Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today Blamer surprised me with a white paper bag while waiting to lunch with me.

That's me with my present.

And Blamer showing off. If u were thinking that the backgrd looks like some coffee shop, you're right! This coffee shop situated around circular rd serves delicious bah chor mee.

The bah chor mee comes with anchovies, quite unique. However, their specialty is supposed to be bar chor mee sua. Too bad we din order that this time.

But the 主角 of the day is still my 爱心 cupcake. So sweet and rare of Blamer to buy such expensive stuff for me. Did I tell you that the cupcakes from Marmalade Pantry cost over $4 each?

Opening up the present at a secret location near our workplace. Blamer and I always come here to escape the crowd.

Expensive stuff 就是 expensive stuff, even comes with a matching box.

Tah Da! My 爱心 cupcake!

But me will always share good stuffs with my Blamer. 一人一半, 感情不会散。 : )

And this is one of those full body pics of Blamer again, sorry folks, u've got to endure this for a couple more weeks, till she lose the "mood". Hee hee.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lucky Plaza Chicken Rice

I have discovered another chicken rice store, courtesy of Miaoli this time. Located on the third level (or is it second level?) of Lucky Plaza, this shop is tucked away at a cosy corner. Decided to bring Blamer here since she is tired of all the restaurants and food court around Orchard.

The chicken up close.

The whole set.

Extra dumpling soup.

Happy couple!

Your random "full body pics of me" : )

Monday, July 28, 2008

Eat out

Today, we decided to try out one of the good hideouts from lunch courtesy of queenqian. The overhead bridge connecting DBS and UIC building I think.

Whoa would u just look at the queue? Luckily me and Blamer made our way there early.

Hey hey, two plates of chicken rice with a bowl of bitter gourd soup all for just $7.50. Love the roast chicken, crispy and savory. Blamer like the soup too, given that she dun really like the taste of bitter gourd, this soup must have been really good.

These days, she's in a "take a full body pic of me" mood. So here another of those random pics. Ha ha.

For dinner, we visited Carls Jr. There used to be discounts if u pay using Citibank credit cards, but nowadays, they switched to UOB. So folks remember to whip out ur UOB next time.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Movie in 2008

Folks, look at my face.

Believe it or not, I'm going to the cinema!! (fireworks in backgrd, lotsa backgrd cheering and clapping)

Even I can't believe it, my first movie in 2008?! (Blamer dun believe in paying the price of the movie tickets, hence I have been deprived of watching movies in cinema since... ... God knows?)

Must thank my employer and my credit cards points for allowing me to step into the cinema after all these years.

Armed with my tickets, cinema here I come. Blamer still have the cheek to ask me whether should we buy some popcorn and drinks in, if not we might look loser-ish. DUH?! This being our first movie this year, we are already loser-ish! Missed my Kungfu Panda : ( sobs.

Strangely, nostalgic feeling overwhelmed me while looking from this angle. Pretty good movie, liked the story line and the whole lots of twists and turns in the plot. A must see for all batman fans.

After the movies, went Haagen Daz for some dessert. Created our own flavours, chocolate cookies, macademia nuts and rum n raisin. Advice: do not include rum n raisin next time if u include something warm like the crepe we had. The rum n raisin melts really fast and before u know it, u've got a gooey mess.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long John & NYDC

We rushed to Plaza Sing during lunch time, so that we can get tickets for The Dark Knight. However, all the slots were selling fast and only the 1st 2 rows were left. Thus, we left without buying the tickets, much to Leecher's disappointment :(

Had our lunch @ Long John Silver - one of my fave fast food outlets. Long John is supposedly famous for their signature seafood (shrimps, prawns and fish) coated with their secret batter, but somehow, I always prefer their chicken combo.

Leecher, being a sucker for the signature dishes, will always order the fish combo.

The standard pic before enjoying the food .... haha

Since we failed to catch the movie, we went to town for dinner instead. Walked over to Wheelock Place and Leecher was deciding between Big O Cafe and NYDC. Finally, we settled for NYDC due to

Leecher thinks that the menu is more colourful and vibrant >_<"

Leecher ordered the lemon shiver and he was pretty amazed with what he saw in the drink .....

Ice ball! Reminds me of my childhood .....

Spud-nik - baked potato with chicken & corn, topped with bacon bits.

Another signature dish: Meatball that ate Manhattan- huge meatballs and it would be better if there were more spaghetti to go with the sauce/meatball


Since we couldn't catch The Dark Knight, @ least we got a pic of Batman's car, LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miss Clarity Cafe

This was supposed to be an outing to celebrate Yaozu's "release from long torturing nights of studying". Decided to try out this cheerfully decorated eatery.

Can't believe that I'm the first one to reach the place, waited a good 45 mins b4 any of the late comers turned up. Luckily I had newspapers with me to help pass the time. plus I thoroughly read thru their menu, so I can tell u more about the cafe. (nah, here's the link

Here's Blamer holding onto the brightly coloured menu.

Opening up the menu... ...

By the way, this is our time number. 4D anyone? Table 10, 2 guys, 2 girls.. .. 1042?!!

None of them order any drinks, but since I am so hot after waiting 45 mins for them, I ordered their cucumber cooler. Eh... I think u guys can give this a miss though, unless u're a cucumber lover.

Yaozu, Fionn and me added additional $3.80 for the soup + drink + dessert and a main. Extra Blamer ordered the Foie Gras for starters + a main.

Our mushroom soup. U can really taste the fresh mushroom in the soup, but frankly speaking. I prefer those Campbell tasting mushroom soup. Hee.

Blamer's Foie Gras.

The face of a glutton

Ha! This is my lamb ratatouille. I thought it was supposed to be a soup after watching the movie Rataouille, but it seems like ratatouille just means tossed stewed vegetables.

This Yao zu's Black Angus Prime Sirloin. Looks really yummy no? Like the sauteed mushrooms best.

The person who was the last to arrive ordered Garlic-Crusted Dory. (right hor?) She kept saying she looked "chui". Hmm what do u guys think? See below:

Although Blamer came earlier, her dish was the last to be served. Ha ha..

Blamer ordered Porky Onions but neither she nor me thought it's nice.

Dessert time! Mud Oooz. Supposedly a must try dish. I think it's not bad but Blamer disagree leh. Maybe too spoiled with all her biz trip.

After dinner, we went for some drinks at a very Chi-na looking place.

Our drinks

Blamer seems very excited about the gigantic Hoegarden glass and wanted to snap a pic with it. Whoa look at her biceps.
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