Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love Nest Updates

Been almost a year since the fateful day whereby we put down our signatures for our love nest. I think we only visited the site 2 times in the past 1 year, haha .... Told Leecher to go and take a look @ the latest progress but he conveniently brushed it off by saying he don't have a car, so cannot go ... DUH! No car dunno how to take public transport ar? Think should change his name to LAZY leecher, suits him more :P

Anyway, thanks to Punggol Vista Gallery Forum for keeping me in the loop of the latest development of our love nest. *pics credits to the contributors of the forum*

Wow, the place is certainly progressing fast! From a barren green field to being filled with machineries & you can even see the apartments being built and taking shape. Yippee!

That's our block. I wonder how long it will take before it's till the 12th storey? Bet Leecher must be feeling paiseh now that the whole world (or our readers) know that he doesn't care much about our love nest, wa ha ha ha!
 (Leecher: Ha ha I'll have to care when I have to start paying my share wa ha ha ha)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leecher's Bdae Surprise

It's the time of the year whereby Leecher will add one more candle on his bdae cake :) This year, I roped in the help of a beloved fren, FMQ in planning Leecher's bdae surprise.

As Leecher nags constantly over his "imaginary car" - ya, been wanting me to BUY him a car, like DUH?! - so, I decided to grant him his wish & present him with a car-themed bdae, haha ... 没有虾,虾米也不错。

12 cupcakes delivered to his office, courtesy of FMQ + sister & parents. Wa, my 面子 is so big that even the parents also 出动. As Leecher was totally unaware of this bdae surprise, he was very skeptical when FMQ's sister called him on his mobile and congratulated him on winning the big prize of some survey.

Calling the office phone...

Sister: Hello, is this Keith? I want to congratulate you for being one of our lucky winners in a survey u participate six months ago.
Leecher: Huh? Wat survey? I dun remember writing any survey?
Sister: Like I said, it was six months ago, you probably can't remember. Anyway, I'm already downstairs at your workplace, is it OK that u come down to collect the gift?
Leecher(thinking it's a hoax): Ok later. (no intention of going down at all)

After a few minutes ....

Sister: Hi Keith, you coming down? I really need to hand the gift to you. You see, we've got this quota to meet and I must really hand over the gift personally.
Leecher: Eh,I really can't get away. Tell you what, why not you just keep the gift? I dun want it. (turning to my mentor: wa this marketeer very persistent leh)
Sister: Well, why not I come up to pass it to you instead?
Leecher (taken aback): Fine, if it's so important, then please come up... ..(thinking to himself; so desperate ar?)

Great prank pulled off when he came out of his office & saw FMQ's sister, haha. Wished I could be there and witnessed this :P

Bdae boy posing with his cupcakes & totally paiseh that FMQ's mum came along as well, opps :X

Pre-Bdae Celebration

Leecher declared that his bdae has to be celebrated for 12 days (crazy, think it's Xmas ar?) & wanted 12 presents. I rebutted him that he received 12 cupcakes, 1 cupcake = 1 present, wa ha ha... Brought Leecher for some ice-cream treat using MY vouchers (vouchers also money lo ...)

Finally saw the cupcakes! Fabulous job & Leecher acting cute with his age ...

Forced me to take picture with "72" .... I look like 72 meh?
Actual Bdae Celebration

Popped by Leecher's place with more presents on his bdae :)

More car-related presents for his car-themed bdae! Poor me had to search high & low in my house for colour pencils, so that I can colour the car card that I specially made for his bdae. Made my brother go back to his school to order and collect the car-plate thingy even though it was his holidays. See, to celebrate his bdae, I need to exhaust all my resources and connections .... so I think I deserve *something* for my bdae, wa ha ha ...

Mummy even went to buy a bdae cake for Leecher, wa ... so 偏心.

Leecher insisted on only 1 candle on his bdae cake, haha, want to act secretive. Please lo, the whole world already knows your age :P

Make a wish - to 疼 Blamer more, yes! - and blow out the candles ...

The cousins dropped by for a visit and joined in the celebration.

Of cuz must take a picture with his beloved Blamer rite?

Time to head out for dinner. It rained the whole day on Leecher's bdae - according to traditions, when it rained on your bdae, it means that you're one stingy fellow. Gosh, this implies that Leecher is super duper giam siap, wa ha ha :P

Took Leecher to Aburiya located @ Robertson Quay - 鸟不生蛋的地方. Think the place is really inaccessible & the cab driver didn't really have a clue where the place was located even though I got the address.

I can sense the knife kena sharpened at this very instant .... *shivers*

Mission Accomplished with a Blamer's head-kena-chopped-big-time look.

The set meal that consists of 4 different beef cuts, salad, beef stew, mushrooms, kimchi, tamago miso soup & rice. I also ordered the hamburger that comes with 3 different types of sauces. I love the beef stew - the beef just melts in your mouth, literally. Grilled mushrooms + sauce is another of my fave. It's a pity there were no 2nd helping :(

Leecher is the officially appointed chef-of-the-day; can't expect me to pay and also to cook for him rite? He also has to do some work, hahaha .... It was actually quite a good experience to grill food over the charcoal stove while it poured heavily outside. Can 取暖 by the stove :)

Happy Birthday to my Leecher
Don't blame me for your ever-expanding waistline hor - you ordered the food yourself, hahaa :P

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gatherings in Feb 2009

Gatherings continue in the month of Feb :) Apologies for the appointments that I have turned down due to my busy schedule. I will make up for the outings that I missed k?

