Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to me :)

The finale of the bdae posts has got to be my birthday, wa ha ha! I shall leave to Leecher to blog about that while I blogged abt my bdae treats :)

It's the only time of the year where I get to be Princess, yippee! Flowers fit for a princess from my prince.

He actually remembered that I like this flower when I mentioned it once to him, good job! Love the message that came along with the card, heehee ♥

Leecher took me out for lunch at Cedele near our office, where we ordered just the set meal.

Nothing fantastic, service sucks - I rather patron the sandwich shop, anytime.

My "bdae cake" from Leecher, finally!

Yippee. Make a wish, make a wish (zaizai's song singing in the background)

Posting up on FB to show that he finally gotten me the cake :p

My failed attempt, wa ha ha! Sorry dear, I tried my v best! But it was well worth the taste that lingered in your mouth, LOL.

Bdae flowers for me, from XQ! Who can ever resist flowers?

Thanks for the lovely gestures :)


Sweet Rinta took me out & wanted to get me a cake. I decided to go for a tart instead :)

Thanks babe - for the encouragement & everything that you have done :) Appreciate it lots!

What's a bdae celebration without XQ? We managed to catch up after months of absence, where we were busy with work!

Decided to try out Bergs.

Yummy food, I must say, though the price tag is a bit pricey. The takeaway bag is so old-school, me likes!

Coincidentally, we were dressed in purple, haha! Had a great time catching up with him and glad to learn that everything is going well for XQ :)

Thanks everyone for remembering my bdae. I realised as I grow older, my wishes got simpler. All I wanted now is to be happy and healthy & for Leecher to love me, always :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Xiaoqiang's Bdae 2010

As part of the bdae celebration series these few weeks, next up, we have XQ's bdae in July.

Hopped over to Clarke Quay to get out from the business district.

Lunch @ Fremantle Seafood Market, located at Clarke Quay.

Pretty quiet on a Tuesday afternoon, but the crowd started pouring in at 1pm.

Ordered the set lunch specials, which came with soup, main and dessert. Love the oysters, yummy!
Bdae boy with us, can't believe a year has passed since the last bdae celebration

We had to wait quite a while for the mains and finally, the desserts. Looks big ya?

Must be the eyes playing tricks on you, cuz it's so tiny that I can finish it in one mouthful.

Met up with XQ some time later after his celebration to chill on Friday night.

We had our dinner @ Taka, a new place that Leecher and I frequently these days.

Then we strolled over to Heart Bistro for tea.

Looking @ the menu for round 2 - we are such gluttons!

Do not order this! I think this was slow poached white pear in a ginger custard with persian floss
on a fig + manuka ice-cream. Erm, we were basically struggling to polish off everything so as not to waste money.

Assortment of 6 yakitori sticks was god-sent when we had to finish the item above.

The best part that I like! Adore the heart shaped tea cup. I wanna get that for our love nest :)

Love Love Love, Leecher and tea cup all included.

Will be back for more ...... tea :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas!

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ronnie's Bdae 2010

A series of bdae posts to be updated before we welcome 2011! I do hope I didn't miss out any of the celebrations as my pics were scattered all over the place (external HDD, Leecher's laptop, my laptop, numerous thumb-drives etc)

First up, we have Ronnie, affectionately known as Ron Ho Ho Ho's bdae surprise party! Ron's little sis, Doreen, planned this surprise party & roped in our help, with the aim to tekan her brother. When it comes to tekan-ing Ron, we were all for it!

Ryan & ZZG's task was to jio Ron out for brunch, so we can go to his place to get ready. The sisters met up and cabbed to Ron's place, where we had to follow instructions from Doreen.

Posing for the picture before we ventured off to our designated stations.

Bdae picture card for dear Ronnie with our greetings!

It was the amazing race for Ronnie's Bdae! We couldn't get pictures for the 1st stop as Fling & I were stationed at the 2nd stop.

Task for Ronnie: to do 10 pull-ups and 40 sit ups in 3 minutes. Before that, Fling & I added in a sub task: to shout "Fling & Caihong are the prettiest" before he starts the exercise, LOL.

Ron's arrival @ our station, in the lovely boxers that Doreen bought for him, LOL.

Counting the # of pull-ups.

Sit-ups - going strong brother!

Taking a breather. Come on, no time to waste!

Pushing himself to the limit.

Just when he thought it would end here, Doreen informed him that there's another station that he has to go through.

Cheeky smile before he realised what's in store for him at the fields.

Station Master, Miaoli explaining the rules to him.

Task: He had to turn himself around the umbrella 10 times, then went to collect the number cards (1-10) in sequence from one of us.

I think he must be feeling giddy after 10 turns.

Ron running around and chasing us for the number cards.

The finale: to shout to the opposite block "Hello, I'm Ron Ho and today is my bdae" and we must see at least 5 pple looking out from the windows.

Good job brother! We are so proud of you!

The amazing race, mission accomplished!

ZZG immediately headed to Ron's room after we came back from the fields.

Doreen's tongue-in-cheek bdae gift to Ronnie, wa ha ha.

It's time for cake cutting!

Pictures with loved ones. Bet Ronnie must be feeling damn gan dong!

May all wishes come true!

The bdae celebration won't be completed without an afterparty @ St James, Dragonfly!

Still pretty empty as we arrived at 9pm sharp.

Pictures first before partying.

Then, we took turns to take pictures with the bdae boy.

The giant Martell that Ryan ordered for Ronnie.

ZZG fell in love with it immediately.

Getting ready to take up any challenges.

Cheers for the first round!

Then, Ryan did the mixing and took a sip to ensure that it's potent enough for Ronnie.

Ronnie taking his drink and the after-effects were erm ...

see for yourself!

1. so comfortable to lie on ZZG's shoulders.

2. Forcing Miaoli to lick ZZG's shoes

3. Classic!
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