Monday, June 30, 2008

A tribute to my shoes

I always faced difficulties in finding the right pair of shoes, mainly cuz I am a size 3/4. I used to shop a lot @ Charles & Keith until they raised their prices in an attempt to "up-market". As such, I shopped at Mondo and discovered that they sell shoes @ affordable prices. Thus, I will tend to buy the same pair of shoes (provided it's comfy enough) over and over ...

I first threw away this pair of shoes when it lived beyond its usefulness in LDN

Replaced it with an identical pair and had to throw away the 2nd pair in India

Thus, I went down to the shop again and got myself a brand new pair @ 20% off!

I wonder how long this new pair will last me .... ?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Depot Road Claypot Laksa

Today, Blamer decided to bring me to one of her hideouts where she "lunches" with her flings. (For the exact location of this store, please drop a note to Blamer, ha ha)

This shop claims to be the original Depot Road Claypot laksa, however, if I remember correctly, the actual stall is supposed to be located at the hawker centre near Queenway Shopping Centre. Hmm.. anyway, decided to give it a try.

The Laksa


To further confirm my suspicions, this shop not only sells laksa, Blamer ordered claypot chicken rice.

To my best knowledge, the original Depot Rd Claypot Laksa only sells laksa... ...

Anyways, Blamer still likes the food here. I think it's becos this place is located quite a fair distance from where I would usually lunch. Hence, she can 偷情 without bumping into me.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dedicated to Leecher

Leecher once promised to write 情书 for me during the 1st month where we were together. I still remembered the time when he would ask me how to write the characters in chinese (it's like I am filling in the blanks of my own 情书) Subsequently, the 情书 failed to materialise since Leecher thought that I would not 追究 anymore, haha. (too bad, cuz Qian, Miao & Fling will know that I have super good memory and I will just bring it up again :P)

It's still funny to think that our love started over a cup of chrysanthemum tea (yellow again). Leecher made me chrysanthemum tea (he leeched on EK way back then - cuz it was EK who brought the stuff into the tutorial room) when we were studying for our exams. Silly me was almost touched to tears (ya, cuz he was very sincere and remembered that I only drink hot drinks)

Those were the days - though we have our own storming period as well, but 在一起的时光,充满了欢笑和很多很多的爱. I will still continue to love you even when your waist line has increased from 29" to 31"; when you have more white hairs on your head; when you continue to snore in your sleep; when you refused to sponsor me for my shopping trips etc

Looking fwd to grow old with you- holding hands and strolling in the park,watching TV on our L-shaped sofa and caring for little Keith & little Caihong, giving them lots of love :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Love Post

Roses are red and Violets are blue... ...

Isn't this a classical sentence back in those Secondary sch days, when hormones started taking over, and ppl just do silly things to get the attention of the opposite sex. For example, writing love letters? Passing small pieces of papers around the class to the girl tat caught ur eye?

Hmm, why am I bringing these up all of a sudden? Because, Blamer had been breathing down my neck about giving her a love letter ever since our first month, ha ha. Love letter? Just how to start this?

Not really a language person, but I must say that for 30 months of my life, they were filled with fun, laughter, tears, frustrations and of cos, Love. Still remember the first time "She" caught my eye. I was late for lecture and when I enter the room, someone in a bright yellow top was waving her hands at me and smiling ever so cheerfully as if she was happy to see me here, that I was there to brighten up her day and I thought, that's a pretty girl... ...

And so started the months of courtship (which she doesn't consider those as courtships), of late nights of sending her back after school (during the exam period when we stayed really late in sch) and finally, I managed to "break" her on one overseas trip where I played the hero saving the damsel in distress. (special thanks to two buddies back then for helping out ha ha)

Those were the past, what I really want to say is thank u for being there for me always, though at times u were quite irritating, crude, selfish and unreasonable, my love for u just deepens day by day and has blinded me in all aspects i.e. I will still buy that bag for u. Wa ha ha ha!

Leecher loves Blamer always!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Delicious Food Part 1

Leecher and I love to go searching for delicious and cheap food for eating is our fave past-time. (However, the aftermath is that Leecher ends up with an ever-expanding waistline, wa ha ha)

Here are some of the food that we came across and its worth recommending to our readers....

1. Mee Soto & Ayam Penyet (smashed fried chicken)

Location: Singapore General Hospital Kopitiam near Blk 6/7.
Verdict: 4/5 (the chilli is awesome)
Damage on wallet: $4.50 (smashed chicken) and approx $4 (mee soto) -- enjoy 10% off if you have the Kopitiam card.

2. Roasted Duck Meat Rice

Location: Blk 302, Choa Chu Kang (24 hr food centre near the MRT station)
Verdict: 3.5/5 (the duck meat is juicy and tender, yums!)
Damage on wallet: $3.50

3. Claypot Noodles & Chicken Rice

Location: Market Street Food Centre, Level 3
Verdict: 3.25/5 (the portion has shrunk slightly but still acceptable)
Damage on wallet: $4 each (for big portions, it will be $5 each)

4. Mr Bean 3-in-1 Rice Balls

Location: All Mr Bean outlet

Verdict: 3.5/5 (loves it when the peanut ooze out)

Damage on wallet: $2.00

5. Beancurd

Location: Blk 302, Choa Chu Kang (24 hr food centre near the MRT station)
Verdict: 4/5 (the beancurd is super smooth!)
Damage on wallet: $1.20

6. Prawn Noodles

Location: At Capital Square, opposite Toast Box
Verdict: 3.5/5 (love the soup base, though the portion seems to have shrink)
Damage on wallet: $4 (for prawn & pork)

7. Fried Carrot Cake

Location: At Capital Square, opposite Toast Box (same as No.6 above)
Verdict: 3.5/5 (must order if you're having prawn noodles, it seems to go well together with it)
Damage on wallet: $2 (small) $3 (big)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fossil Private Sale

Fossil Private Sale - my annual watch-buying event

Reached the place @ 12.05pm and there was already a long queue at the collection counter. Strange, late for 5 mins only, pple already went inside and come out le?

