Thursday, January 10, 2013

Housewarming - Family

Held another session for our family, inviting both sides of the family to our humble residence. Housewarming party is normally held approximately 120 days of moving into a new residence, an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends. The term "housewarming" is descended literally from the act of warming a new house, in the days before central heating. Each guest would bring firewood & build fires in all the available fireplaces, offering firewood as a gift. Aside from warming the house, this was also believed to repel evil spirits by creating a protective atmosphere of warmth.
Catered food from Chilli Padi, but was disappointed with the quality of food. The otah that came was sour and we had to throw away the whole tray. Even though we catered for 30 pax, the quantity that came were enough for 20 pax - we had to order pizza delivery. I called to complain the very next day & they did some damage control thereafter. However, once bitten, twice shy. Don't think I'll cater from them in the near future.
Mummy dearest secretly placed order for 2 items, to give us as housewarming gifts. Thank you Mummy! The cake even came with a picture that matches the theme of the invite that we sent out to our friends :) Mummy dearest & me do share great telepathy @ times, haha!

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