Monday, January 30, 2012

Phuket 2010 Day 1 P2

We finally reached after a journey across a hill, love the tranquility of the surrounding. I could fall asleep under the warm sun listening to the sound of waves.

Finding a spot for our belongings.

Putting our things down down on the mat & getting ready to hit the water :)

Pictures first before we hit the water in pairs. We didn't feel safe to leave our belongings unattended, so we took turns to hit the water.

EK applying sun-block all over his body, in case he kena chao-ta, haha!

The 2 guys with their *erm* 1-big-gigantic pack, LOL!

Kena bullied by EK, so poor thing :(

Waiting for our turn to get back to the water :)

Trying to make a sand-figurine, which I gave up at the end cuz Leecher kept disturbing my creation.

Tug-of-war :)

EK & Pris - love Pris's red hot bikini! She brought lots of bikini sets for this trip :)

Nice cool beer after we came out from the waters.

I can nv jump as high as Leecher - but why? Don't make sense to me when he's almost twice as heavy as me.

Trying to mimic those shots on Sports Magazine.

My turn! haha, I looked like I've become taller, yippee!

Leecher decided to head back to the water without me.

Punishment for leaving me alone!

We took a stroll along the beach :) It was a nice feeling, hand-in-hand and feeling the sand in your feet.

Leaving our footprints behind in Phuket.

It was getting dark and soon, it was time to pack our stuff and head back. Testing out the sunset mode in dent dent.

We came across this banana pancake stall and immediately ordered something to quell our hunger pangs.

Banana-chocolate pancakes. This was awesome and it was devoured within seconds. Though I was never a banana-fan, but I must admit this was finger-licking-good!

Enjoying the lovely sunset as we embarked on our way back to the hotel. Something that we seldom get to enjoy in Singapore due to our busy schedule.

Checking out the pool, located at the highest floor of the hotel.

Out to Patong in search for dinner!

Dinner @ 99 restaurant, where the guys were so skilled at bargaining that they even managed to bargain on the seafood prices. Got to hand it to them sometimes.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Phuket 2010 Day 1 P1

Rem this? I still wanna go back to experience the sun, sand and sea! Let's go back in time to 2010, where we went on a trip to Phuket with EK & Pris :) Booking was all done in 2009 & we set off in Feb 2010! heehee :) It had been quite a while since we traveled with friends, as traveling with friends required coordination, especially so when you're traveling in big groups and over an extended period.

We almost couldn't make it on this flight, thanks to Leecher! He was late and we missed the check-in-baggage time. Then, we had to run all the way to the gates to board the plane, while dragging our luggage behind. We were the last 2 to board the plane, so paiseh! Thankfully we took Silk-Air and there were meals on board - if not, I would turn grumpy due to hunger. And the worst of it all, I had bad hair day! Arg :(

EK trying to get us a cab to go to the hotel.

Then the rest decided to cam-whore while waiting for EK, haha!

Welcome drinks for the hotel. This time round ,we stayed at a boutique hotel along Patong.

Venturing into EK's room first, as our room was still undergoing housekeeping.

The rooms were pretty simple, but it was more than enough for me, as long as the area is kept clean & tidy.

Using the bed-head as a backdrop, good for taking pictures, haha!

OMG! I didn't know the 2 guys were that gay!

We explored the boutique hotel abit more while waiting for EK & Pris to wash up for lunch.

We were staying on the 2nd floor, so stairs were our best buddy, haha! Faster than the lift :)

Using an old TV as a fish-tank, super cool!

Lots of old-school toys that we can relate to! It was like being in the toys-museum.

Leecher checking out the internet to see where we can venture to next.

Felt so relaxed & glad that we had chosen this hotel, as the staff were very friendly and helped us with our bookings.

Leecher's to-do-list was to rent a bike and explore around the area, for the next trip.

Here comes EK & Pris, so off we venture into Patong in search for food.

Walking to a nearby restaurant that was recommended by the hotel staff.

Quite a small restaurant that served thai food @ cheap prices. The place was full of locals & a few foreigners.

Walked back to the hotel to enjoy our complimentary afternoon snacks, haha!

Time to venture out again and this time round, Leecher brought along his new bag, courtesy from the hotel, heehee!

On a tuk-tuk, going to the nearby beach to relax under the sun, sand and sea :)

** to be continued **
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