Sunday, August 17, 2008

We have aged

I wonder does this have to do with age? I remember we used to like shopping at places like Far East, Heeren and sometimes even Queentown's shopping centre for their bargain sports apparels. However, today Blamer suggested we go ... ...

As u noticed, I was coerced to take this pic from the overhead bridge. Freaking looked like tourist... ...

Although IKEA is a furniture shop, it is also well-known for its family restaurant, so... attack!

The usual "must orders" includes chicken wings, meatballs with raspberry sauce and their daily specials I guess. I tried their fish which was a bit too salty though.

Their meatballs are still the yummies! However, if u do not take beef, note that these meatballs are a blend of beef and pork.

Blamer who can't wait to whack the fries.

After dinner, Blamer showed her 狐狸尾巴, her real motive was to get a wardrobe organiser or something like that from IKEA. While searching for the item, we fooled around a bit (not so old after all) ... ....

Looks like Blamer likes my trusty ride a lot.

Last stop, their signature $1 hotdogs... wa ha ha. Very cheapos rite? But their hotdogs are really nice. Absolutely value for money.

Chomp Chomp!

Fishermen's Wharf

My usual bi-weekly lunch affair with Kaijie. As I told KJ that I brought dent dent along, he said we must go somewhere better, so that we can take pics! So, we ended up @ Fishermen's Wharf for their fish and chips .... Cannot go to the one @ San Fran, so settled for this instead ^_^

Quiet and cosy ambience; tucked away in a corner of the shophouses. Wooden table setting to complement the old-British atmosphere.

Affordable fish & chips @ $6.50, highlighted on the board. Patrons need to go to the counter to place their orders though.

Waiting for the food ....

Too hungry, all set and ready to attack once the food is served....

Finally, the food is served!

British's fish & chips are served with thicker slabs of potato, hence terming it as "chips" while the American's serve it with french fries (as with any long-cut fried potato pieces). Despite the differences in terminology, the combination of strips of potato-flesh served hot with fish still has the name "fish and chips" in most U.S. restaurants which serve the dish.

Kaijie can't wait to dig in, but first, he must take the usual standard posting-with-food picture....

How come the fish got "covered" up in my pic??? ^_^"

Monday, August 11, 2008


Someone (not Leecher) got me this as a pressie .....

penguin - so cute rite?

and it will light up in different colours! You will just feel cheerful once you see the lights changing :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

You've Got Mail

I was cleaning my wardrobe to make space for my bags & clothes when I came across this ....

My box full of letters from my secondary school days. There is still another box that is 3/4 filled. Wa, looking through these stuff really brings back fond memories.... Let the journey begins here (in no particular order)

1. Kaijie - He contributed to 80% of this box and 95% of the other box .... I managed to dig out the first letter that he wrote to me.

It all begin with this letter (I took me 1 hr to search through the pile for the "unstamped" letter) that slowly evoked into 10 yrs of letter-exchanging (and counting) which translates into

This pile is only for the 2 yrs which I were in Sec 3 & 4. The rest are all in the other box :P Lots of "secrets" were being revealed throughout history, haha ...

I found this little bunny cute while searching for the 1st letter and couldn't burst out laughing when I read the content ....

四大俊男! OMG, those were the days :P

2. Viperboy aka Ryan Leong - close buddies cuz of a particular Ms C.

Still rem the days whereby you would pass me your "diary" along the stairway, so that I will be up-to-date with your happenings. Plus, we continued to exchange letter when you went to Malaysia for your studies, but somehow, it stopped halfway. You even sent me my V-day card, for being your part-time... :)

PS: I still have the rainbow pic that you took from your balcony in KL & the Beckham figurine ...if you still rem; not sure if you are reading this :)

3. Wanling - my buddy since Sec 1/2. She is the only person who dare to "scold" me in her letters, telling me matter-of-fact why she is unhappy with me/my behaviour.

I cherish all those that she wrote, for that made me reflect and change for the better. She is the only one which I wont dare to fight back, in case she stare at me with her big and round eyes! One of the few frens whom I am willing to sacrifice my sleep to accompany her to MOE. She is now back @ our alma mater; good luck to the students!

4. Bert-ge - a member of 四大俊男.

Close buddy cuz of Ms C & Viperboy. Haha, complicated relationship :P Ms C - you have made me a very busy person those days by listening to their stories. Luckily I didn't fail any of my papers :) My Scout senior who nv fail to shout "Hong-mei!" all the way from the end of the corridor whenever he sees me walking past....

5. YuXin - my buddy since P4

His handwriting is still the same after 10 yrs! Ivan & him are my oldest pals to date, since primary school and we're still in touch, though not that often. In fact, Yuxin and I were rumoured to be dating during our sec days, cuz the guys just cannot comprehend that people of the opposite sex can be close buddies, haha, but we managed to prove them wrong! I still rem our dance competition, the "save-me" look on your face when you had to do project with the "witches" and many many more! Wishing you all the best in your final yr k!

