Friday, January 11, 2013

Meals in the House

I've noticed a trend on Facebook & I'm sure that every one of us is guilty of it as well, heehee! When new couples moved into their apartment once renovation is finished, the 1st thing that they will normally post will be their kitchen adventures - of them whipping up simple meals & enjoying it in the comfort of their place :) Leecher is the chef of the kitchen & I've decided to bestow the title to him, since I know that cooking is something that is alien to me. Guess Mummy dearest has to impart all her skills to Leecher then, lol!
Leecher, preparing for our first meal @ the house :) 
 Instant noodles! I've tried to cut down on eating instant noodles since it is supposedly bad to health, though I don't deny the fact that it's extremely convenient in curbing your hunger pangs.

Leecher's new creation of harshbrown hamburger, with tuna & eggs, lol!
  I decided to have mine separated as individual items.
Riding on his "hamburger" craze, he went on to create tofu hamburger with scrambled eggs for one of our weekend breakfast.
A simple meal of 4 dishes for dinner on a Friday night. 
Eggs with nuggets for breakfast, using the table map that we bought for the house. 
Tuna & eggs with porridge when we wanted something light. 

Parents-in-law came over too and Mummy-in-law whipped out a feast in our small kitchen.
Lotus pork rib soup.
Prawns ready to be steamed.
Ta-dah! Our feast for that night :) 

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