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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Phuket 2010 Day 4

Last day in Phuket, walking around at some shopping mall near the hotel.

Pris went for her mani & pedi session while we "window-shopped" for ........ nothing :(

Japanese food for brunch and we ordered way too much food!

Visit to the Premium outlets @ Phuket - honestly, nothing much to buy and we just spent the day at the cafe people-watching with our ice-creams :p

Time to board the plane & head home - and, another holiday backlog cleared! Yippee :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Phuket 2010 Day 3

Yes, finally changed the layout of our blog after 4 years - decided to do some hands-on for the header and changed the colour scheme. Hope you are still used to the new colours :) To continue from where we left off, Phuket Day 3!

Started Day 3 with fruits breakfast, super healthy!

We have another activity lined up - ATV, Elephant Trekking & White water rafting. No pictures on white-water rafting as there were no stops along the way and we didn't want to risk dent dent dropping into the waters. Rafting was more exciting than the rivers in Bali, do give it a try! OK - back to our ATV adventure.

We were all dressed in T-shirt & shorts!

The group that got here before us.

T&C and also disclaimers that they will not be responsible for any injuries etc.

Leecher can't wait to jump onto the vehicle.

Vehicle on standby.

All lined up except for EK who was busy placing orders on the phone, lol!

Vroom Vroom! Get your mark ready - 1,2,3!

Down the road .....

Into a mini plantation ...

Mid point! For photo-taking & taking a breather.

Relaxing before we made our way down the hill.

The friendly guide

Just as we were taking pictures, EK had to come & disturb!

So I also went to kar-jiao Pris & him, lol!

Soon, it was time to return the vehicles & we made our way to the next destination - some well-known temple with lots of monkeys running around.

We didn't venture into the temple & stayed outside with our drinks, and chit-chat with our new friends from Indonesia.

The guys were pretty awesome on the ATV earlier, because they were used to playing with ATVs at home. In fact, the ones that they had at home were more powerful that what we rode on earlier. No wonder they were always in the front of the pack.

Simple lunch before our rafting activity. No pics on our rafting :(

After rafting, we went to the elephant camp for elephant trekking.

Slowly making their way to the station.

Bananas which you can buy to feed the elephants for their effort.

Pris & EK got onto the elephant first.

Leecher decided that he wanted to connect with the elephant, so he moved and sat on the elephant instead of the seat.

Cute elephant waving his trunk to pose for pictures!

Trying to maintain his balance while we crossed over a mini "river".

Then, I decided that I wanna be in the hot seat too!

Posing with the elephants, just like in Bali :)

We were famished by the time we got back and decided to give ourselves a nice lil treat for dinner :)
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