Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wedding Venue at Grand Park City Hall

It wasn't till we begin searching for hotels did we know that 30th Oct 2011 was a super hot day for weddings. Naturally, we were quite stressed up over finding the ideal location, praying that no one else had made the booking for these hotels, even though we started the search 1.5 years ago! Talk about being kiasu, LOL!

One of the reason why we confirmed our wedding venue to be at Grand Park City Hall (GPCH), besides meeting all our requirements, was the buffet treat, LOL! Out of the many hotel coordinators that we met up with, only Janice signed us in for dinner buffet after our 1st meeting with her. In fact, when we met up with Janice for the 1st time, we were only interested in finding out more about their wedding packages. It was a short 30 min meeting, where she gave us a round-through of what they have to offer. At the point in time, we were still undecided and shortlisting other hotels to visit. After the meeting, her kind gesture took us by surprise - she signed us in for buffet dinner!

Where we had our buffet dinner :)

Leecher starting his feast.

They offer quite an extensive selection of starters & surprisingly good as well!

The laksa was so delicious that we had to have 2nd & 3rd helpings of it!

One of the few desserts that we took.

Personally, I think the most important is the hotel coordinator. I'm glad that we were able to click well with Janice and of cuz, we did a background check of her in the forums and she received positive reviews so far, which is a plus point for us. As such, after a long discussion with Leecher - weighing all the pros and cons etc - we decided on GPCH as our ideal wedding venue & signed the contract 2 weeks after, for our big day :)


Janice mailed us our invitation for their wedding show. Though we have already confirmed the hotel, we decided to pop by to take a look :)

Mini Cooper! One of the cars that we were considering renting (way before we bought Jet)

The mini van which you can hire for your bachelor/bachelorette party!

Some of the themes on displayed. Janice informed us that some of the items will be changed in 2011, and that their ballroom will undergo a new facelift in late 2010 :) So we will be hosting our dinner in a brand new ballroom, yeah!

The dome light which were replaced by crystal Chandelier in the new ballroom :)

And lady luck shone on us when we won the 7th prize in the lucky draw :) But, the prizes were not that fantastic as we didn't use any of it, except for the spa voucher. Nevertheless, a huge load off our mind as we confirmed our venue!

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