Monday, January 9, 2012

Wedding Invites

The next item to do was to select wedding cards for our guests. We went to T-dragon for the selection. Some couples are particular about their wedding invites and would want it to be customized. For us, we don't see the need to spend extra money as most of the times, these cards will end up in the dust bin after the wedding. So, we stick with the selection that we are provided.

The final ones that we have shortlisted from 2 booklets.

The final selection, in purple and pink. Purple as it was Mummy's dearest fave colour and pink for Leecher's mummy.

Collected the wedding cards, envelopes and map from T-dragon. We printed our inserts in JB, henceforth, we needed to make a trip across the causeway.

We printed our wedding inserts @ T&T Instant Printing, located on the 4th floor of City Sq. You just have to choose your layout & wordings, no additional charges for icons (so add as many as you want!). Wait for 1h to view the artwork, so we went to Old Town for lunch.

My my my! Rem our bad experience with Old Town in Singapore? JB's version is so much better & we ate more than usual! They even have a 15 min challenge, where you can get a free voucher if food is not served within 15 mins. We went back to T&T to view our artwork and all ready to be sent for printing, ready for collection in 1 wk.

Writing wedding cards took more time than I imagined! Leecher took charge to tie the inserts while I did everything else. We took almost 1 week to finish everything and sending them out to our relatives and friends.

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