Friday, May 10, 2013

Jang Won Restaurant @ JB

Blogging on the roads once again, while waiting for my flight back to Singapore in an hour :) Whenever I can't get onto an earlier flight, I'll head straight to Starbucks for a cup of beverage, power up my laptop to type out the summary + follow ups for the trip, then hooked onto wifi to blog while waiting for time to pass. In fact, quite a couple of my posts this year were churned out in airports and hotel rooms (^^) I find it easier to pen down my thoughts when traveling, maybe being away from the office/home does help to clear the mind more. 
A couple of months back, we brought parents-in-law & Roger to Jang Won for Korean food. My last visit was during CNY last year with the brothers & sisters. I wasn't familiar with JB's directions, but with a few pointers from Sister Fling, we managed to reach the place safely. 
The times when I like wearing midi & stocked up quite a couple of those. Some in the same design but different colours. Only my BFF can relate to this, cuz she has the same habit as me, lol!  
The carpark located near the restaurant.  
Gigantic restaurant sign that is too hard to miss. They are located on the 2nd floor, use the stairs at the corner to head up. 
They cater for both outdoor & indoor seating. As the restaurant is facing the sea, it would be ideal to sit outdoors and enjoy the sea breeze. There wasn't any when we arrived, so we headed indoors instead.  
 The place was relatively empty on a weekend afternoon, with only 2 tables occupied. We spotted one korean family dining here & conclude that this place must serve authentic korean food. 
There are several set menus to choose from, so pick according to your preference. There are ala carte items on the menu too. We tend to order set menus, so there are more items to share amongst everyone. 
This has officially become my fave korean drink, Bon Bon Grape Fruit drink (I think this is the name). Drinking white grape juice with little chunks of grapes at the bottom. The chunks get sucked up if you drink with a straw & it's absolutely delicious! My must-order whenever I head to a korean restaurant.
A wide array of banchan (반찬) - meaning side dishes in English - available. I googled and found that according to the number of banchan that is added to the table, the table setting will be called 3 cheop, 5 cheop, 7 cheop, 9 cheop, 12 cheop bansang, with the 12 cheop used in Korean royal cuisine. Eh, I think we were served more than 12 banchan in a single seating, so we are more royal than royal??
Preparing the fire for BBQ session.
In a Korean restaurant, banchan are set in the middle as they are meant for sharing. At the center of the table will the secondary main course, such as galbi, bulgogi and a shared pot of jjigae. This time round, we had bulgogi :) That's the whole highlight of the trip! 
Bring on the food! 
I can't really remember, but I think we ordered pork & chicken set.  
Soju to go along for the meal.   
I love that they always have someone on standby to cook the meat for you, cut it into small pieces once they are cooked. Thumbs up for service :) You can also BBQ it on your own, if you like.
Eating it the Korean way! Wrapping up the meat with a piece of lettuce, topped it up with seasoning + garlic :)
Another of my fave Korean snack, dukboki! These were not that spicy & good for sharing.
More BBQ meat to feed everyone. I think we over-ordered but still managed to finish everything on the table. #gluttonus.
Pajeon, Korean pancakes. "Pa" literally means "green/spring onion" in Korean. I think we had kimchi pajeon in the above.
The guys were on a drinking spree, ordering bottles & bottles of soju. I been wanting to try poktanju 폭탄주, a "bomb drink" by mixing a shot glass of soju into a pint of beer. Will definitely try it next time, or when I'm in Korea!
Saving the best dish for the last :) 
Ramen cooked in spicy broth, with kimchi, sausages and egg. 
with mummy-in-law.   
Happy faces after a satisfying meal :) Will be back for more (^^)
Jang Won Restaurant
K3-211, 2nd Floor, Block C
Kompleks Perniagaan, Taman Stulang Laut
Jalan Ibrahim
Johor Bahru 80300

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