Shopped for 45 mins - super crowded, but with my petite size, I was able to squeeze through all the people, helping Leecher to "开路". Even saw my sec friend inside, 真巧! After all the jostling, time to queue up for payment (smooth traffic) & collection of the watches. Waited almost 45 mins just to collect the watches. Think they need to do something about the traffic control next time.

Leecher with the sales memo ...

Getting bored of the waiting ~

Total damage - 3 DKNY watches for me and 1 Diesel watch for Leecher. Not forgetting that we bought our first couple watches, heehee. (ya, we forgot to adjust the time first before taking this pic)

Happy gal with all the purchases (trying not to look @ the damages done to my wallet though)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Sweet ~

I was talking to my close fren when this conversation started ...

Me: When I get married, I will definitely invite you to my wedding ...
Him: for what?
Me: Why? u mean u dun wan to come?
Him: go to your wedding and cry ar?
Me: why need to cry?
Him: cuz you're getting married and I am not the groom?

so sweet of you to make me feel loved .... Leecher - see, u have a competitor, hahaha ....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lunch with MinQian

Hey hey, this is a rather rare guest during our normal weekday lunches. Introducing a fan of our blog too, Miss FMQ featured center.

Went to Marmalade Pantry for lunch, and FMQ came all the way from Tanjong Pagar. *touched* but if u think it's for me then u are wrong man. It's cos of the Mee Sua which she asked Blamer to get for her from her Malacca trip.


Both FMQ and Blamer ordered this dish, think its their recommended item on the menu at Hitachi Towers, must be the good right?


I ordered this instead cos it's the only olive oil base pasta on the menu. Not bad the spaghetti but the meat tasted just like our oriental roast pork aka 烧肉.

And of cos while we were waiting for the food to come, must take some pics, but the 主角 is not us but the flower hee hee.

See flower is always the center of attraction. And yes, it is a real flower.

Oh and it seems like their cupcake is a must-have. This is Blamer's order CHOCOLATE DELUXE THE ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE. Very rich cake.

FMQ's LIMONATA TART LEMON GLAZED CAKE. Very refreshing, especially the icing or the glaze as they call it.

Since both of them ordered the cupcake, I figured I shld try something else... ...


Apparently, this was not very well received. (nobody wants to take the photo with the tart except me)

The pair of happy girls and I'm forced to be the photographer.

Dun ask me why this pic is here. Ask her. : )

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last day in India

Finally, my last day of the biz trip. Have to rush off to meet a client - thus, packed croissant to eat in the car

Ancient elevator - the man's job evolves around opening the gates on each floor (1st to 5th floor) and the gates of the elevator, as well as pressing the buttons for the passengers.

Not sure why I always like to take Citibank pic - maybe cuz Leecher is working in the bank and I want to let him see how his bank looks like in other countries. This building machiam like castle leh :P

Went to CAMY waffers to buy snacks home for the family. Lots of indian snacks available - you can even taste the sample before making your purchase. I heard from our driver that the titbits are all fresh from the oven.

This is known as the Gateway - right in front of the hotel. I never had the chance to go and see this historic monument, but grapevine says that Angelina & Brad once brought their brood here.

Off to the "freezer" office for meeting and no point for guessing what we had for lunch later on.

We had to go straight to the airport to catch our flight @ 12.20am. We took almost 2.5 hrs to reach the airport for there was massive jam along the way. Stopped over @ ITC Grand Maratha (hotel near the airport) for our dinner. The "door-man" (anyone knows what's the proper term for them) dressed smartly in his turban and uniform. The ones @ Taj Mahal wore white uniform during the day and changed to black uniform at night.

Looks very atas rite?

Even the toilet also very atas - got TV somemore ....

We had our last meal in India @ Peshawri. Rinta told me that Bill Clinton loves this restarurant. Located in such an atas place, this meal also commands a hefty price-tag.

Their open-concept kitchen, whereby you can see the stove in which they bake the naan. As this is a traditional Indian restaurant, no cutlery were served. We were told by the waiter to enjoy the taste of the food with our hands.

Their menu is on a block of wood; one side for vegetarian and the other side for non-vegetarian.

Naan, papadum , butter chicken. Not a fan of onion, but it goes well with the papadum & naan.

The chicken kebab - tender and juicy.

The airport just got renovated recently, so everything looks very new and clean.

Our pic before boarding the plane, bye! See you in SG, LOL

Ate my meal and Caught 27 dresses onboard - very nice romantic comedy. I am a sucker for such love flicks. James Marsden was kinda boyish; found him to be very familiar until I googled and realised that he acted as Cyclops in X-men.

Leecher said he would come to the airport and fetch me. I even reminded him 20 times that my flight will land at 8.20am. When i cleared the immigrations and shopped at duty-free, I was half-expecting to see Leecher standing outside waving to me .... but to my surprise, he was still at his place when I called him ... >_<"
In the end, I waited almost 1 hr for him to come and pick me up; isn't it ironic?

He had to push my trolley as punishment - from T2 to T3 .. bleah :P

We had POPEYES for breakfast - their chicken are really yummy! Wonder why they only have outlets in the airport .... I think they can give KFC a run for their money.

Lastly, to conclude my India Trip; shopping loots for closed ones :)

Till the next biz trip ~
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