Friday, January 20, 2012

过大礼 Day

The eve of Bought 双喜 stickers to stick on all the items :)

The baskets that Leecher used to put all the items to 下聘 .

10 cans of pig trotters.

Leecher counting the money for the 聘金

Big packet that symbolized the importance of my worth in his heart, lol!

All the stuff that we prepared!

Holding onto the red packet! He was so scared of misplacing it.

Packing the items into the basket. They were so heavy that Leecher had difficulties carrying them the next day.

After days of preparation, it was finally the day for
Stuff that I brought back from our place for the occassion.

Leecher finally arrived!

He had to make several trips up and down to carry all the items.

Together with his 小舅妈,who happened to be mummy dearest's classmate in sec school! Small world indeed :)

Stepping into the house at the auspicious timing, haha!

大姑姑 came to my place early to help out as well. Glad the day went well and it was a mad rush delivering all the cakes to my relatives. Delivered all the way from morning till night!


Finally, the bananas turned ripe (after almost 1 week) and we had to eat it! Not a fan of bananas, but then still have to eat for the 2 of us.


Anonymous said...


Can i check with you when did you buy the green banana for the guo da li?

:: footprintsallover :: said...


My mum ordered it from the fruit vendor at the wet market (near CCK) and collected it 1 day before Guo Da Li.

Hope this helps!

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