Monday, January 7, 2013

Housewarming - Leecher's Sec School Friends

The start of the new week, 7 days into the brand new year. Had a great time over the weekend with the brothers & sisters @ Joe's housewarming ... and congrats to Amos & Miaoli! Glad to be part of the proposal video, great effort by Amos :) Another sister getting hitched and joining the club. 

Was looking through the folders and realised that I've yet to complete the reno journey *guilty face* so here I am, with the last part of our journey, which is ..... HOUSEWARMING! We wanted to hold different mini sessions for different groups of friends, so we started off with Leecher's sec school friends. 

 Table of food that was catered from Qi Ji. Ordered their famous laksa & DIY popiah set.
 Laksa station .
 Popiah station.
 Leecher took charge of the laksa station, helping his "customers" to portion the noodles. 
Raymond feeling very proud of his creation, bagus! 
Shuya decided to eat her popiah like a wrap.

Leecher's popiah looked pretty decent *surprise*

Damn proud of his achievement.
 My creation,  looked more value for money than Leecher's version.
 Zhiguang breaking all the boundaries in popiah... with his Picasso rendition.
New generation of fine-dining popiah.  
Giving pointers to Yanni & Kaiwei who have recently collected their keys to their love nest. 
 Gavin, back in Singapore after 1yr trip to LDN for studies. Bet he must be craving for local food. 
Very much like a pro, all thanks to his cooking training in LDN.
Jacq's version looked very appetizing as well :)
Lastly, Yanni put on her apron and made popiah for both Kaiwei and her. Kaiwei really #likeaboss!
 I made jelly and jellyhearts as desserts for them too, uber proud of myself, haha!
Having a go @ Kinect. We realised that our place was too small, so we had to shift the sofa. #truestory of a small HDB flat.
Special thanks for Raymond & Shuya for the bedside lamp. Love it TTM :) 

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