9 dishes to last through the night

Allan always has to separate Rongshan & Audrey, since the 2 of them will bicker non-stop (since JC days). Some things are always the same, don't you think so? heehee

Audrey & me, joined by Peiwen this time :)

As we were seated quite a distance from the stage, that is the best picture that I took off the monitor. Oh, there are no food pictures this time as I was feeling paiseh to take them during the banquet, due to a need to maintain my image, wa ha ha.

Lastly, the happy couple surrounded by their lovely friends! Kelly, stay blissful and happy always!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Xmas Prezzies!!

It's the time of the year again, (yesh still really behind time) our annual X'mas shopping at Taka!

Looks like it's not only us. Who says there a recession looming?

Our presents under the "Christmas tree", can't open them till the stroke of midnight.

My share! (a healthy increase from last year)

Blamer's share part 1.

Blamer's share part 2 (from her colleagues)

No turkey or honey-baked ham this year, but at least there's still a log cake from my Boss.

Reading the well-wishes and tearing up the prezzies time!

I have a really messy room... Heezs...

The aftermath... ...

My prezzies! Lotsa perfumes to last me for say at least two years? A travel bag, water bottle, eye cream, chocolates and at last, cuff links for my tailored shirts from HK! Must mention the gingerboy (right in the middle) given by Blamer.

Blamer's share of prezzies--oso a lot wat... still complain so much.

On a side note... we walked along Orchard road to take in the sights and sounds of Christmas on our various trips to get prezzies.

I think the theme this year is toys, sweets and prezzies!

A tourist helped us to take a pic, but I dun think he got the backgrd.

Approached another tourist after the first walked away. Wa ha ha, this was a better photographer... ...

More toys, and yes our night pics still suck.

Blamer can't resist the temptations anymore!

Two more blurry pics to end the post. Must really go and read up Dent Dent's menu on how to use its night mode.
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