Monday, January 16, 2012

Items for 过大礼

The wedding journey continues with our 过大礼 preparation! We chose our 过大礼 to be on a Sat - in accordance to our fengshui booklet which Master Long has given to us.

In fact, Master Long provided us with a booklet of auspicious dates for 3 years according to our ba zi, so we basically looked through all the dates and decided on dates for 过大礼, 安床 and actual day. We went to Chinatown and purchased stuff for the 过大礼.

We basically walked from our workplace to Chinatown, in search of a few recommended wedding shops that we gathered from the forum. We finally decided to purchase our stuff from Jia Jia Wedding Items, located @ Chinatown Complex.

The lady boss was quite friendly and explained the customs to us, so that we are aware of what needs to be bought and the meaning behind those items.

The lady boss even offered us props for pic-taking.

She used the basin as a shopping "cart" for me, and calculating the cost of all the items that we purchased. Not forgetting to throw in a few packets of ang-paos for us! Such good business tactics definitely go well with the ladies, haha!

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