Thursday, April 30, 2009

JB Trip

Why is Blamer sticking to my armpit? She wants to smell it? No lah, cos she is happy tat I'm accompanying her to meet Fling in JB.

First stop, Fling and her sis (yup the one in the light blue polo-t) brought us to the other Bah Kut Teh shop which according to Fling, serves a better version than the one we had.

Wa judging by the crowd, seems like this shop enjoys better biz leh. We waited over half an hour before we got seats.

Golden mushrooms unique to Malaysian Bah Kut Teh I think. Plus they will add straw mushrooms, pork belly and other stuffs inside too.

Oh and Fling particularly likes this shop cos their pork ribs are softer than the previous shop that we went to.

Besides the soup, there's oso this braised chicken that Fling's mum highly recommended.

And this one too, heard it's good for pregnant ladies. Wa ha ha.

And the SOP condiments for every Bah Kut Teh, preserved vegetables and doughsticks!

After Bah Kut Teh, we went to this cafe called Lavender, I think it's quite a popular hangout place for JB people.

I had some fruit freeze which I had forgotten which fruit. wa ha ha.

Fling ordered one of their flower teas. Which was not too bad.

Posing with my dear Blamer in the cafe.

Noel joined us later and we ordered some banana pancake... ...

and chicken wings to go with the drinks... Notice the hairy stuff sticking out of the wings? Noel assured me though that they were definitely not unplucked feathers.

It seems that what we had was not enuf to feed four hungry gluttons. Had some more ice-cream courtesy of Fling.

Wa ha ha ha, scoop scoop scoop!

Spent some time flipping thru Blamer's old year books. Too bad she won't allow me to post some of the rare pics I found in them. Wa ha ha ha.. ...

Oh another rare sight, but this time it's the rainbow in the background. Can you see it?

It's the first time I saw a full arc rainbow (and here's a video to prove it) Wonder where is the pot of gold?

A sneak peek at Fling's sister's bag collection. It was like 相逢恨晚 for the two of them, or should I say it's more like 英雄所见略同?Both of them are so into branded bags that they started talking in baggish language and was so immersed in exchanging their 心得 that the rest of us were totally ignored.

Finally a pic of Noel, must be too tired being our chauffeur of the day.

Notice all the non-drivers had smiles over their faces. Wa ha ha ha. Sorry Noel... ...

Yummy-li-ous cuisines from the legendary Hak Seng Restaurant. Heard the owner has serious attitude problem, but apparently, he still enjoys very good biz. Waited quite long for the food to come. Love the sweet n sour fish the most. An interesting trivia of this place: when u place order for say, a fish, a pork dish or a vege dish, the owner will make the decision on how they are supposed to be cooked. Who says the customer is always king???

Finally, it's time to be on our way back. First time taking the bus out of Malaysia, (no Noel's godfather to fetch us this time) How I wish Blamer will get me a car for my birthday (Blink Blink eyes big big)

Haiz.... but this was all I got... ... : (

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Touched by an Angel

Today, Blamer suddenly msg me: "Can I be selfish and ask you to have lunch with me instead of your colleagues?" at around 11.47am. I was like duh? You wan me to fly ppl kite so last minute????

But me being the ever so wonderful bf really met up with Blamer instead... ...

And she surprised me with "Cooling Water" for she knew that I was feeling a little under the weather for the past few days.

So sweet... ... aw... ... (pardon my chui-ness but I'm really sick wat...)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

JellyHearts for Frens :)

After making Jellyhearts for Leecher for Vday, I put on the apron once again to make Jellyhearts for my frens :)

I used Cocoa powder as substitute as I ran out of strawberries

All stacked up in boxes & ready to go ~

As it was Yaozu's bdae, I decided to surprise him with a box of Jellyhearts!

Sorry for the ugly box, opps :X Ran out of boxes

Another box for Kaijie - Finally, it's my turn to give Kaijie something that I made myself instead of always leeching on his goodies, haha :P

Lastly, for dear Miaoli - who made the request initially :) Hope you guys like the jellyhearts!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cooking with Blamer

It's one of those days when I feel like practicing my cooking, since I know Blamer isn't much of a cook unlike her mum.

My ingredients for the dish... ...

Can you guess what is the dish?

One more clue... ... Yup trying out cereal prawns. That's me frying the cereal with garlic.

Throwing in the prawns which was pre-panfried so that they would be more crispy.

Looking good right?

End product. How? Got restaurant standard or not?

Blamer decided that she would not be 看扁 and wanted to whip out a dish of her own too.

Her most impt ingredient... ...

And she is forcing me to take photos of each and every step she was taking to make the SIMPLE dish. Dun see her doing the same when I was conjuring up mine.

Her Portobello mushrooms which were washed and boiled till 70% cooked.

Lotsa cheese on top the mushrooms and a little salt to taste.

Into the oven!

Her end product. I sprinkled some Italian herbs on top so that they look more appetizing.

Seems like she is starting to get the hang of things, Blamer decided do another SIMPLE dish.

Wa the salad got the looks of a pro. But come to think of it, who dun know how to make salad???

Other dishes done by my dear mummy to complement what we had.
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