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Friday, January 25, 2013

Post Xmas & Pre NYE Gathering

Still missing Xmas a whole lot - good food, wine & company. We had a post-Xmas & pre NYE gathering with Leecher's friends. It was held at our place, so Kaela & Sheena would feel more at home.Think this will be the last year Xmas gatherings are held @ our place, as Raymond/Shuya & Yanni/Kaiwei love nests will be ready soon :) 
Yanni graciously took time off work and made ribs for us.
Lil Kaela on daddy's lap. She has grown so much since the last visit, always amazed at the speed at how kids grow up. She's pretty excited to have a lil sister in a few months times for she pointed to Sheena's tummy and said " 妹妹 ”. We are also excited to have a new addition to the group :)
The spread that everyone contributed! 
We finally took out the champagne that Kaiwei gave us (during housewarming) and prepared the 1st toast. 
Tender & juicy ribs which won praises for everyone. Thankfully Kaiwei/Yanni's new place is quite near us *evil thoughts forming, lol*
Sausages/Potatoes/Carrot/mushroom mix-bowl prepared by the newly weds, Mr & Mrs Ang. 
Healthy greens for everyone! 
Kaiwei & him finished half a bottle of whiskey, several glasses of red & white wine and 2 bottles of beer.  We had so much to drink that Leecher nursed a hangover the next day, lol!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photoshoot @ Maison De Joie

It was photoshoot day @ Maison De Joie & the subject - our humble place :) Our designers wanted to add our home pictures to their portfolio & website. 
The photographer came early with several bags containing his equipments. 
 Testing the equipments to make sure it's working.
Equipments all ready, just waiting for Jessie & Merane to arrive to discuss on how & where they want to take the pics.

Living room first - our place wasn't big, so he had to squeeze in a lil corner to take a complete pic of the place.

 Deep in discussion ~ adjusting the angle just to capture a nice picture.
We hid in the study room & let the experts do their work. Taken with the front cam of my iphone. Grainy pic :( 
After several shots, they adjourned to the master bedroom to capture the last pic for the portfolio. 
Trying to capture a good view of the WIW. 
Proud home-owners :) The whole process took almost 3 hours just to complete 5 pics for the portfolio. 真是辛苦各位了!
A parting shot with our 2 lovely designers, Merane & Jessie. Thank you for accompanying us on our Reno journey! 

2 weeks later, Jessie sent over the pics for our viewing.
The view from front door, the 1st look at our theme.
Our living room ~ the cozy corner of our place :)
Kitchen area, with the small island separating the living room & kitchen. 
Lastly, our master bedroom, featuring the walk-in-wardrobe. Whenever I see the wardrobe, I'm always reminded of a quote from one of my fave show, Sex & the City - "I like my money right where I can see it ... hanging in my closet" ~ Carrie Bradshaw.

:: After thoughts ::
We have moved into our place for almost 1.5 yrs now. Till this day, it still feels surreal to be in the house, surrounded by the lil pieces of furnitures/decorations that we have picked & put together. My lil bro came over the other day and commented that our place is beginning to look like a home - I'm sure he meant that it's now filled with dust and whats-not. I'm extremely thankful to our designers, Jessie & Merane, for doing a good job with our place. Yes, we had our share of defects but it was rectified whenever we pointed it out. Edwin, our electrician is amazing with his work efficiency and attitude. Thank you, once again for helping us to create our dream home. With this entry, it's another chapter done for our Reno journey. For the friends & readers who are embarking on the path of building your love nest,  click on "Maison De Joie" page to read all about our Reno journey & hopefully, it will be of help to you. Have fun in creating your own dream home :) 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Xmas Tree @ Maison De Joie 2012

Celebrating CNY soon, but before that, I had a wonderful Xmas last year. December was always a time for gathering, meeting in the name of Xmas & New Year. As usual, we put up our Xmas tree this year on the 1st day of December. I wanted to change to a different theme, but Leecher was strongly against that, citing storage space crisis, haha!
 The usual stockings & reindeer decorating the wall.
Overkill with the Xmas ornaments on the tree last year, so this year, we used some to decorate the photo corner as well.
Leecher did most of the decoration this year ... since I was busy placing the presents underneath the tree & arranging our newest additions :) Traditionally, the Christmas tree is decorated with edibles such as apples, nuts or dates. An angel or star is placed at the top of the tree, representing the host of angels or the Star of Bethlehem.
Our lil toys guarding the presents! I'm glad we bought these 2 despite the hefty price tag, cuz they're so adorable. Highly popular with our visitors too. 
Lighting up the Xmas tree ... like twinkle stars :) 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Meals in the House

I've noticed a trend on Facebook & I'm sure that every one of us is guilty of it as well, heehee! When new couples moved into their apartment once renovation is finished, the 1st thing that they will normally post will be their kitchen adventures - of them whipping up simple meals & enjoying it in the comfort of their place :) Leecher is the chef of the kitchen & I've decided to bestow the title to him, since I know that cooking is something that is alien to me. Guess Mummy dearest has to impart all her skills to Leecher then, lol!
Leecher, preparing for our first meal @ the house :) 
 Instant noodles! I've tried to cut down on eating instant noodles since it is supposedly bad to health, though I don't deny the fact that it's extremely convenient in curbing your hunger pangs.

Leecher's new creation of harshbrown hamburger, with tuna & eggs, lol!
  I decided to have mine separated as individual items.
Riding on his "hamburger" craze, he went on to create tofu hamburger with scrambled eggs for one of our weekend breakfast.
A simple meal of 4 dishes for dinner on a Friday night. 
Eggs with nuggets for breakfast, using the table map that we bought for the house. 
Tuna & eggs with porridge when we wanted something light. 

Parents-in-law came over too and Mummy-in-law whipped out a feast in our small kitchen.
Lotus pork rib soup.
Prawns ready to be steamed.
Ta-dah! Our feast for that night :) 
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