Monday, February 28, 2011

Sneak Preview

*unselected & unedited pic*

8 more months to go ~ to growing old with you :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Surprise

The gift from Leecher when he came over to my place :)

The touching part - he specially detoured from the usual route to my place to get this for me, heehee! I called him last night when I was out with Ivan and told him that Miracle was out of stock & it was only available at so-so place. Didn't expect Leecher to go and buy it for me, so sweet! Finally, my ai xin lunch effort paid off, LOL

Saturday, February 26, 2011

KL Biz Trip Nov 2010

While Leecher held custody of dent dent for 1 month, I have no access to the latest pictures that we have taken over CNY. Anyway, I'm so used to blogging about back-dated stuff that I'll be surprised if I ever get to blog about CNY & Vday in Feb!

Another trip to KL in Nov. I was getting all ready to take pictures on dent dent when "memory full" appeared on the screen. Gasp! I forgot to put back the XD card and dent dent own's memory could only hold 12 pics max :( So all pictures on this trip taken by the berry :)

The standard SQ106 flight.

Long queue to clear security.

My usual breakfast while waiting for fave travel partner.

Waiting for airport cab to take us to the hotel. Having tried the train previously, we figured that its faster and cheaper to take the cab straight to the hotel.

I was hungry again after landing that I had to find something to eat!

Rinta getting her breakfast @ Delifrance.

Stayed Shangri-Li this time round, as it was walking distance to our clients.

Checking in @ the lobby. Felt so welcome by the warm hues that was used in the decor.

Doing their part to prevent virus spreading.

Walking along the corridor to find my room, which was nicely tucked at the end of it.

The Queen bed, comfy~

The walk-in!!! OMG, love it, pity I couldn't take a full view of it due to space constrains.

Totally dig the girly packaging! Fairies and flowers :) Refreshing change from the usual!

Lunch @ Lemon Cafe. No idea why, but I was constantly hungry & even had to resort to put snacks in my bag to curb the hunger in b/w meetings.

Ordered the recommended Nyonya laksa to try, which comes in either yellow noodles or mee hoon with prawns, chicken, cockles, cococnut curry broth with dried bean curd and boiled egg. My verdict - skip it TOTALLY.

The dessert spread was good ~ the "S" mocha that came along at the end, lovely!

Changed into work outfit and headed out. Mirrors all over; great for self pic-taking, heehee!

Peak hour traffic, headed to take the train instead.

Love the tagline! Yes, food food to feed the hungry ones :)

Dinner @ California Pizza Kitchen, where we talked over lots of stuff. Meal times are the usual time where we can discuss things through and to gossip! LOL

Cupcakes for desserts :) They were so pretty that I couldn't bear to sink my teeth in and destroy them.

I discovered they actually have a full mirror at the back of the washroom door! Wa ha ha, another work outfit for the 2nd day.

Finished our meetings and headed back to the hotel to pack up. Couldn't get onto an earlier flight, so we lazed around in the hotel for our 9.45pm flight home.

Cozy couches for people to chill out and relax :) I wish I could take a nap though, but we were busy working off our laptops and blackberry resolving issues and replying to clients' emails :( Well, have to keep the engine going!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joseph's BBQ Farewell

{another draft that was forgotten, edited piece} We prepared a BBQ farewell for our bro Joe, who will be based in SYD for 2 years. Can't imagine the heartbreak & tears (kidding) that the sisters went through when we received this piece of news.

Thus, we held a farewell party for him @ Ryan's place. Laziness, coupled with the ease of online shopping led us to order our food online, via BBQ wholesale centre! Wa ha ha, just click click click and check-out! Easy peasy!

Rows and rows of food stacked up to feed 4 eating machines, heehee.

All ready to start!

Start up with Otah first

Ryan, the Otah Man! Still wearing our JC Sports T from Bannister house! So nostalgic. I think I was in the same house as him, but we always prefer the Bikila, cuz its black and deemed to be COOL at that time.

Coco became the new pet of the house & trust Ryan to name the dog Coco when it was obviously a male. He even had a bell dangling at his neck.

Leecher's dedication of the prawn to Fling, cuz Fling said good stuff abt him. Didn't take much to make him happy, easy!

The chicken wings were finger-licking-good!

Ryan taking a break from his Otah-fanning-BBQing and the rest had to hold the fort
Joseph was inspired by Gordon Ramsay (must be too much of Hell's Kitchen) and started his "steak" theory.

Thanks to Ryan's parents for loaning their place to us for so many years of gatherings :)

all hot and sweaty from the BBQ

with the dearest (Leecher)

The brothers wont end the night w/o getting one another drunk, look at their gesticulated gestures, all set and ready to start the challenge!
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