1. Sisters & Ron

Meet up with Ronnie over dinner at Holland V. Sweet Fling even came all the way here from ulu Woodlands, much to my coaxing - love ya! Ronnie was way earlier than all of us, he was slowly drinking his beer when the ladies strolled into the restaurant - 可能他太想我们了,which explains his punctuality :)

2. BP Councillor Gang - Jinlian, Bobo, TszHin & JinHan

Our monthly meetup & we had our highest head-count (5 pple) ever! It's a pity that Wanling couldn't be here as she was swamped with her Lit&Eng markings. Naughty Bobo even 怂恿 us to call Wanling to tell her that we're having fun while she is hiding at home marking her papers. So bad rite? Don't worry Wanling, Jinlian & I scolded Bobo on your behalf le :)

JinHan kindly offered to pick me up at Jurong East in his car & when TszHin boarded the car 10 mins later, he said, " Uncle, 你还没有开 meter." Haha, that's cuz JinHan's car is like a "maxi-cab" for he folded down the chairs in the middle row. Well, this maxi-cab took all of us home later that night, so I am not complaining! Thanks Jinhan!

After our meal, we decided to drove back to BP. Been a very long time since I step foot in this part of the neighbourhood.

The place where all the fond memories take place :)

The guys back @ our campus - bigger (in size) & better (in knowledge?) hahaha

We drew quite a lot of stares from passers-by while posing for pictures. The bus uncle of 300 purposely slowed down and look at us - maybe thinking we're siao gin-nar. It was fun & I can't wait to go back to BP to see the new facilities :)

3. Ivan

Lots of new restaurants can be found at Lot 1 due to the expansion. One of those places that I wanted to try but always got long queue is New York New York.

Finally, time for Ivan to appear on my blog *waves Hi*. Nice catching up with Ivan; think the last time I met him was like 1 yr ago ?! Time really flies; still remember the time when he attended my Convocation with YuXin & soon, it will be his turn to wear the graduation gown later this year... Have fun in States, I will email you my shopping list :P good luck with your FYP!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gold Class Experience

Leecher always lament that I am the cause of his movie-droughts since I don't believe in paying for the expensive-$10 bucks/ticket on the wkend. Having waited for 7 months before he got to watch his first movie in 2008, I let him dragged me to the cinema in Jan for our 1st movie date 2009.

Think I actually succumbed (Leecher here: now I think Blamer got vocab problem. How can it be succumbed to my principles? Succumb = give in. Give in to my principles? Definitely sound weird) to my principles? NO! Haha, we had to use our complimentary gold class vouchers which accounts for this movie date :P If not, I think Leecher will have to wait till Jun/July when Transformer 2 opens in Singapore. (Blamer forgot to mention that the tickets came from ME. YES Me!)

Gold Class 就是不一样. Special counter catered for GC queue & the tickets are put within the GC voucher before returning back to you. Even I am excited :)

Proceeding to the Gold Class Lounge to relax while waiting for the movie to start. Leecher concluded that this is a gimmick for patrons to spend more money, since you will be compelled to order something for the movie. Lesson learnt - next time, just walk straight to the theatre or you will end up $35 bucks poorer.

Leecher seems to be pretty excited sitting in the lounge - that was before he paid $35 bucks for our meal, haha. Think he was so high that he even posed with a peanut in between his fingers (o_O)'''''' Couldn't take pictures inside the theatre though :( Food-wise was ok, though most of the time, I didn't know what I was putting inside my mouth. Nevertheless, it was a pretty good experience, I love the chair & blanket! Don't think I will spend that kind of money just for a movie, however, vouchers are always welcome!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Valentine's Day 09

It's the time of the year again where, the wallet of us guys, bleeds dry and the ladies triumph, grinning as they receive their bouquets... ...

Four white lilies to signify our 4 years of pure tender loving care... ... (wa ha ha goosebumps)

My presents from Blamer, the painstakingly prepared jelly hearts and a cute Valentine's day card for me! Drawn to such details oso (notice the guy got no hair... ...)

Hence to reward my Blamer, brought her to this cozy tuck away restaurant (in case u can't read the words, restaurant is called Hob Nob) at Far East Shopping Centre for some quality time together. (by the way, Blamer told me together = to + get + her, hence must get the girl first den can be together... ... huh?)

Anywayz, must take photo with my present. Yup that's me (after life as a botak angel?)

Blamer with her present... ...

Our starter -- garlic cheese baked mussels.

Too hungry le. Not going to wait for Blamer to take photo le. (Actually the mussel was for Blamer de, Valentine's day leh, want to kena pull ears meh?)

My Tom Yam spagetti (very innovative right?), However, I must warn you that it's a very spicy dish, after just a few bites, I was already perspiring like crazy.

Blamer's Pork Cordon Bleu or something like that. Can't really remember the name. Love the mushroom sauce. You can taste that it's really homemade with real mushroom bits. Heavenly. The pork was a bit dry though, think they might have over-fried it.

To round up the meal, ordered their hazelnut crunch. But I think this cake wasn't very nice, not crunchy at all. Too bad they ran out of their signature chocolate cake. Overall, I think the food was just mediocre but for the opportunity to get away from all the bustling and usually overcrowded restaurants along the main belt of Orchard Road, this is a steal. Recommend this place for couples or friends who just want to spend some quiet, quality time "to-get-her".
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