Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food Tasting @ Grand Park City Hall

1 month before the wedding, we had our food tasting @ the hotel. This will be the only time that Leecher & I get to taste the items served during the dinner.

Beloved bro and GF, who have been very supportive during our wedding preparations.

With Leecher and coincidentally, dressed in the same colour combi.

Venue for our food tasting

with soon-to-be-my-new-family

Feedback form

Complimentary parking coupons for the drivers.

Jasmine tea to kick start the event

Suckling Pig Combination, which includes suckling pig, jellyfish, salad prawn, baby octopus and roast duck. We changed baby octopus & jellyfish to deep fried silver fish & spring rolls.

Braised Shark Fin Soup with fish maw and crab meat

Sauteed scallops, asparagus with macadamia nuts in XO sauce. A tad salty, but love munching on macadamia nuts

Deep fried large prawns in wasabi sauce topped with sesame seeds - a refreshing dish that you don't get to see in other hotels. Well-balanced quantity of prawns & fruits.

Steamed red garoupa in teochew style, a must-have for all teochew family.

Roast crispy whole chicken topped with fragrant minced garlic. We almost thought those were fried 金珍菇, but was actually stripes of garlic.

Briased Ee Fu noodles with seafood and mushroom, thankfully wasn't soggy.

Yam paste with ginkgo nuts and pumpkin - a twist to the traditional oor nee. Another must-have for teochew family to end the night on a sweet note :)

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