6. Mr Y - a fren from TCHS. Till now, only Leecher and me know the content of this letter :) not going to reveal any information here

7. Mr X - a NACLI fren from TCHS. Kinda surprised when he sent me a postcard all the way from Perth and left a kangaroo souvenir at my doorstep. Hope you're well no matter where you are :)

8. 傅老师 - my chinese teacher for Sec 3&4.

Ya, surprised that I even exchanged letters with my teacher rite? No lah, this was supposed to be a holiday assignment (Nov/Dec holidays) whereby we were supposed to write letters to him,"reporting" to him what we have done for the wk. I wrote 5 letters and I topped the hall of fame, haha.

9. Kelvin - my brother during NJC days

Surprised that he still remembered my bdae even though we were no longer studying in the same school :) He sent me my biggest bdae card to date ...

10. MiaoLi - sister since Sec 1. 12 yrs of our friendship, been through a lot. I still remembered there was a point in time whereby we had lots of misunderstandings and I wrote you a 7 pg long letter, venting all my unhappiness and stuff etc. From then on, we cleared up a lot of stuff and this Chinese New Yr card signifies a new beginning of our new-found friendship :) (Miao, you still can rem what you wrote? haha)

And she sent me a card last yr on my bdae :) Till date, she is the only one who writes "Darling" or "同志" on the cover of the letter. Her handwriting has improved slightly through the yrs, not forgetting her chinese!

11. Qianhui - sister since Sec 3. Though we were in the same class during lower sec, somehow, she has the hostile face and we hanged out with different cliques of frens. Not only till Sec 3, den we sort of got together and formed the sister clique till now.

My roomie during my short stint in Hall 3. She nv fail to announce to the world that I was bathing in the shower room when she called "Hong mei mei" even though we went to the shower room together. She was also Leecher's supporter when she sensed that he was interested in me when we studied together, wa ha ha. Though you have found your old man, but do rem, the 4 of us will continue to 三八 in the next 50 yrs to come!

12. FongLing - sister since sec 3. Fling, how come u nv write any letters to me ar? not even a xmas card leh, haha. However, I decided to include you in my journey too .... see, I am so good to you! So you shld know what to do this yr okie? :P

13. JinLian - the role model that I look up to.

She was the chairman of Sec 204 and the Councillor president. Composed and calm, she is like wonder woman, able to solve all situations. She is like the elder sister that I nv had :)

PS: Jinlian, as I was reading the card, you wrote that I got abuse you ar? Since when huh? I totally cannot rem leh :P

14. Mike - my ex colleague in NTU

Thanks for remembering the occassion and sending your warmest greetings. I love the precious moments figurines & the winnie the pooh photo frame :) hope you're enjoying your work & marriage life!

To those whom wrote letters to me but wasn't mentioned - I will still rem all of you, dont worry :)

Leecher is not included, for Leecher got a box to call his own .... and it comes in my fave colour too :P its all P&C, case you all puke at his mushy words, LOL

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blue Ginger

Meet up with FMQ for round 2 of our office lunch. However, this time, we were the ones making the painstaking journey and we have a new member: TYW.

Venue: An Atas restaurant that specializes in authentic nonya cuisines.

The atas table setting.

And while waiting for TYW to arrive, we ordered our drinks and dig in on the appetizer.

Pink guava and lime juice. (FMQ cautioned: it's more worth it to order juices than plain water since both cost about the same in this restaurant.)

The appetitiser: Ajar-ajar, preserved cucumbers, carrots, cabbage and other stuffs. Taste really different from the normal ajar u get from hawker centers. More fragrant probably cos they added some shrimp paste or something.

Nearly finishing the ajar, but TYW has yet to arrive. This was supposed to a meeting of the LV bags, cos Blamer had just gotten herself a new LV bag and FMQ here got hers recently too.

Showing off her "Doc's bag" aka Berkeley. However, as Blamer was suffering from an eye-infection, she wore her specs to work and I advised her not to bring her LV, in case ppl think it's fake.

Finally the arrival of TYW, look how matching we were. Black shirt and white specs. White shirt and black specs.

Just like the two ladies in blue.

Finally, lunch proper. Ordered their nonya otah otah. U can actually see and taste the chunks of fish meat amidst all the spices and paste. Though I would like it better if it was a tad spicier.

Beef rendang. Apparently, FMQ and Blamers heart this dish, but I think the one they serve at Bali Thai is better.

This one of their chicken dish. I think it tasted like satay chicken. I like this dish better than the rest though.

The last dish is prawns. I think I ordered this but can't remember the name. Taste like tomyam prawns. The prawns are really fresh with the poing~poing feeling when u bite into them. The sauce is tangy and spicy good to go with rice.

Time for desserts!

Me and TYW ordered the most expensive Durain chendol. Very power this dessert. Must try.

Since both FMQ and Blamer can't stomach the powerful king of fruits, they have to resign themselves to this coconut sugar dessert. Just plain coconut sugar and ice, hmm very bo hua in my opinion.
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